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Suicide Squad: The Alternative Cut

The goal of this cut of this movie is to tone down the movie and to try to revert the movie to what David Ayer’s original vision may have been.

  • All around brighten up the movie, add a darker tint to the movie, and desaturate the color slightly, not to the point where it’s pretty much B/W like in Zack Snyder movies.
  • All of the neon imagery will be removed or changed to black and white. Including the title cards which will be changed to B/W.
  • The movie opens with Amanda Waller walking into the restaurant with the main theme of the movie playing. The title card will be in B/W.
  • All the title cards will be removed, and the soundtrack (not including “Standing in the Rain” by Action Bronson, because that fits the scene that it is in, unlike most of the soundtrack).
  • “Super Freak” will be replace by the score.
  • Fix the editing in the club scene.
  • Rescore the car chase scene with “Why So Serious?” from the Dark Knight score, but the buildup in that song will start in the club scene.
  • Rescore the bank robbery scene with The Flash with Steven Price score.
  • Use original score during El Diablo’s and Killer Croc’s backstories.
  • Move the section of the movie where Waller, Flag, and June go to the prison before the pentagon scene. This is so it’s like they’re checking if they are sure about this team before confirming you want to make the team.
  • The Joker knife circle scene is moved until after visiting all the Suicide Squad members in prison.
  • Move the scene where Waller compares the Suicide Squad in World War 2 to after the Pentagon scene.
  • Move the Griggs interrogation scene to after the scene previously mentioned. Replace the line “You’re going to be my friend”, with “I can’t wait to show you my toys”.
  • Rework the scene where June says Enchantress in her sleep to be having a nightmare about the Enchantress, leading her to release the Enchantress.
  • Rescore “Activate Task Force X”
  • Cut the line “You are so screwed” because Grigg’s pay off is to give Harley the phone, but that line indicates, he’ll have another payoff, but he never does.
  • Rescore the airport scene.
  • Try to omit Slipknot.
  • Rescore Gear up montage
  • Recut Katana’s introduction
  • Rescore the Airplane scene
  • Cut cringey jokes
  • Add a voice over of Deadshot’s daughter when he looks at the clothes
  • Cut back the scene where Harley plays psychiatrist because this scene runs on too long.
  • Rework the scene where Diablo uses his powers to make the reason he uses his powers to be Deadshot accusing him of not standing for anything instead of Deadshot touching his head.
  • Rescore the chemical bath scene.
  • Make the twist that Enchantress is the villain. The whole time, people will think the target is Incubus, but when Flag explains it Enchantress before the bar scene, we already know this, so make it a twist.
  • Move the scene of Enchantress getting back her heart to after the squad enters the bar, but before they pour drinks.
  • Make the dream sequences in B/W.
  • Make the fight with Incubus, and the fight with Enchantress faster paced.
  • Rescore the scene when the squad are prison again with the movie’s main theme.
Suicide Squad: The Harley Quinn Cut

Another plan for a edit of this movie was an all around toned down and darker toned version of this movie, while rearranging some things to fix pacing

The Omega Men

The Omega Men is a movie I’ve been writing for a while now, and I am now in the revisions/rewriting phases of the project. It is loosely based off the graphic novel by Tom King called “The Omega Men: The End is Near”. Both stories have the same characters, and follow Kyle Rayner, White Lantern, at this point in his career, and him being kidnapped by The Omega Men along with Princess of Brahmins, Kalista. The character’s origin stories are the same and both my screenplay and the book follow the Omega Men attempting to take down the Vega System’s government. That is about where the similarities end.

CW's The Flash - Movie Edition

This will take season 1 of the CW show the Flash and make it into a movie taking only the plot of Barry’s origin story and the reverse flash story, and all the other plots that have pay offs in the end. I will the crimes Barry stops into a montage and show “the red streak” saves the city and is a hero. I will cut many plots that only occur in a couple episode, such as iris in love with her dad’s partner.

Suicide Squad: The Harley Quinn Cut

In “Suicide Squad: The Harley Quinn Cut” the main focus to make there be a main character, that main character being Harley Quinn. One of the problems with the movie was the fact there did not seem to be a main character. I also want to do more than just that, I want to fix pacing issues and omit most if not all of the soundtrack and all around make the movie less like a trailer. I also am thinking of making the plot twist, along with the mission being to save Amanda Waller, to also be that June Moone and Rick Flag are dating. Also the movie will be brighter and have a better (in my opinion) color grading.

This is a list of all the changes I will make in order of when they will happen:

  • Instead of starting out in prison, the movie will start out in Arkham asylum with The Joker asking Harleen for a machine gun and the electroshock therapy. I will omit all the strange jumpcuts. From there we will get the motorcycle chase scene between Harley and Joker (This might be omitted since there is no connection between this scene and the other Joker and Harley scenes). Then the chemical bath scene with new music, the club scene with some more suspense, and the Batman chase scene. I might even put in some scenes from Mad Love if that doesn’t seem too strange.
  • Omit the scene where Deadshot is abused in prison
  • Harley’s prison scene, possibly new music.
  • Omit Waller’s exposition on the squad
  • Pentagon or White House scene or wherever that is supposed to take place will have a definitive location.
  • Omit Deadshot looking out the window and thinking about his daughter.
  • Omit the scene where Flag is doubting the squad to Waller as she compares it to the mafia in World War II because this is again just another scene about telling people what the plan is, and there is a line that refers to the love between Flag and June, and that is supposed to be a twist.
  • Rework the scene where Enchantress escapes so Flag is not in it and June having a nightmare about Enchantress instead of randomly saying her name.
  • Move the scene when Flag and June try to stop Incubus until right after Enchantress releases Incubus and gains control
  • Move and morph the two scenes in Pentagon command room where they activate Task Force X
  • Omit Harley’s phone and the part in the montage where Harley is given the phone.
  • Move the clip of Katana killing the men in the rain until after the montage when the squad have to bombs planted in their necks instead of the Van Criss scene. This will instead be Katana’s introduction.
  • Remove the music when the Flag is meeting the Squad at the airport and when the squad is gearing up.
  • Omit Boomerang’s pink unicorn since that has no payoff.
  • Omit Slipknot
  • Recut Katana’s arrival on the plane and the plane scene. I will try to remove the music in this scene.
  • Move the Joker knife circle and Grigg’s interrogation until right after the squad crash lands. Replace the line “You are going to be my friend” with “I can’t wait to show you my toys”.
  • Omit any lines that refer to the squad as the bad guys or villains. They will be referred to as criminals though.
  • Move the Van Criss scene until after we see Enchantress making the rock zombies.
  • Make Deadshot have a flashback to his daughter when he looks at the clothes, and possibly have him assassinate Angelo during this flashback as well. If Harley looks at random objects and has flashbacks, why can’t Deadshot?
  • Recut Harley in the elevator and get rid of the music in the elevator. If I cannot work around Harley’s phone in this part, I will just omit this.
  • Possibly rework the reason that Diablo uses his powers in the building. Instead of Deadshot making Diablo mad for touching his head, make him mad for Deadshot claiming he doesn’t stand for anything.
  • Omit Boomerang leaving in the bar, and Harley touching her neck after Flag destroys the phone that he has the app he can detonate the bombs in their necks with
  • Omit the line “Her heart’s out, we can end this!”

Tell me your thoughts or if you have any suggestions. I would love to hear them.

This post has been edited.

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