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Out of Context Thread: New and Improved

ChainsawAsh said:

NeverarGreat said:

After thinking about it a bit more, there may be a third option for completing the Kylo arc. Rather than 1: Achieving total victory or 2: Being killed, he could just walk away from it all. I imagine it could play out where Rey creates some new, stripped-down version of the Jedi without all of their rules and hangups, and Kylo could realize that he really doesn’t have any problem with this interpretation of the Force. He realizes that even after destroying everything that reminded him of the past, it still haunts him, and that he’s the problem, not everything else. He helps Rey defeat the First Order and return peace to the galaxy, then disappears from the story for good.

get behind this.

Most Baffling Complaint of a Star Wars Movie

SilverWook said:

trimboNZ said:

When DS2 exploded, lots of construction workers, engineers, etc, died.
When Luke is dragging Vader towards a shuttle in the Death Star’s docking bay, there’s people scrambling in the background, yet no one stops to question why the Emperor’s menacing 2IC is being undressed by a blonde kid - everyone knew the station was doomed. I’m pretty sure the workers would have been the first to drop their tools and GTFO at the first sign of trouble.

The DS2 was finished, the incomplete look was part of the trap. Pretty sure all the contractors were packing up or gone by the time the Emperor arrived. Those were Imperial officers running around in a panic. No time to consider or gawk at Vader. To quote Douglas Adams, it was Somebody Else’s Problem or SEP. 😉
Or maybe Luke used the Force to conceal them both?

Then what was the “apparent lack of progress” Vader was on about in the opening scene? If any significant amount of progress was made between then and when the emperor arrived it wasn’t even hinted at unless you count that guy saying he would try.

Most Baffling Complaint of a Star Wars Movie

Wow, 2 pages and maybe 3 posts actually doing what the thread is for.

For me, and I know many won’t agree, I don’t get the complaint of how Vader supposedly completely changed in ROTJ. I mean yes, he is a bit less intimidating and ruthless, but wasn’t that the point of his whole arc? I always viewed it as him having an encounter with his long sought after son, maiming him, then losing him a bit as having shaken him up and planting the seeds for the films fanale.