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Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

I checked out the original Japanese poster from your link oojason, and that fan version is certainly a big step-up from the U.K. version above it - it kinda makes it seem as if Lando has his arm in a sling! I initially thought I liked this particular version best - , but the Japanese one is pretty good too.

Anyway, I caught this neat ‘Renault’ tie-in for the first time during the ad breaks in the U.K. today. Although there’s no sign of ‘Solo’ himself, It gives a good idea of how the ‘speederbikes’ look and move. (There doesn’t seem to be an ‘english’ version uploaded yet, but this will do) -

Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

Anchorhead said:

Looks like a fun movie alright. I’ll be there for sure. The shot of Han & Chewie standing below the cockpit of the Falcon, looking up at it, has been my favorite shot in the teaser and now the trailer.

Interestingly, it’s only ‘Han’ looking up at it in the teaser…but the same shot has included ‘Chewie’ this time around.

(lovin’ the new look of the moderator characters and emoticons by the way) 😃

Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

“I’ve got a really good feeling about this” - okay, this spin on the usual over-used phrase sold me…now as long as we don’t hear ANYONE mutter it the other way round during this, I’m good. 😉

I decided to break my current rule of only watching the first trailer of a STAR WARS movie nowadays, as I wanted a better feel of how this particular ‘standalone’ had turned out overall. And I’m glad I did, as I’m a LOT more optimistic about the chances that it’s going to be a fun entry now.

Sure, there’s a few little things that niggle me - the Falcon paintjob that reminds me of the ‘Slave I’ revamp in AOTC…it’s ultra-clean interior compared to how it ended up in ANH (Han and Chewie sure let standards slide over the years)…the fact that it’s corridor lights are WHITE instead of GREEN…and that there’s yet ANOTHER style of ‘dish’ on top…and then there’s Donald Glover’s and Woody Harrelson’s bad hair days…which look good compared to Thandie Newton’s ridiculous ‘afro’ wig! - but overall, I’m fully onboard for this latest adventure now.

The music (and the 2nd shot’s scurrying ‘space rat’!) set a really good tone for me this time around, and it’s looks like there’s gonna be some fine-looking shots in this - especially during the ‘monorail’ sequence.

As with ROGUE ONE, I’m gonna miss the iconic John Williams main theme and scroll, but hopefully a good time will be had throughout this.

Episode IX Discussion <strong><em>Spoiler Thread</em></strong>

oojason said:

‘John Williams Suggests ‘Episode 9’ Will Be His Last ‘Star Wars’ Movie’…

Before ROGUE ONE dashed my hopes with it’s new-fangled opening, I’d been keeping my fingers crossed that this franchise would retain some sort of ‘scroll’ title accompanied by Williams’ majestic theme score at the start of each entry.

His iconic opening music (along with seeing the words STAR WARS emblazoned across the screen) was always a big part of the anticipation for me, before the first shot even appeared.

As with ROGUE ONE, I’ll really miss hearing and seeing that in future instalments.

Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

SilverWook said:

And AICN comment sections are as moronic as ever.

Indeed. I actually looked around to see if another site had flagged up that ‘poster redesign’ issue, but couldn’t find one. So I went with that particular article, seeing as it included lots of good comparison shots.

(interesting to see what was done with the TITAN A.E. promo art, by the way)

The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

Interesting to see the varied opinions on Leia’s ‘Force swoop’ scene on the previous page.

Although it happens to be a sequence I’d prefer to EXCLUDE from my own cutlist, I think I know how it could be made to work a bit better overall in it’s existing form - After I initially thought we’d seen a sad end for Leia when she was sucked out of the bridge by the explosion (which turned out to be merely a ‘misdirection’)…we then moved onto a scene of 'Kylo being told to return by Hux’s hologram…and then moved onto ANOTHER scene which involved ‘Hux on his bridge’…BEFORE we reverted back to seeing Leia floating away from her ship, and then reviving, and then doing her ‘Force swoop’ back to the ship.

Ignoring the manner in which her ‘Force power’ was visualised in the first place, I think it’s the fact that we were DISTRACTED AWAY FOR SO LONG from her being sucked out into space, which made her ‘revitalised’ appearance seem somewhat ‘jarring’ - She’d been out in the coldness of space for quite a while by this point, and because we were shown TWO different sequences before we returned to her ‘revival’, I think that made it seem a little belated.

So I reckon that Leia’s ‘Force power’ sequence would have worked a bit better if there had only been ONE scene shown before we returned to her ‘survival’ moment - the ‘Kylo being told to return by Hux’s hologram’ one…WITHOUT involving the second scene of ‘Hux on his bridge’ beforehand too, so that we weren’t taken away from what was happening with Leia for SO LONG.

Just a thought for anyone wishing to keep the ‘Force swoop’ in their own cutlist, as it should be easy enough to move 'Hux’s second scene to somewhere else afterwards instead.

In fact, the MAIN thing I’m interested to see in J.J.'s next chapter, is how he’ll handle Leia’s character going forward - I sure hope that rumour I recently read of Meryl Streep being considered for the role, was wrong…! 😦

The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

Just to touch on a couple of the issues concerning this movie - everyone’s got their own particular ‘funny bone’ as far as the ‘jokey’ nature of TLJ went, but the big audiences I saw it with (3 times) seemed to have a good time with most of the humorous moments included. I can certainly imagine that their reaction would have raised the roof if the scene of the ‘porg being lightsaber skewered’ had been included too - and I’d have laughed like a drain at that one also.

But for my own idealised version, I’d still want to cut down on some of the levity throughout, for a slightly more sombre tone overall. Each to their own on that aspect though.

As far as the ‘Yoda’ appearance went, I thought he was especially ‘gumsy’-looking and back to acting like the ‘slightly-crazed, child-like version’ that Luke initially encountered on Dagobah…and I initially thought that I’d definately want to get rid of that scene altogether.

But on my further 2 viewings, I realised that I could cut things down a little, so that I could retain certain shots of Yoda that I liked, without losing the relevant dialogue I wanted to keep…even though I’m not sure I’m 100% onboard with seeing his ‘Force-ghost’ being able to bring down heavenly fire and fury into the actual ‘living world’ of Luke.

Bottom line - was I entertained by the THE LAST JEDI during my initial watch? - yes, very much so.

Did all the characters have the kind of storylines I wanted or expected? - Not by a long shot in certain cases.

Am I looking forward to what SOLO and the rest will bring in future? - You betcha! 😃

Episode VIII: The Ridiculest Jedi

Might be nice to hear either ‘Super-cali-fragil-istic-expi-ali-docious’ or ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ kick in during you-know-what scene. 😃

The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

Personally, I’ll always wish that George had given us a Sequel Trilogy storyline to the OT back in 1999, instead of the Prequel Trilogy he focused on - I recall seeing interviews with Mark, Harrison, and Carrie from around that period, and they all looked wonderful despite being much older than their earlier OT glory days.

The thing is, I’m sure George could have easily come up with a new Sequel Trilogy which would have involved the whole OT gang onscreen together again some way, at this point. But alas, I got the likes of Jar Jar stepping in poodoo instead.

And by the time the actual Sequel Trilogy came along, J.J. ended up coming up with a TFA storyline which ‘estranged’ Luke, Han, and Leia from each other…and which killed off Han…thus depriving me of a potential ‘reunion’ scene with those 3 characters in it’s follow-up.

Which all added up to a missed opportunity, as far as I’m concerned.

However, we are where we are, and now Rian has conceived a TLJ storyline which seems to dliberately subvert certain expectations, and actually dismiss some of the things set up by J.J.'s instalment.

Fair enough, but it’s going to be interesting to see how things pan out due to the unforeseen loss of Carrie, and the fact that J.J. is back in the driver’s seat for the next chapter.

Anyway, with a few alterations it seems possible to tweak TLJ into something I’d much prefer to see - something a lot less ‘jokey’ in tone overall, but which retains the humorous moments I happen to like.

But as I recently mentioned on page 14 of this thread, the MAIN thing I’d like to alter for myself is how the ‘Luke being tempted to kill his nephew’ scene was handled - Well, what I’d originally intended to do was just make Luke tell Rey THE TRUTH STRAIGHT AWAY about his ‘brief temptation to kill Kylo’, when first recounting his ‘backstory’ concerning Kylo to her - this at least would make him seem less evasive about it than the movie does.

However, I had the opportunity to go and see TLJ for a third and final time with another family member the other day, and was pleased to confirm that I could cobble together a version of the ‘Kylo backstory’ I’m even more satisfied with…which DOESN’T involve Luke being ‘tempted to kill Kylo’ with his lightsaber at all! 😃

So here’s how I intend to alter things for myself -

…at the point where Luke starts to tell Rey about Kylo, he ends up saying “…by the time I realised I was no match for the darkness rising in him…it was too late…” (at this point we see Luke in close-up, as Rey whispers “What happened?”)

…then I’d CUT to the close-up of Kylo asleep as Luke’s voice-over continues “…I’d sensed it building in him…”, and as the shot pans up to reveal Luke standing nearby with his hand outstretched, we’d continue with the rest of Luke’s voice-over until we eventually see his anguished face in close-up as his voice-over ends on him saying “…Snoke had already turned his heart…”

…then at this point, I’d CUT to the shot of the ‘training temple’ as we hear the words “I went to confront him, but he turned on me”, as we then see Luke being violently ‘forced pushed’ through the wall by Kylo’s arms, as Luke yells “BEN, NO!”…and continue on from that shot as per the movie, where we then see the scene of devastation as Luke’s voice continues “He must have thought I was dead…”, and continue on as we see the younger ‘hooded Luke’ in close-up as his voice-over ends with “…I failed…”

…and continue on from that as per the movie, as we revert back to ‘old Luke’ in close-up as he says “…because I was Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master…a legend…”

…and continue on from that as per the movie, as Rey responds and eventually says “…you didn’t fail Kylo, Kylo failed you…I wont!” (as we end in a close-up of her face)

So NO ‘moment of lightsaber madness’ needed whatsoever, and I’m quite content to have Kylo’s flawed personality and Snoke’s influence be the main object of Kylo’s ‘turn to the dark side’ for my version…which Luke could do nothing about at the time, except feel that he let Leia and Han down extremely badly.

(and of course, that requires a certain amount of removal/re-structuring of some later scenes too, which allows me to alter some other moments I’m not keen on either) 😃

In what way I should watch a Star Wars Marathon?

The Star Wars movies have given me much entertainment over the years (as well as plenty of frustration!), so I’ve been meaning to add my own conclusions to the whole ‘marathon’ viewing order conundrum for a while now…especially with so many movies being part of the picture nowadays.

My main stipulation to myself was that I had to come up with a viewing order which INCLUDED the Prequel Trilogy…no matter how I felt about them! 😉

So here’s the final conclusions I’ve come to, for both myself and for complete ‘newbies’ to the whole franchise…


For a whole heap of reasons, I will ALWAYS recommend that someone new to the saga begins with Ep. IV: ANH, no-matter-what…but mainly for it’s unsurpassed ‘mid-adventure’ opening, and it’s great introduction to the droids, and Vader, and the princess…and the fact that they will also get great introductions to other major characters along the way too…all wrapped-up in one enjoyable package which works as a satisfying ‘standalone’ experience for them to kick things off with.

(sorry George, but I’m afraid that I can NEVER suggest to any ‘newbies’ that they watch Ep. I: TPM as their FIRST taste of the franchise…and if they decide that Ep. IV: ANH is not their thing and never watch another instalment, at least they will have gotten a better sense of what the franchise involves!)

…but assuming they want MORE of Luke & co’s adventures, then it’s onto Ep. V: ESB and Ep. VI to round this trilogy off for them at this point…with ALL the further character introductions and surprises kept intact…

(apart from Jabba’s original ROTJ appearance unfortunately, as I’ll assume it’s the standard ‘official’ special edition versions our ‘newbie’ is having to watch for the purposes of this scenario…so therefore Jabba’s reveal is now telegraphed early during ANH:special edition, sadly)

…but hopefully they’ve had a really good time with this first trio of movies, and consider themselves ‘fans’ of the franchise now, and want to see ‘everything else’ too…

…well thanks to the fact that there’s a ‘continuation’ of the ‘Luke Skywalker’ saga with the Sequel Trilogy nowadays, it’s safe enough to introduce the whole Prequel Trilogy at this point in their overall viewing order - as a ‘flashback’ back to earlier events in the overall storyline - WITHOUT having to complicate things with a ‘machete order’, knowing that there’s better movies to come again, once they are out of the way!

…and then we’re back to conclude Luke’s journey with Ep. VII: TFA, Ep. VIII: TLJ, and Ep. IX respectively…with all it’s further revelations…

…and it’s only once our ‘newbie’ has FINISHED watching Luke’s storyline, that I’d recommend that they THEN GO ON to watch the likes of futher ‘Star Wars’ movies such as SOLO or OBI-WAN or BOBA FETT or JABBA or WHATEVER OTHER ‘standalone’ or FURTHER SEQUELS that are out there at the time…while leaving the ROGUE ONE movie until the very last for themselves…

…as an intoduction to REWATCH Ep. IV: ANH all over again…and then either do the whole SAME ‘marathon’ viewing order all over again…OR just include their favourites this time around…and REPEAT this process every year! 😉

So to recap -

  1. Start off with Ep. IV: ANH

  2. Ep. V: ESB

  3. Ep. VI: ROTJ

  4. ‘Flashback’ to Ep. I: TPM

  5. Ep. II : AOTC

  6. Ep. III: ROTS

  7. Resume Luke’s storyline with Ep. VII: TFA

  8. Ep. VIII: TLJ

  9. Ep. IX

  10. Then watch the likes of SOLO etc. from here onwards…as long as you leave ROGUE ONE until the very last for yourself at this point…

  11. …and finally it’s time to REWATCH Ep. IV: ANH, and start the whole process off once again - in ANY order you prefer this time around, now that you’ve seen them all!


(but when I say ‘marathon’, I mean spreading them out over a few days or so for myself…as I certainly wouldn’t attempt literally watching one-after-the-other…no way!)

  1. ROGUE ONE - seeing as I’ve already had the good fortune to have been introduced to STAR WARS ('77) and the other 2 Original Trilogy sequels as my very first experience of the franchise…I’d now be content to start off my own viewing order with this particular movie.

(ideally with the cutlist I’ve got in mind, which involves a LOT LESS Vader to begin with - and with no made-up introductory ‘scroll’ by the way…as I’d be content to hear the existing brief ROGUE ONE theme, but would simply replace the current ROGUE ONE title with the familiar receding STAR WARS title instead - so that those particular words would still kick off my overall ‘marathon’ at the point I’ve got in mind for them…and means I’d keep the ‘static’ starfield opening of the others instalments too. Also, I can’t recall if it was a concept by Hal or Dig…but I loved the idea of a more ‘sombre’ bit of music to END the movie on, as the credits roll…so would gladly include the neat idea of ‘reprising’ some of the ominous first few bars from the opening of Ep. IV: ANH…as a way to ease towards the next instalment)

  1. STAR WARS REVISITED: HD (of course)



  4. Ep. I: TPM - yes indeed, I’m actually willing to include the prequels into my own ‘marathon’ these days, for a bit of nostalgia(!)…as long as they’re placed into it at THIS point so that they act as a ‘flashback’ in the way I described earlier.

(ideally with the cutlists I’ve got in mind, which are extensive! - and I’d prefer to include a short, introductory ‘prologue’ to begin this first ‘flashback’…using some footage I like which reprises a moment from the previously-watched STAR WARS REVISITED - as a way of including some additional gravitas which nicely sets the scene for these ‘past’ events…and so that I’d have something to look forward to, as I stick on this movie! - basically, once the blue words A LONG TIME AGO IN AGALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY… fade away, I’d cut to a shortened BLACK & WHITE version of Luke and Ben’s conversation…which ends with Ben declaring “…before the dark times, before the EMPIRE!” - and then we’d return to colour as the STAR WARS title crashes onscreen and recedes)

  1. Ep. II: AOTC

  2. Ep. III: ROTS - I’ve got 2 re-structured endings that I like for this. One where Padme dies at childbbirth (though not of ‘losing the will to live!’), regardless of what Leia tells Luke in ROTJ…and one which leaves her alive, despite my reservations that she went along with the Jedi’s advice that baby Luke be separated far away from her indefinately - but which doesn’t include the ‘Anne Boleyn’ footage. I’m slightly leaning to her dying however, as it allows me to include certain additional shots I like…though NOT Vaders reaction to it! And this gives a far more ‘tragic’ feel to this overall ‘backstory’ I reckon - so I guess I’ve made up my mind about that, after all. 😃

(and the good thing about including the prequels as a ‘flashback’ during a ‘marathon’…is the fact that they allow for a certain period of time to pass since I would have watched ROTJ…which makes it seem less jarring to see such elderly characters all of a sudden, when I go to watch the Sequel Trilogy)

  1. Ep. VIi: TFA

(ideally with the cutlist I’ve got in mind, which keeps Kylo’s helmet on for longer…and moves the superweapon firing after Han’s murder…and which ends with the close-up shot of Rey offering the lightsaber as the credits roll, instead of the ‘helicopter’ shot from above)

  1. Ep. VIII: TLJ

(ideally with the cutlist I’ve got in mind, which involves making Luke admit the truth to Rey about what happened with Kylo RIGHT FROM THE START - so that he doesn’t come across as evasive to her about it - and I’m also considering another alternative which eliminates using ANY of the shots of Luke planning to kill him with his lightsaber altogether, but in a way which still shows what happened between them quite effectively - doing it either of these ways means I can re-strucure things so that I DON’T have to include the ‘shirtless’ scene of Kylo putting Luke into a bad light with Rey, as he tries to gain some sympathy - in addition, I’d prefer to end this movie on the great panning shot of the Falcon we see after Leia’s last reassuring words to Rey…INSTEAD of including the whole ‘broom kid’ sequence)

  1. Ep. IX - with any luck, I won’t feel the need to alter ANY scenes whatsoever in this next instalment…but I have the feeling that porgs might fly before that happens! 😉

(by the way, I’m hoping for 2 things NOT to happen in this upcoming movie - one is for Leia NOT to be re-cast by anyone else in Carrie’s place…and the other is for Kylo NOT to be ‘reedemed’ in any way from the daddy-murderer he turned into - especially as that would mess up certain ways I want to re-cut THE LAST JEDI for myself! - so don’t let me down J.J.)

  1. …and AFTER viewing all those suggestions in the order described above…I’d then go onto watching the likes of SOLO and any other future movies that come along - in the same way I previously outlined…ready to REPEAT this whole scenario all over again for my NEXT ‘marathon’ one day, by once again starting off with ROGUE ONE! 😃
Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

I’m hoping that’s the case CS, and that the leaked artwork of the Falcon is indeed showing an actual bit of ‘cargo container’ attatched to it’s front.

It’s not clear from the leaked artwork (or the lego pic) that the new section s not part of it’s original design…but I’m hoping that the reason this piece is looks like it’s just a part of the sip’s structure, is because it’s a cunningly-disguised ‘secret storage comparment’ which is just meant to LOOK like it’s part of the hull.

Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

So the recent ‘unofficial’ artwork proved to be genuine marketing material after all.

As well as giving the Falcon a new colour-scheme , these lego images confirm that it’s front end has been heavily re-designed. I prefer the TWO-pronged design personally, and am curious to see if this was just a cosmetic make-over to the shape, or if it serves an actual function during the movie.

I already came across a behind-the-scenes pic of that blue speeder somewhere (it was on tyred wheels which will be erased), and liked the look of it…but I didn’t know it was going to be driven by Han at the time. I wonder who his passenger is?

And it seems like we’re in for some kind of TIE-fighter/Stardestroyer appearance too, judging by these pics.

I’m hoping these new stormtroopers look good, and recall that a source is claiming they are known as ‘Range Troopers’.

The only thing I’m a little wary about is those small white ‘dog’-like critters that are also revealed - I just hope they’re a bit more impressive than the ones seen in the AOTC Sandpeople camp scene. 😉

The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

Thankyou Jeebus for my first big belly-laugh of the year around these parts. 😃

Either of those ideas would make worthy candidates for TF’s eventual ‘Ep. III: The Last Ridiculous Jedi’ edit I reckon.

(or should that be ‘Ep. III: The Not Quite Last Ridiculous Jedi’, seeing as we don’t know what’s going to happen in J.J.'s NEXT movie?)

…And just thinking aloud, but I quite like how the latest movie’s view of random, NON-'Jedi-trained ‘Force-sensitives’ appearing here-and-there in the Star Wars galaxy can retro-actively apply to Donnie Yen’s ultra-skilled ROGUE ONE character also. Personally, it helps me to accept his exceptional abilities much easier now, considering he was totally blind…and the way he managed to walk through all those shots unscathed - so I’ll definately consider Chirrut Imwe as indeed being someone who was ‘one with the Force’ in the truest sense, the next time I watch that movie.

I’m still going to lose that ‘broom lad’ ending from my own cutlist though - not saying that the funny ‘child-scaring monster’ moment and ‘Spielberg-ian’ final shot were a bad way to end things for audiences…but I’d just prefer to have that last hyperspace shot of the Falcon as the ending for myself as it leads us to the next instalment…to give this a more sombre finale, considering we effectively lost the Leia and Luke characters during this…and because I want reminded of ‘younglings’ as little as possible in my own version. 😃


I happen to like the final shots where the characters actually start fighting in that project…but the build-up shots before that just remind me of a videogame cut-scene with it’s overall look and camera-movements.

No idea why the makers think this could just be dropped smoothly into the existing movie when they went out of their way to add additional lights and glows to the corridor walls, compared to the movie. And they didn’t even bother to match Vader’s chestplate correctly.

Still a very neat project however, and I’m interested to see the final version of it eventually.

And let me take this opportunity to wish adywan and everyone here on these forums a very happy New Year ahead.

The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

DominicCobb said:
I’m really hoping someone can work magic and make C-3PO’s arm red throughout the trilogy (apparently JJ made it gold again because Anthony Daniels hated it).

I hadn’t heard of that particular J.J./Anthony Daniels nugget before. If true, then I’m with Daniels on that…but I was kinda hoping that C3PO’s red arm ‘backstory’ would be brought up briefly in TLJ, to allow a poignant moment for him…and so that everyone who didn’t happen to know what the comicbook ‘EU explanation’ for it was, would finally know what the hell that was all about in TFA, since he reverted back to a gold arm when the Falcon took off!

Oh well, maybe it’ll be brought up in J.J.'s next instalment instead…but I wouldn’t be surprised if C3PO has it on again with no explanation once more! 😉

As far as THE LAST JEDI goes, it turned out to be a mixed bag for me. It certainly entertained me in a lot of ways, but there were plenty of moments that frustrated me too.

I notice from reading some of the various threads here, that there seems to be some consensus on certain things to alter or remove from those that are planning to edit this…but there’s a particular thing that I’d REALLY like to re-edit for myself in future…and it concerns how the whole controversial ‘Luke/Kylo backstory’ was handled in the first place.

Like a lot of others, I had reservations about this plotline involving Luke and Kylo’s past (along with some of the footage and dialogue that it involved)…and seeing the movie for a 2nd time just confirmed that view for me. I can see how it’s ‘unexpected’ portrayal of Luke can work for some, but it just wasn’t what I personally wished to see for this character after waiting all that time for him to return after TFA ended!

But luckily, I realised after my 2nd viewing of TLJ that there seems to be a way which would GREATLY improve Luke’s storyline for me…and there’s even a couple of alternative ways to re-cut it to do so, I reckon. I can’t go into specific shots for now, as I’ll need to wait on an actual copy to double-check if it’s as feasible as I think it is, but here’s the gist of what I have in mind -

…things are currently structured so that Luke tells Rey a ‘shortened version’ of what happened initially…which is eventually followed by Kylo telling Rey a ‘fuller’ version of what happened from his point-of view…which is then eventually followed by Luke admitting to Rey that he’d momentarily thought about doing away with Kylo, but quickly snapped out of it…

…but INSTEAD…I would prefer if this backstory was re-structured so that Luke tells Rey the truth RIGHT FROM THE START! 😃

As I say, I reckon the footage is there to make this notion work pretty easily, and there was a couple of different ways to do it, depending on my preference.

What this does, is makes Luke’s admission much more in keeping with the way I would have liked to see his character tell it, so that the truth didn’t have to be dragged out of him by Rey…and so that Kylo doesn’t get to make out to Rey that Luke has not been truthful with her.

Not only that, but it would allow me to totally remove a couple of other scenes which I’ve no wish to see again in this movie - namely, the shot of Luke looking like a ‘totally crazed loon’ about to strike Kylo (when told from Kylo’s perspective)…as well as the whole ‘shirtless’ interaction scene with Rey…as well as the whole Rey battling Luke scene which ends in him being beaten by her, and being made to admit the truth. Gah!

I’m especially pleased that this means Kylo doesn’t get a scene where we’re meant to feel sorry for him…especially since he’s unforgivable in my eyes for killing off his dad Han in the FIRST sequel movie! 😉

But the biggest improvement this makes for me, is the fact that it simplifies things so that Luke is seen to be a troubled guy over what happened…WITHOUT coming off as being evasive to Rey about it all.

So to sum up - the scene would be put together so that Luke explains his failure with Kylo straightforwardly, and Rey goes on to say that SHE won’t fail him, and we then go straight to her taking off in the Falcon as she leaves the island to continue her adventure…

(…and I’m still mulling over whether I want to remove the whole following ‘gumsy Yoda & Luke’ scene…or whether I just want to remove certain shots and dialogue during it) 😉

Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

DominicCobb said:

ImperialFighter said:

I don’t know if those promo images will indeed prove to show legit versions of young Lando’s haircut and the Falcon’s re-design, or not…but I just hope that any ‘whooping’ and ‘hollering’ by the leads will be kept to a minimum in this…

But there should at least be some, no?

Not necessarily, but I’m hoping that kind of thing is kept to a minimum if it DOES feature.

The single ‘whoop’ we got from Han as he helped Luke out at the end of ANH was terrific at that point (as was Lando’s at the end of ROTJ when the Falcon escaped the blast), but I’d rather that this movie doesn’t end up littered with them. Poe and Finn have got that kind of thing more than covered at this point. 😉

It’s not so much Alden Ehrenreich’s portrayal of Han that I’m wary about at this point…it’s whether the character will be written to have too much of an over-confident, ‘whooping flyboy’ persona in this, rather than having a more casual, laconic humour about him overall.

I reckon it would be very easy for the writer’s to end up turning Han and Lando into a parody of their saga characters, but I’m hoping for the best.

(still, great news to hear of John William’s involvement in this latest entry)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Dark Cut <strong>(SPOILERS)</strong>

Ah, that explains it then. Thanks for clarifying.

Just for the record, I initially thought we were about to get an unexpected Finn death in this movie, as things were shaping up for a memorable bit of self-sacrifice on his part - but then of course he was saved at the last minute - and then I was sure that Rose’s character was getting the memorable self-sacrifice treatment instead, which I thought was really effective and poignant at this point…except the makers didn’t follow through on taking this character out either, as it turned out.

To be honest, considering the characters that we DID lose in these sequels so far, I was fine with Rose being a one-movie deal so that she would go out in such a noble way at this point…and kinda felt cheated that we were ‘played’ TWICE-in-a-row with the same kind of misdirection by the makers.

Of course that’s my ‘adult self’ talking, and I’ve no doubt that my ‘younger self’ would have been very relieved to see BOTH characters survive what ‘seemed’ to be their last moments!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Dark Cut <strong>(SPOILERS)</strong>

Hal 9000 said:

In the spirit of TLJ, that’ll just be up to whomever fan edits episode XI to deal with. 😉

True Hal, but it might make for a real disconnect if Rose’s (potential) future role cant’t be easily taken out. Especially if her storyline happens to include some good scenes which no-one wants to take out anyway.

(although I’ve got some initial ideas of how I’d ideally like to re-structure THE LAST JEDI for myself, I think I’m gonna have to wait until the next instalment to see how certain characters are involved first)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Dark Cut <strong>(SPOILERS)</strong>

Just a thought darthrush - I liked the way it seemed that Rose had given her life to save Finn when watching the movie (except it was then revealed to be yet another bit of misdirection from the makers, as she hadn’t…) - but if you make it look like she actually died in your edit, won’t that risk a continuity problem with the next sequel which she is highly likely to feature in?