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Daerht Sdrawkcab Tsop Eht!

.stsinummoc gnikcuF .stnaw eh revetahw tsop ot eerf s'eh nehw stsop lanigiro rof PFV ta gnihctib peek uoy yhw ylbaborp s'taht dna ,hceeps eerf ni eveileb t'nod ylbaborp syug uoy ,on ,tiaw hO .deteled gnieb ti ni nosaer yna ees t'nod I ,(detide eb ylisae dluoc taht tub ,gnisruc ebyam) selur eht fo yna nekorb t'nsah tsop siht woh gniees dna ,hceeps eerf ni deveileb ew thguoht I esuaceB ?em retnuoc ot gniog er'uoy woh taht sI ?mmmH ?tsop ym eteled ot gniog uoy era dna ,hO

.lla rof dna ecno etis diputs siht nwod esolc ot hguone ,gninihw ruoy morf hguone nettog ev'uoY .pu tuhs tsuJ .sdratsab hsifles uoy ,gnihctib tiuQ

.degnahc erew stsoP noisiV lanigirO suoicerp ruoy tcaf eht tpecca t'nac elpoep uoy esuaceb tsuj emit eht lla sessim ohw retcarahc lanoisnemid-eno a otni degnahc s'eh won dna ,gnissim dna tsrif gnitoohs mih tuoba gninihw neeb s'enoyreve tsop noitide laiceps eht ecnis reve tub ,sretcarahc noisiV lanigirO etirovaf ym fo eno neeb syawla s'knirF ,wonk uoY

.noisiV tsetaL s'PFV no setadpu daer ot tuoba s'ehs nehw pu mih tuhs ot seirt mom desarrabme sih elihw "!!!HAW !!!STSOP NOISIV LANIGIRO LANIGIRO AD TNAW I" rellorts sih ni gniyrc ,mom sih htiw sevil dna ybab a fo erutats eht sah ohw nigriv dlo raey-04 emos ylbaborp s'eH .etis siht detrats ohw nosrep eht enigami nac I

.kcis em ekam elpoep uoY .erom tnaw uoy tey ,rof deksa uoy tahw gnitteg er'uoY .oga htnom a tsomla daerht eht ni tog uoy ecneirepxe emas tcaxe eht gnitteg fo daetsni gnikil ruoy ot stsop lanigiro eht tide ot meht TNAW ,ecno rof ,yllautca uoY .erom tnaw uoy won dna ,stsop lanigiro eht gnitteg er'uoy ,stsop lanigiro eht rof gninihw neeb ev'uoY ?hsifles os eb elpoep uoy dluoc woH

.tamrof niatrec emos ni meht teg t'ndid uoy tcaf eht tuoba gnihctib pots t'nac uoY .oN ?yppah syug uoy era tuB .yraunaJ ni kcab daerht eht ni meht gniwohs erew yeht yaw eht yltcaxe ,meht gnitteg er'uoy won dnA .stsop lanigiro eht tnaw syug uoy neht dna ,ot detnaw eh sa meht tneserp dluoc eh os stsoP noisiV lanigirO eht degnahc PFV .srenihw fo hcnub a lla era syug uoY

This Thread Is Currently About...Bingo and/or Wings!!!

Here's something that bugs the OCD part of me.

Yes, I understand that they are honoring the Hispanic culture/tradition in San Antonio, and I support that.  But the uniforms say "Spurs" not "The Spurs."

Just sayin'

Classic LOL Moments in History: ZigFried/Ingo Sucks

Welcome to (IMO) the most entertaining thread in the history of I'd write up a nice long description of who ZigFried and Ingo Sucks were, but I prefer to let his words speak for himself. In the interest of fair play, here is the one legitimate contribution ZigFried made to the forum:

Paint Wars: A New Hope (11/06/06)

It's actually pretty cool, even if it was never finished. Anyway, here are the links. Enjoy!

This Will Be the Last Time Ingo Spams. Trust Him. (11/11/05)
THE SUPER SPAM THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ingo Never Got It and Is Still Waiting For It (12/15/05)
The "FACES" DVD set

Jason Lee Apologizes to Ingo (02/25/06)
Why I hate "The Incredibles"

Since Pixar Won't Make the Program Fdor Me, You Guys Should (03/02/06)
Syndrome Killer

Ingo Ticks Gets Sucked Off (06/26/06)
This ticks me off...

Ingo Has a Nasty Idea (06/30/06)

Chefelf Has Something Against Asian Women and Water Operas (07/02/06)
Asian Women and Water Operas

The Secret Connection Between Street Fighter and Star Wars (07/27/06)

The Secret Connection Between DOOM and Star Wars (08/13/06)
Star Wars isn't the only one...

This One is Pretty Solid (08/18/06)
New Confession!

Ingo's First Ban (08/18/06)
The Thief Trilogy

Thanks For the Help, NOT!!! (10/04/06)
***The "EditDroid" Trilogy DVD Info and Feedback Thread*** (Post #449)

Do Not Post in Ingo's Threads Until He Says So (10/07/06)
The Star Wars Trilogy: The Novel Adaptation by Ingo Sucks

I Technically Can't Be Considered an Idiot (10/18/06)
The Thief Trilogy

Lucas Might Get a Hoohaaplasty and/or Have Pygmy Marmosets Fly Out of His Bum (10/21/06)
Is Lucas Remaking The PT?

I Might Have to Pick a New Favorite Movie of All Time (12/07/06)
MTV Interview and New Favorite Movie[url]

Darth Cold Has Girl Restrictions, Ziggy Does Not (12/11/06)

ZigFried Converts The OT to Shockwave Flash Format (12/20/06)
SWF Star Wars

Changed My Mind...Again... (12/21/06)
Your favorite version of the Thief

ZigFried's Greatest and Most Ambishous Project This Board Has Ever Seen (12/28/06)
ZigFried's Archival Saga

Now Please Send Me Those Discs. NOW!!! (01/03/07)
WookieGroomer Split-Screen on Google Video

I Can Send You the Combo Pack for Free! (01/06/07)
ZigFried's the Thief and the Cobbler Archival DVDs/Combo Pack (CANCELLED)

ZigFried Leaves the Forum, Part I (01/20/07)

ZigFried the Pirate (02/11/07)
Indiana Jones Transfers

ZigFried Leaves the Forum, Part II (03/03/07)
Goodbye for Good

ZigFried Doesn't Get PM's (5/15/07)
Private Messaging Issue

Fighting Game Vs. Babies in Wigs (5/15/07)
Marvel Super Heroes

Racism is Usually Against the Forum Rules (06/02/07)
Was ricarlette a racist?

ZigFried Leaves the Forum, Part III (06/03/07)
You want me to leave? I'll leave...

ZigFried Leaves the Forum, Part IV (07/23/07)
Final Post. Ever. No more. & Something for you shitbrains to think about...


This post has been edited.

The OT OTT League - Thread For News, Advice, and Smack Talk

It's almost game time!

The season starts this Sunday night with the Yankees/Red Sox tilt.  Most everyone else starts on Monday.  Make sure you start checking your rosters and keeping your best (and healthy) players in your starting lineup.  Remember, stats for players in a BN spot do not count.

Starting pitchers will have a "^" next to their opponent on the day they are scheduled to start.  You can usually see who is starting at least 3 or 4 days ahead, but it's a good idea to check that day and make sure nothing has changed.

Teams have started putting players on the DL, and I know at least a few of you have players on your active roster that are DL-eligible.  Make sure you move those guys to your DL spots and replace them with healthy free agents.

As usual, any questions are more than welcome.  Good luck!

Daerht Sdrawkcab Tsop Eht!

:dias S3PC

.rotareneg txet sdrawkcab a desu yletainifed eh ,pu taht lla depyt eh yaw oN .eloh-e gnitaehc A .eloh-e na si kniF

?ylr O

:dias S3PC

!snoitpexe oN .sdrawkcab ti tsop ot evah uoy ,tsop uoy reve tahw :daerht eht sniur adnik ti t'nod yeht fi ,twollof to eno yreve txepxe I dna ,elur (1) eno ylnO  .meht kaerb uoy emit yreve uoy ta "!!!NOITABORP" maercs dna selur fo snot ekam ot gniog ton ma I .kniF ,yug wolley lana yllis taht ekil ton m'I .tnaw uoy gnihtyna ,thgir si tahT !tnaw uoy reve tahw tuoba tsop ,yakO

!eloh-e ,taht no kcuS  .gnitsop tsuj ,gnipyt tuoba gnihton syas PO ruoY  .sdrawkcab tsop ot si elur ylno eht dias uoy ,edisa sopyT

Daerht Sdrawkcab Tsop Eht!

?taht fo kniht uoy lliw tahW

.ecneirepxE dednetxE ehT :noisiV lanigirO s'PFV dellac redro lacigolonorhc ni seussi 82 lla gnirutaef levon cihparg degrem egap-231,1 a ni trap sa osladna snoitide kcabrepaP PFV ni deussier eb osla lliw tnuH eht dna erafraW labirT ,nehT ,dehsilbup lla er'yeht ecnO .reksuT dna ,siseneG ,sdaerht koob cimoc tsop-8 owt eht dna ,erafraW labirT fo stsop wen 3 htiw daerht noisiV lanigirO s'PFV fo stsop wen 91 eb osla lliw erehT

.edam reve seires daerht tsetaerg eht eb lliw sihT .stsop emal 081 ot stsop emosewa 91 fo oitar tcepsa na ni tamroF XAMPFV ni dna ,D3 latigiD PFV ,daerhT-D ni detibihxe eb lliw dna ,hsinapS lennahC-8 SDDS dna ,hsilgnE STD ,hsilgnE dnuorruS latigiD ybloD ni tsoP daoR PFV dna ,noituloseRPFV ,retneC daerhT ztneaZ luaS ,soidutS PFV ,xulednuoS OA ddoT ,dnuoS PFV ta detide eb lliw sdaerht ehT

.0202 ni wollof yam elif drow tfosorciM dna fdp A  .slairetam sunob evisnetxe dna ,oidua 1.6 SE STD dna ,1.5 XE ybloD ,srefsnart neercsediw cihpromana latigid-ot-tcerid trops lliw sesaeler DVD esehT .tes tfig s'rotcelloc csid-6 a dna ,sdaerht dednetxe detarnu eht gniniatnoc noitidE s'rotcelloC evitnifeD csid-4 eht ,sdaerht lanigiro eht gnirutaef ,noitidE laicepS csiD-2 a :sesaeler tnereffid eerht niatnoc lliw sesaeler DVD-DH dna ,csiD yaR-ulB ,DVD ehT .zo 4.22 :thgieW .ni 5.0 :ssenkcihT .ni 0.9 :htdiW .ni 3.11 :thgieH :koob eht fo ezis ehT .gnol segap-071,1 eb lliw noisiV lanigirO s'PFV fo trA ehT :owT kooB dna ,gnol segap-256 eb lliw seireS daerhT noisiV ehT :daerhT noisiV lanigirO s'PFV fo gnikaM ehT :enO kooB .seireS daerhT noisiV ehT :daerhT noisiV lanigirO s'PFV fo esaeler dna noitcudorp ,tnempoleved ,yrotsih eht eb lliw koob eht no sucof niam ehT .selcinorhC noisiV lanigirO ehT dellac koob fo-tra dna gnikam egap-499,1 a eb osla lliw erehT

.sdrow 663,51 dna stsop 512 otni nwod nekorb eb lliw daerht tnirpkrow degrem tsop 798 A .daerhT noisiV lanigirO eht fo kool lanigiro eht hctam ot detaert eb lliw sdaerhT noisiV lanigirO 4 eht dna ,sdaerht cipe 4 eht no krow lliw ,700senvaD dna ,epaT reffaG ,tilpS rennaN ,tsooBehT ,eilO ciR yllaicepse dna ,CSU dna ,PFV ,krowteN nootraC ,PFV morf yllaicepse ,snacinihcet dna stsitra rehto detrossa dna ,sretniap ,srennalp enecs ,srekcehc ,srotamina retupmoc ,sretsop dnuorgkcab ,stsitra stceffe laiceps ,sreneewtebni dna stnatsissa ,sretsop ,stsitra tuoyal 876,51

.esaeler 8102 rebmeceD s'erafraW labirT dna esaeler 8102 enuJ s'reksuT ,esaeler 7102 rebmeceD s'tnuH ehT ,esaeler 7102 enuJ 'siseneG rof 0102 rebmeceD nigeb lliw noitcudorp-erp dna tnempoleveD .stsop emal 53 ot stsop emosewa 2 eb lliw oitar tcepsa sdaerhT noisiV lanigirO 4 ehT .xim eht ot seuqinhcet savnaC peeD dna D3 fo tib evissam yllacitnagig a htiw D2 eb lliw seireS daerhT ehT noisiV lanigirO sPFV ,etatsE retsevlyS ta REDRUM s'PFV ekiL

.flesmih PFV dna ,margorP strA latigiD dna noitaminA s'CSU ,strA citameniC fo loohcS CSU ,tnemniatretnE esroH kraD ,smliF xamariM ,ynapmoC nietsnieW ehT ,soidutS krowteN nootraC ,aideM nedlaW ,smliF remiehkcuB yrreJ ,serutciP enotshcuoT ,serutciP yradnegeL ,PFV ,soidutS noitaminA PFV ,serutciP PFV fo noitcudorp-oc a eb lliw mlif ehT .tsoP daoR PFV dna dnuoS PFV yb eb lliw ngised dna lairotide dnuos dna secivres dnuos noitcudorp-tsop ehT .demeht-nacirfA eb osla lliw dna ,gnuoY eoJ ythgiM s'yensiD dnA ,gniK noiL eht ,nazraT ,ruasoniD s'yensiD fo taht ekil dnuos lliw smlif noisiV lanigirO eht fo cisuM ehT .daerht 0102 s'PFV ni desu euqinhcet savnaC peeD eht dna stsoP D3 htiw gnitsoP nwarD-dnaH enibmoc lliw daerht ehT

.daerht dednetxe detarnu tsop 903 a rof derotser eb lliw tub daerht eht morf tuc eb lliw stsop 05 snaem taht dna stsop 952 fo htgnel gninnur lanigiro a evah lliw tI .yzaL saw ,sacuL yzaL gnisacwohs eugolipe na dna tneve noitcnitxe tide elpitlum eht fo noitarolpxe eritne eht htiw dne lliw dna koob cimoc PFV suomaf eht no desab eb lliw erafraW labirT :noisiV lanigirO .daerht dednetxe detarnu tsop 762 a rof derotser eb lliw tub daerht eht morf tuc eb lliw stsop 01 snaem taht dn stsop 752 fo htgnel gninnur lanigiro a evah lliw tI .iznohx ,retsop live eht tsniaga selttab cipe sih dna S3PC cioreh eht tuoba eb lliw reksuT :noisiV lanigirO

.daerht dednetxe detarnu tsop 88 a rof derotser eb lliw tub daerht eht morf tuc eb lliw stsop 41 snaem taht dna ,stsop 47 fo htgnel gninnur lanigiro a evah lliw dna ,daerht PFV 0102 eht no desab eb lliw tnuH ehT :noisiV lanigirO .daerht dednetxe detarnu tsop 45 a rof derotser eb lliw tub daerht eht morf tuc eb lliw stsop 21 snaem taht dna stsop 24 fo htgnel gninnur lanigiro na evah lliw tI .noisiV lanigirO ehT erofeb stneve eht ot ,sretsop tsrif yrev eht morf selcinorhc lliw siseneG :noisiV lanigirO

.R detaR ro 31-GP detar rehtie eb thgim stsop esehT .niatrec 'sgniht llA ?rennab serutciP PFV eht rednu ecneidua tluda dna eganeet eht rof detaerc sdaerht 4 fo seires a otni stsoP noisiV lanigirO s'PFV nrut lliw PFV dna tnemniatretnE esroH kraD ,smliF xamariM ,ynapmoC nietsnieW ehT ,soidutS krowteN nootraC ,aideM nedlaW ,smliF remiehkcuB yrreJ ,serutciP enotshcuoT ,(sdne .sorB renraW htiw laed raey-5 rieht retfa esahcrup lliw PFV hcihw) serutciP yradnegeL ,PFV ,soidutS noitaminA PFV ,serutciP PFV ,(ainrofilaC nrehtuoS fo ytisrevinU ni detacol) strA citameniC fo loohcS CSU ehT fi looc eb t'ndluoW

great product.......if it wasn't April 1st


I can't believe all these young kids growing up, never having seen Han nude (the way George was forced to show him before technology caught up and allowed for CGI clothing to be used "convincingly")

Next you're going to tell me that you've only seen the SE version of ROTJ, where Leia wears a metal bikini to hide her naughty bits.

[u]tv bracke[/u]t is UK's top brand for [u]tv brackets[/u]

C3PX said:

!sdrawkcab klat ylno nac I won dnA !!!DAEH ym no LLEF ti ...ylneddus nehw ,stekcarb vt rof dnarb pot s'KU ,tekcarb vt aiv detnuom si hcihw vt ym gnihctaw ,ssenisub nwo ym gnidnim saw I yadretseY .tcudorp siht esrodne TON OD I .XP3C si eman yM .iH

Sorry, but you bought a tv bracket from tv bracket, which is UK's #4 brand for tv brackets.  This thread is for tvbracket (which is UK's top brand for tv brackets).

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