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The Force Awakens Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS **

DigMod said:

^Sounds like we have very similar ideas. I’d be interested in seeing your draft. What are your extensive changes to Rey’s vision? What is the source of your Hux speech queue? I used some music from The Force Unleashed. I thought I had all the available Force Awakens queues. I’m unaware of an alternate for Hux’s speech.

The JWFan forums are a haven for unreleased music. I’ve had it downloaded for ages so I can’t locate the original source off the top of my head but I’ll see if I can find the thread where I found the clean copy.

The cue and the scene have been put together by a very clever person here - - Parade Grounds (Score Restore).mp4?dl=0 - and I’ll be aiming to hit the same timings.

With Rey’s vision, I feel like it needs more clarity and it’s just a bunch of stuff really rather than any kind of meaningful information. After the novelty has worn off and you watch it a second time, it doesn’t tell the viewer anything at all. I think it would be better used a recap or introduction to new fans - so I’m going to edit in some clips from previous films as if Rey is seeing them, and I’m going to try putting Luke’s narration from teaser 2 over some of it, I’m just trying that though as it may be too cheesy.

Random question - at any point does Leia say the word “you”? I need it to be able to change “bring him home” into “bring you home” (I’m editing that line into a new line altogether).

The Force Awakens Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS **

Hey all, just been plotting through my own notes on how I’m going to go about a re-edit of The Force Awakens and was having a read of this thread to see if there’s any glaring omissions I’ve made or any ideas of mine other people have tried that haven’t worked. I’m pretty confident mine should be workable!

The main things I’m doing are:

  • Cutting the Han/Ben reveal in the first Snoke scene and saving it for the Han/Ben showdown. I feel very strongly about this, and it would add a whole new level of drama to Han’s last scene - “BEN!” can be the wham line where the penny drops for the audience - and it would also add some texture and rewatch factor to the film. This means I also have to tweak a few other lines throughout the movie, and the one major re-think I have to do is Han and Leia’s interactions on D’Qar. I’ve come up with an idea of how to put “bring him home” to an entirely new purpose though!
  • Adding/changing music. I’m a huge Williams afficionado but I’ll be the first to acknowledge he’s no longer in his prime and there were a few easy misses in the film. There’s a lot of unused music floating around out there as well which I plan to re-insert. Hux’s speech has an unused piece which transforms the scene.
  • Saving the “map to Luke” reveal until Poe drops the line and accentuating that moment, as I see others have thought of as well. Makes more dramatic sense this way.
  • Re-inserting some but not all of the deleted scenes - definitely putting both Leia scenes and the Falcon/Kylo scene back in, I will try more and see if they like them in the film.
  • Some characterisation changes that jump out as mistakes in the film - Rey is not going to consider selling BB8 in this edit, Threepio isn’t going to say “princesses!” (god, I hate that line) and Chewbacca is going to be much angrier and wilder when Han dies.
  • A lot of trailer shots going back in - most notably the iconic lightsaber ignition shot, and a few close-ups I liked that slot back in easily.
  • No “R2 is asleep” subplot", he only appears at the end.
  • Extensive changes to Rey’s vision.

I’ll make a proper thread soon once I’ve got a draft done but these are the big changes, and there’s many many smaller ones. Fingers crossed it’s not an impossible task…