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Team Negative 1 - ANH & TESB Jewel case art

I just bought a 3 pack of BD-R’s and I currently have ESB Renegade Grindhouse Edition on it. Soon I will burn ANH Silver Screen Edition to the other disc. They came in jewel cases, which I find really fun to design art for. The square aspect ratio is really cool, and there’s a lot of potential for what can be designed. It’s great for an old-school vibe, like Laserdisc style covers. Here are the 2 covers I made so far. I made them somewhat uniform, and have the level of grain and scratches reflect the scans. I also included two non grainy version for both films-- one with stars and one without stars for each cover.

Check 'em out:

Tell me what you think, and feel free to use them, or make similar versions for other types of cases.

Thanks! May the Force be with you. Happy 40th anniversary, Star Wars!

UPDATE Here’s an updated link with 3 ANH, TESB & ROTJ: