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Drugs, ranked

It’s been a busy couple months…

Me, my girl and our group of flunkies have been going HAM as a motherfather on dope (meth) for a while. I’ve gone up and down with this shit, good trips and bad, we almost broke up because of it, I’m gonna do my best to stay off that one for a bit.

I got to try Ketamine and that was pretty cool. Sadly I was already high on speed so I wasn’t fully sure what was tripping me out and what was putting me to sleep. Oh well.

We accidentally smoked some crack a few weeks ago. We was in the ghetto and my girl ran into a guy she knew (I know, right?) and got what she thought was speed but it was totally rock. Anyway it got us high and that was cool and whatnot.

I also had my first really awesome mushroom trip a couple nights ago so that was pimping.

Drugs, ranked

Apologies for not updating this thread in a minute, I’ve been pretty damn stoned.

To celebrate my birthday I had a nice little five day bender. Day 1 was a head full of acid, which I loved but my girlfriend was all like nah I ain’t doing this ever again cuz she wasn’t used to being insane like I am. So, we had to take a day of rest (“day of rest” = weed and booze only) but then went HAM as a mofo with some good old speed for a day or so (I don’t fucking remember how long I tweaked but I have a solid rule now of not staying up past 48 hours). Then it was the anniversary of Bradley Nowell’s death so I smoked some H with my other buddy and got really smashed. Good times. Well, except for the fact that this fucking song has been stuck in my head on rotation for like 2 weeks or some shit.

“Lying in my plastic bed,
thinkin’ how things weren’t so cool to me.
My baby likes to shoot pool,
I like lying naked in my bedroom,
tying on the dinosaur tonight.
It used to be so cool too.
Now I’ve got the needle,
and I can shake,
but I can’t breathe.
I take it away but I want more and more.
One day I’m gonna lose the war.”

Drugs, ranked

DuracellEnergizer said:

Some bullshit.

My 4/20 cocktail consisted of:

DMZ, Betaphenethylamine, Dilaftin, Electricity, Slo-Mo, Krrf, White Claudia, Swank, Plutonian Nyborg, Bug Powder, Glitterstim, Supercool, Energon, ALZ-113 and Death Sticks. All washed down with healthy doses of Milk-Plus.

Drugs, ranked

Oh hey cool this thread got re-opened. It’s a 4/20 miracle!

darthrush said:

What does anyone think of doing weed? Is it of much harm and does it help with feeling depressed?

Weed, just like any drug or medication, will affect every person differently. Some feel less depressed, some feel more depressed. It can help get you out of your head but it could also make you introvert on your problems more. It also makes every movie funnier and/or more confusing.

The Drunk Thread (was: The Durnk Thread)

Damn I’ve been going way too HAM lately. Easter Sunday started with a bottle of red wine (a good day to drink the blood of Christ), xxx beers later and a gallon of rum to cap it off. Durnk’d up.

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