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Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set

I really would like a set of this, but unfortunately I do not have the know how or access to the equipment to make this set myself, hopefully one day I can, but it doesn’t look like it, as I have tried in the past just to make a DVD but those never worked either…but who knows right…if anyone is willing to help me with getting a copy I would gladly appreciate it as I own these films in various formats but would love an HD version of the classic trilogy as I grew up with them, plus all these bonus features and such. If anyone is willing to help me please feel free to message me.

Batman v Superman: The Third Alternative

I have to say I love both already available versions, but if you would like I would love to take a look at your version as well, and give you my thoughts and I can pretty much guarantee I will be burning a finished copy for my own collection when it is finished completely.

Post in this thread to request an invite to (you <em>MUST</em> read the first post) UPDATE 10/17 There are NO MySpleen invites being given out at this time.

Hello I am interested in getting some of the films as they were truly meant to be seen, I own a lot of dvd and BluRa cpies, but I am not too great in downloading these files and watching them this way, but I have heard a lot of great thing about MySpleen, so I would love an invite, and that way I can hopefully be able to enjoy these films once again. Thanks in advance!

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