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The Force Awakens - Ridley's Edit

Sounds fantastic. This’ll probably become my archival version. I don’t think TFA needs much changed at all - I totally agree with HAL9000’s reshaping of the Starkiller firing, and NeverarGreat’s R2 database scan. Other than that some gentle trims to the humour make sense, but beyond that it’s just the Rathtar sequence which I never enjoyed.

You’ve said you’ll cut down the Rathtars - is this the version that I think appeared in HAL9000’s thread where they effectively release the Rathtars then just escape from Han’s ship, with none of the running around in corridors?

Alternative Star Wars Movie Titles - Keep Checking the First Post!

I put some thought into this back before The Last Jedi’s title was announced, and ended up suggesting it for a couple of the earlier films. I wanted to keep the titles as Original-Trilogy-Star-Warsy as possible without spoiling any plots.

  1. RETURN OF THE SITH. Sith already a scary word, this implies an old threat coming back.
  2. Clone Wars only really start at the end. But nothing really happens in this one. So could swing towards the relationship between ObiWan and Anakin (MASTER AND APPRENTICE, emphasising the training and that each have their own arcs in this film), or even something force-y, like DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE, as enemy plans increase and Anakin gets tempted. Maybe LURE OF THE DARK SIDE. Or DARK FORCE RISING.
  3. TWILIGHT OF THE REPUBLIC: Implies the Clone Wars come to a major end, a falling, the start of a new chapter, but without giving away the plot like ‘Rise of the Empire’ might
    3.5) Rogue One is OK.
  4. A New Hope is pretty good, but maybe The Last Hope, or even THE LAST JEDI, to show off how far hope has fallen and how dire things are. Or even REBEL STRIKE, though the action comes fairly late. Not convinced.
  5. The Empire doesn’t even strike back in this film. Other than attacking a single rebel base. But it’s not really a retaliation. What happens? They flee Hoth, Luke trains in Dagobah, Vader captures them at Cloud City, Dad fight. So, no idea. LURE OF THE DARK SIDE could work here.
  6. THE LAST JEDI could also work here, since Obi Wan is dead, Yoda dies/is in hiding, and it emphasises the odds against Luke. Though you have been told ‘there is another’ in Empire.
  7. The force does awaken in a couple of people. But I like SHADOW OF THE EMPIRE because it shows the resurgent threat, and reminds you that the First Order is just the Empire reborn.
The go to definitive prequel cuts?

TV’s Frink said:

This collection of files is not updated anymore (it’s been a few years so it doesn’t include recent edits) but for a long time I did exhaustive tracking of every single change made to every edit I was able to get my hands on. If you go to and search “frink” you can find it in “The Prequel Cut List.”

Frink, I couldn’t find it there, and while I did find an older post of yours with all of the cutlists and the master spreadsheets by googling ‘Frink Prequel Cut List’, the megaupload links to the master spreadsheets weren’t available. Care to reupload?

TFA: A Gentle Restructure

Hal 9000 said:
That’s… a very not bad idea. Good call with the cut shot of Leia. I’ll hunt around for dialogue for Leia, if people would like to send clips of themselves yelling out, “Will the Republic send the fleet to help?” Or something like that.

Are any of these at all serviceable? (There’s two in this one)

Recorded on my phone, but if there’s anything I can do with that to make it better quality or a more suitable tone, let me know.

This post has been edited.

TFA: A Gentle Restructure

DominicCobb said:

One last suggestion:

Episode VII

Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister FIRST ORDER has risen from the ashes of the Empire.

Failing to convince the New Republic of this emerging threat, General Leia Organa mobilizes a brave RESISTANCE as the First Order prepares a secret weapon that will secure their return to power.

Desperate for her brother’s help, Leia has sent her most trusted pilot on a daring mission to Jakku, where a clue has been discovered to Luke’s whereabouts…

Best one yet. I’d replace ‘prepares a secret weapon’ with ‘completes a secret weapon’, implying that (1) its threat looms over the plot, and (2) that it’s only recently been completed, so unlikely to be known yet.

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