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team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (release details and updates)

I bought a burner and a 10 pack of Dual layer BDs specifically for burning this file but 6 of these discs have become over priced coasters because of crappy programs that don’t seem to handle the size, or these discs are pieces of shit. So I might have to buy a few proper brand discs to see if it will work.
I thought this would be a breeze but it turned out to be anything but.

Captain_Danielsan said:

Swampholley said:

dahmage said:

Thanks for confirming that. Is that cleaned up track available anywhere for remuxing into the SSE? Planning to watch this soon and wanted to make sure I had the best audio option. If it’s too much of a bother, please don’t worry about it.

I just downloaded v1.6 and it’s a 39gig ISO file. The file name is “Star Wars 1977 TN1 v1.6 BR” This obviously won’t rip to a BR, unless I don’t know something. Anybody got any tips/hints?

Like has been said a dual layer 50gb bd-r is the way to go. Make sure to use a decent branded one like sony or Panasonic and burn at the lowest speed possible your drive will allow. Thats option one.

Alternatively you can go with option two like I have. Being too tight to buy 50gb bds I used daemon tools to mount the iso image and then you can use either BdRebuilder or Bdtoavchd ( google these ) to shrink the iso down to the size of a standard 25gb bd-r.

Some here might say 50gb is the only option they would trust but I cant see any quality issues with my 25gb disc even though it’s a shrinking in size of 35% it still looks incredible to me.

Need help writing the Silver Screen edition on a DL Blu Ray.

I bought a blu ray writer and a box of ten DL blu rays specifically to write the Silver Screen edition on to disc. I’m using a brand spanking new iMac and Toast 11 with the blu plug in. So far I’ve done nothing more than make five very expensive coasters.
I’ve tried to write the ISO file I downloaded and when that didn’t work I tried making an image file through Toast but that didn’t work for shit. I always get the “unstable connection” error message and I’ve tried turning every program off and even turning off sleep mode so nothing interferes with it.
So now I’m stopping until I find a fool proof way of writing this damn file on to disc. Is there another program I should use instead? Are my discs crap (they are MediaRange BD-R DL)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Holiday Special TV guide ad?

These are the copies I’ve been working with. I was hoping to find one on Heritage Auctions but there was nothing there.
I’ve been thinking of making a color version by cutting together stills but the one of Han Solo is very elusive, I’m a stickler for things being exactly like they should be so I have been scouring the internet looking for that particular still.

Holiday Special TV guide ad?

First time poster.
I’ve been working on a DVD cover for The Holiday Special for some time but have never been able to score a proper size res copy of the original TV Guide ad. I’ve tried to work with stuff I’ve found online but the quality isn’t as good as I want it to be.
So I either have to get a high res scan of the ad or try to recreate it from stills.
Does anyone have a copy of this ad?

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