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The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

Wacko idea combining both movies:

Why not let Rey go to training before the whole Starkiller thingy is even introduced. Make it a mellow entry to the story where the villain (Kylo) still stays mysterious. She arrives and starts her training after retrieving the lightsaber and having been confronted with Kylo once.

Fast forward 5 years. First order has built starkiller base. Rey is in full training mode. Now, somehow mix together the ship chase and the starkiller thing and the planet being destroyed and rey and kylo having their first lightsaber fight and things suddenly make much more sense. She now has had the training to justify holding up against Kylo a little.

Not sure about the details (would like to include Snoke etc. as well) but that can still be worked out. Lots of stuff would obviously fall away.

Home Alone 3 35mm print found?

Exactly, Home Alone 3 has little to do with the first two parts. Different kid actor etc. and yeah it’s not very good.

Book of Eli Re-Colorized (regrade aimed at recovering the muted colors)



The desaturated look of Book of Eli is absolutely not my thing, so I decided to push the colour out a little more.

Played around for a while to get a good compromise with a blanket 3D LUT until I was satisfied.

Here’s a screenshot comparison (also included in subfolder of the files):

Since the saturation is so low in the original, there’s lots of obvious chroma blocking when raising the saturation, which is why I applied a grainplate for each RGB channel separately. This results in some extreme grain/noise in some areas where there is strong chroma contrast, which I kinda like. Looks better than the blocking, anyway.

Audio is the lossless 5.1 DTS-HD MA audio from the Blu Ray transcoded to FLAC 5.1. On top, you get a FLAC 2.0 Dolby Headphone track rendered from the lossless 5.1 soundtrack, with amplification set so that there is no clipping. This track basically simulates a 5.1 surround setup on your headphones.


Final encode is done by applying the 3D LUT through ffmpeg in 16-bit, then piping into and encoding with 10-bit x264. If someone wants a blu-ray compatible encode, I have included the .avs-file, grainplate, 3D LUT and a .bat script using ffmpeg for the LUT application and piping into x264 (that took some tinkering to get it to work), so you can just make your own version with your own encoding settings. I personally don’t have a Blu Ray player, so I don’t care about compatibility much.

I know that not all the choices I made with the 3D LUT may be to the liking of everybody, so feel free to adjust the 3D LUT any way you like for your own encode to make it more to your liking. An example of this may be the intense red tones, which I chose because I liked the look and also because there are some red elements in less saturated scenes which otherwise don’t pop nicely. Another may be the dark yellow patches on the skies, which were originally green and brighter. I like it this way, but maybe you don’t. Partly the choices were also dictated by scenes that would have looked bad if I had done it differently, but you can figure that out for yourself.


Also included is a trailer which I created to give a sneak peak at the colors and picture quality. For this I recreated one of the movie’s trailers (I think it’s called Trailer #2) with scenes from the Blu Ray, then applied the same processing and LUT as for the movie. Shots that were trailer-exclusive were first regraded to match the Blu Ray as best as possible, for example by creating a conversion LUT for other shots of the same scene that do exist on the Blu Ray, using DrDre’s ColorMatch software, then also had the same final LUT applied.

Since the best quality trailer source I could find had an Apple logo, that one was patched out with a Youtube trailer. That one had slightly different color, but I was able to fix that with two passes of the ColourLike plugin (Planar & RGB).

The best audio I could find was a 318kbps 2.0 English DTS track from the German Blu Ray (despite the video only being in letterboxed SD there). I retimed it from 25 fps to 23.976 fps by interpreting sample rate as 48000*23.976/25, then resampling the result to 48000 with a good SRC. Normalizing was applied before resampling. Result was saved as 24-bit 2-channel FLAC. That one I ran through the Dolby SDU4 Hardware decoder using a good audio interface, from which I created a 5.1 FLAC track (BC minus 3dB, split to SL and SR, LFE created from low frequencies of all resulting channels, without removing them from those). From that 5.1 I also created a Dolby Headphone track, which is a FLAC stereo.

So the trailer comes with 3 audio tracks:

  • Original DTS 2.0 retimed and resampled and saved as FLAC
  • SDU4-decoded 5.1 FLAC
  • Dolby Headphone 2.0 FLAC

Video encoding process is the same as for the main video.

This was a funny undertaking in general. Many of the scenes in the trailer were unfinished, missing matte paintings and VFX. For example the original trailer was missing an error arrow piercing someone’s throat and a head being chopped off. The remade one has all these … beautiful things.

I did not recreate the title cards (is that what they’re called?), so their quality is as good as the original trailer allows.


This project was released on Blutopia. As far as I am concerned, feel free to share it anywhere you like.

This post has been edited.

Proposal: 35mm &quot;Delicatessen&quot; $100 35mm print buying and scanning?

This one has been on eBay for a while:

Quite a cool and iconic movie.

Costs $100, which is about 85 EUR. Double it for the shipping.

It’s faded and probably won’t be a good reference for the actual theatrical colors, but I think it can be fixed through grading a 16bit scan, to at least have a decent image.

I could add 50 EUR to the pot for buying the print (can do bank transfer to most European bank accounts). Seller says it’s only available till the end of 2017, but apparently he’s gone and the offer runs for 4 more days, so I’m guessing that means we still have a chance.

Anyone interested in seeing this happen?

Have posted this over on fanres as well.

Idea: Journey To the Center of the Earth 16mm preservation (eBay print available)

Here it is:

Reason it caught my attention is that I read in the Blu Ray review that this movie does not have the original intermediary elements used anymore because the negative had deteriorated:

Here’s the excerpt:

“When Journey came to the then technologically “amazing” laserdisc format around 1990, it was evidently discovered that the original negative had deteriorated to such a point that it couldn’t be used for what would have then been a state of the art transfer. Apparently at that time new intermediary elements were created which may still be in use today, according to information passed on to me from Twilight Time’s Nick Redman. The results, while not completely staggering, are very good and should please ardent videophiles who bring appropriate expectations.”

I think it’s fair to assume that this 16mm print, although it’s described as “faded pinkish”, would stilll have all the original elements. With a bit of effort to restore the colors, this could make for a cool preservation project, I think.

$275 is the “Buy Now” price. I don’t really have any money to spare for this, but maybe someone here is interested? I also posted this over at fanres.

Back to the Future - without DNR &amp; EE (Help Wanted)

Hi guys. Not sure if it has been mentioned before in the 38 pages, but there’s a DCP-encoded-to-Blu-Ray of the first movie available which has a pretty decent image. You can compare it on caps-a-holic I think.

This should pretty much satisfy your needs for the first movie.

Godfather 35mm print on eBay for $600

@JayArgonaut That’s very interesting, thanks for that. I still haven’t quite understood how they managed to mess up the negative, though. But it’s gone, I understood that much.

Audio wouldn’t be a big issue I think, as you said.

Is there any way to tell when this print was made?

Lastly, is the 2008 restoration made using that old print the article mentions which is from the original negative? If so, it wouldn’t be all that bad I think (could be regraded?).

Godfather 35mm print on eBay for $600

I’m new here so I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate to create a thread for it, but anyway, here it is:

I thought the price seemed quite fair considering that lesser movies even on 16mm sometimes go beyond this price, and that someone here might care to acquire it. It’s also Open Matte and the colors look not faded to my eyes. (though it’s a bit hard to judge by the pictures).

Let me know if this is misguided. Cheers.

The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

MalàStrana said:

TomArrow said:

  • Let the attack on the dreadnought (correct spelling?) be a success and not require the sacrifice of Asian girl #1.


One of the best scenes… seriously, in only a few shots Rian Johnson made me car about this unknown character and giving her “live or die on this day” moment a moody and epic feeling. You don’t make a movie better by removing this kind of great cinematic moment !

Granted, the scene was not that terrible. What bothered me was how it was construed to make the guy look like a hotheaded idiot who cost the resistance most of their ships.

Now that I think about it more, maybe the whole aspect of how many ships the resistance loses could be reduced in general and I could also ditch my idea of the resistance being wiped out. Come think of it, in the movie it was actually almost wiped out, so maybe that could be changed and solve a few issues.

Either way, something more clever may have to be done, these were just some quick ideas that may not really work well when actually applied.

The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

Haven’t read all the other good ideas yet but here’s what I’d do if I had some mad motivation to turn this into a watchable movie:

  • Let the attack on the dreadnought (correct spelling?) be a success and not require the sacrifice of Asian girl #1.
  • Let Lea die. Let Kylo kill her.
  • Let her successor be a traitor. (and maybe instead let that young pilot do the kamikaze?)
  • Let Luke die in the first laser blasts. No fancy speeches.
  • Do something about Snoke’s death because it is preposterous and illogical.
  • Remove Rey beating Luke.
  • Let Chewie eat that thing.
  • Reduce Luke’s whining
  • Get rid of force ghosts blowing up stuff. (Yoda says “Those we teach shall surpass us” but he far surpasses Luke even in his death, so what’s the point? Besides, it’s pointless anyway.)
  • Stop Asian girl #2 from bullying Finn.
  • Let the resistance be rotted out almost completely.
  • Overall reduce grrrrl pwr.
  • Let Kylo defeat his enemies on his own in the throne room.
  • Do something about the end of Kylo’s and Rey’s confrontation. Maybe let him let her get away, in an act of mercy or something?
  • Remove Kylo being bossed around by that Imperial dude (what does he possibly have on him anyway?)

Of course this would completely break continuity with IX. But oh well.

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