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Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)

benduwan said:

Edezio Enk’or Valorum said:

benduwan said:

damn…no one watched…

i´m the guru!

I waited like 10 hours just to download that song? 😦

no,not only the song… you miss the rancor pit?

What the difference there anyway?

pimp it with scenes from the movie!
you don´t know the original lapti nek video?

So…I should put the audio at the same time as the scene with the movie? I ask because I only got an audio file, thanks for the answer tho! 😄

Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut)

Hello there!
I was reading the ideas of this edit and I really like it, I find it really interesting and it’s new for the FanEdits area, using some The Clone Wars material.

I liked your approach on the good-bye scene, that song fits pretty well there, and the nostalgic idea sounds cool, but, I rememeber watching another edit to this scene including new music
I’m not judging nor disliking your version, but I will rather want to know what do you think about it? It has that TCW vibe, and it was made by Kevin Kiner, so I think this one would fit pretty well with the idea of the edit.

I’m very interested and excited to see this edit!! 😃

Get ready for "Star Wars - Shroud of the Sith", a radical fan edit of "The Phantom Menace"

I have been following this FanEdit since the early beginning of it, and to be honest, I have liked all of the changes, specially the Podrace, i dont know how, but, your version really grows on me, I really like it, with the little piano keys on the music and the dark tone at the end, I want to see this FanEdit really soon. Another great aspect of this project is your idea of Jar Jar slowly learnig basic, is just…fascinating (I have commented about that specific idea of the edit with my gf and she really loved it, she is waiting for this edit too 😄 )

Keep it up with this great FanEdit Sheepish (I love your profile pic btw 😛 )

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