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STAR WARS: EP V "REVISITED EDITION"**ADYWAN** - **Suggestions now closed**

doubleofive said:

Let’s be clear: none of the things that have caused delays were created specifically to delay the release of this edit. Most, if not all, of the things that have been taking the longest were planned from the beginning. Delays were inevitable.

Don’t yell at me but do you know what’s going on with empire revisited? Did it get delayed again or did something happen to adywan is he ok?

The theatrical colors of the Star Wars trilogy

DrDre said:

kk650 said:

DrDre said:

This is a very rough approximation, and is definitely not an accurate color reference, but the Mike Verta scans look something like this:

…whereas the print itself looks something like this:

On my main monitor the top image looks too red and the bottom image looks too blue, you can see it in the highlights on C3PO. There’s a very noticable difference in colour between those two frames, at least to my eyes. Both are oversaturated as well IMHO.

For those interested in comparing, here’s roughly that frame from the new Star Wars Semi-Specialised Edition V2.6 I just uploaded to tehparadox:

It will be interesting to compare your regrade (and others) to the calibrated frame scans, once I’ve digitized them. I have a number of frames of this exact shot. I will also be getting a number of shots of the entry to Mos Eisley scene next week. I’m very interested what that scene looks like. Particulary the color of R5-A2 (orange or yellow?). Once I’ve started the scanning process I will create a separate thread for color references.

Slightly increase the brightness and it would be perfect.

The Terminator - Color Regrade

Dek Rollins said:

^Thanks for the feedback. Do you like my latest? Like, do any of the shots seem off to you? I was actually really relieved when I finished my last attempt because I think it’s looking really good now, and best of all, it’s looking very similar to the 35mm references in those photos.

And speaking of T2, I think I’ll eventually get around to regrading that as well, because the BD colors are way too neutral IMO on that one. T2 wasn’t '80s, and as far as I know it had a lot more blue than cyan, where T1 had more cyan blues.

Also, I’m not sure if I’ll end up releasing this regrade as the actual film (though I might), but rather just upload the LUTs and allow people to add it to the BD themselves. Again though, I may very well end up deciding to upload it to MEGA or something.

Is this going to have the original mono track?

This post has been edited.

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