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EA Battlefront as a source of new footage.

I think so. How do you post a screengrab here??

Anakin Starkiller said:

liambrazier said:

I have used captured footage of Star Destroyers overhead in my TFA fan-edit (replacing the Starkiller blowing up planets than Finn and Han are looking up at). Works well for a lot of subtle ship/space/landscape stuff - the faces on a lot of the human characters are a bit off though imo.

But they’d be Imperial Star Destroyers instead of First Order ones. Is it too far away to tell?

Clone Wars - The Brazen Fanedit

Not sure if many have tackled this 2D series from 2003ish previously. I’ve always loved them as perhaps my own person favourite SW thing chronologically pre-Rogue One. And with Genndy’s Samurai Jack back on our screens it seemed an apt time to revisit.

This fan edit excises some elements, including Yoda and Padme. My reasoning is I picture this as a sort of accompanying piece to the OT, a glimpse into what the hell Old Ben was on about in that hut of his. A sort of war diaries thing I guess. I like the Yoda reveal in Empire, and Padme barely features here anyway but Anakin does have some great character building progression of his own.

Lots of trims, some juggling of scenes. Added a more traditional intro and crawl, tidied up some transitions etc.

Res is dictated by source; 853 x 478
Runtime: 1hr47m

PM me for a link if interested.

EA Battlefront as a source of new footage.

I have used captured footage of Star Destroyers overhead in my TFA fan-edit (replacing the Starkiller blowing up planets than Finn and Han are looking up at). Works well for a lot of subtle ship/space/landscape stuff - the faces on a lot of the human characters are a bit off though imo.

What if every movie had a pre-crawl scene?

Though not impossible, I guess the issue with this in SW films is the crawl kinda explains the important info you need to follow the main story at the point you join it. As Rogue One showed with its flashback opening 20 mins.

The Force Awakens - The Brazen Fanedit

After excising heavily the rathtar scene as per suggestions in 1.2 I wasn’t happy with the pace of the remaining.

While this section I feel can never be perfect, alas, I went back and started from scratch on it for 1.3.

Now the setup is mostly intact up to the rathtar behind the door gag.

Then the Guavian gang arrive and have a little subtitled discussion with Han (using footage with the Scottish guy replaced with another helmeted one, and the audio lines from the kanjiklub).

Finn and Rey scramble about under the floor and do the whole wrong fuses bit.

You see the rathtar cages open, Han do his ‘bad feeling line’ then a hurried montage of the gang being attacked lit only from their blasters.

Then Han, chewie and Bb8 leg it to the door, there’s the shoot out, they get on the flacon with Rey and Finn, the remaining gang catch up and shoot at falcon. Falcon blasts out of hanger at lightspeed.

End scene.

I think it’s the closest I’ve gotten to a fair compromise with this scene. I’ve had to comp out the other gang in some shots, and un-mirrored one or two others. Chopped and changed a lot.

If anyone else has suggestions for improving this I’m all ears!

1.3 with this new scene will be uploaded today. As ever, PM for link.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - FanEdit Ideas <strong><em>SPOILERS</em></strong>

Dat_SW_Guy said:

Some ideas:
-The music for the title card for ROGUE ONE felt odd. I like to change it into some JW type of music.

-The planets names should be removed.

-Maybe try to extend the ending of R1 (Maybe see Leia walking on the Tantive with 3PO and R2 and cuts to the planet Tatooine seen from a pilot’s window) since the ending was sudden.

Ooh, would be nice to see Tantive over Tatooine, then the camera pan UP to the exact starfield that opens New Hope (basically a reversal of that opening) maybe(?)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - FanEdit Ideas <strong><em>SPOILERS</em></strong>

Daxtreme said:

I don’t understand the problem people have with titles for planets.

It’s the same with GOTG, it helps us know where we are, why not let it in?

I am very much in agreement that Rogue One is the new Episode III

If only there were worthy episodes I and II as well 😛

I’d have to check with another viewing but it seemed for most they verbally state where we are planet wise, rendering the text unnesecary.

The Force Awakens - The Brazen Fanedit

Version 1.2 is uploading as I type.

Hopefully addresses most of the points people have brought up (even some of those mentioned that were actually just present in the actual film I’ve attempted to correct here).

In reference to what has changed from 1.1 to this;

  • Crawl redone to be more accurate
  • Recoloured the odd twilight shot of BB-8
  • Unkar re-RE-recorded and dubbed
  • Audio fixes
  • Rathtar sequence re-jigged
  • Maz castle music reinstated
  • Extra shot of castle monsters cleaned up (included by request of one of the actors in that scene)
  • Some scenes moved around for narrative sense
  • More mirrored scenes corrected
  • Load of other tweaks I didn’t bother to document - there’s a new Star Wars movie out!

Regarding some of DigMod’s questions above;
Snoke I think actually appears earlier in my cut than original(?) - not certain when Maz discusses him??
The only change to the ‘Force Vision’ bit is the removal of the repeated little Rey’s scream.
The first explicit reveal is the melted Vader + Grandfather moment.
And yes Poe doesn’t learn Finn’s name until they meet again at the base. There’s no ‘naming’. Finn tells Poe his name through replaced audio in the “that’s my jacket” scene.

PM me anyone interested in this new, improved cut.

The Force Awakens - The Brazen Fanedit

Cheers for the feedback! Very easy to overlook things after a while. I’ll take a good look at these in due course - some already addressed in the next version but some great pointers nonetheless.

On first glance the below grading is untouched - it’s present in the actual film!

DigMod said:

0:09:03 - The regrading feels really off here. I’m assuming you were going for twilight here. This is difficult as the previous frames were extremely dark and during night.

Great first draft. Looking forward to continuing efforts 😃

The Force Awakens - The Brazen Fanedit

Thanks for the feedback! ANY help with grammar is always appreciated (I am terrible at it).

It’s created from scratch in Ae and yeah, it’s timed to match JJ’s so will look at New Hope to compare.

The link I sent out is NOT a 15min preview though, it is the entire 2hr edit. If you are having issue downloading from Dropbox please PM me again and I’ll send an alternate link.

The Force Awakens - The Brazen Fanedit

Hello all! Had some great feedback on 1.1 thus far, and really appreciate the kind words and suggestions from those that have watched already.

A new 1.2 pass is in progress fixing

  • some overseen continuity lines.
  • a further re-re-cut (no) rathtar scene. They are never even mentioned now.
  • more dialog trims here and there (mainly to subdue some of Finn’s sometimes OTT deliveries).
  • tweaked audio levels.
  • moved scenes about to intercut between Rey escaping Starkiller and the guys lowering shields until they meet.
  • Hux no longer infers the Illenium (sp?) system is being targeted.

Do feel free to post here any other fixes you’d like to be considered, or errors you notice.

Still to do this pass is redub Unkar again, and correct spacing on crawl.

The Force Awakens - The Brazen Fanedit

Depheros said:

I agree that Phasma added nothing to the plot, I didn’t like the character at all. Looks like a good change list. I’m definitely interested in seeing it!

Really hoping she gets some sort of arc in the next two. Seemed a very clear last minute edition unfortunately. Surprisingly simple to edit out.

Hardest scene to work out was lowering the shields at Starkiller base - while not perhaps a perfect solution I have tried to shape something at least that makes sense.

The Force Awakens - The Brazen Fanedit

Off the top of my head here are some of the larger changes;

  • new crawl (leaving destination of map to unfold during the film).
  • Finn is just his name, Poe doesn’t name him.
  • Redubbed and subtitled Unkar.
  • Moved and recoloured TIE Apocalypse Now shot.
  • No Phasma (glimpsed once during the big Hux speech I believe, otherwise she’s gone).
  • Heavily reworked rathtar sequence (no Scot or Kanjiklub, or rathtars!) with new subtitles.
  • Moved and rejoined sequences.
  • New music in Maz’s castle.
  • Shouting “Traitor” is left for Kylo at end, trooper here majorly edited.
  • Moved some Snoke scenes around.
  • Starkiller firing moved to end (as others have done here also).
  • Composited in some captured Battlefront footage of a Star Destroyer with TIES over Takadona.
  • Kylo searches Falcon reinserted.
  • Muted/re-cut a lot of 3PO.
  • Un-mirrored some shots.
  • Restructured shield down sequence by moving some scenes and incorporating some TFA ad footage.
  • R2 unveiled near close.
  • Dialogue and pacing cuts (lots and lots of these actually - some tiny).
  • Rescored end with trailer music (epicness).
  • More I am probably forgetting…

This post has been edited.

The Force Awakens - The Brazen Fanedit

Hi! I completed a version 1.1 of my personal Force Awakens fanedit recently and have been getting some nice feedback from those that have viewed it so thought I would offer it here should anyone be interested.

Although a big fan of the film and all the boxes it managed to tick for a thirty-six year old Original Trilogy guy, some small elements I thought could perhaps benefit from a slight cut here or there, and was inspired to finish by reading about similar efforts here on the forums.

Changes are too numerous to count but range from tightening edits, rejoining existing split shots, and reorganising sequences, reincorporating some deleted or extra footage, score replacements, to more controversial diminishing or removing of entire characters (sorry Phasma! Love the costume but you didn’t add anything to the plot).

As a personal exercise to (finally) learn some Premiere the results may vary from the unnoticeable to not so. Some segments like the mostly excised rathtar sequence feature heavy cuts, re-edits, and shots farmed from elsewhere in the movie to reconstruct a new scene. This results in a couple of moments that are maybe not perfect in result, but hopefully not jarring or nonsensical.

If anything sticks out that I’ve become blind to, do feel free to suggest alterations, and I’ll attempt to answer any questions below.

Message me for the link!

The Force Awakens - split shots

Hi, I am working on my own fanedit and noted two shots that are split, as in; another shot is inserted in the middle and the end pushed back. If you remove the inserted shot the start and finish join together without a single missed frame.

I’m not sure if anyone else has documented this but I have asked Todd Vaziri and he confirmed there are more examples than the two I have discovered (see his tweet here:


  • X-wings approach Maz’s castle
  • Maz’s castle with statue gets destroyed

I have rejoined these examples in my edit but am curious if anyone has spotted the others?

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