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//Star Wars Begins\\: HD Version Now on Vimeo
Bingowings said:
Doc1980 said:

Sadly I think it might be dead.  Haven't heard from Jambe in a while and it's been quite a while in the making.

Doc, as much as I love that Boba Fett picture it is a bit distracting seein it pop up all the time, it would make a nice avatar but it might need taking down in size a bit if it's going to be a signature.

I'm sure Jambe's working hard on things, his projects are a lot of hard work and like the best things in the world they are worth the wait.


Haha, sorry about the sig.  I took it off and will find something else to use.


As for Jambe and the project, I truly hope you guys are right at the first two are simply brilliant.


Demonoid Dead...
Just saw this on Wikipedia:

"According to the Demonoid IRC channel, the tracker is still working, and they expect the site to be back up soon:[10]

[+mntrSCTf] Welcome to #Demonoid | Site is down, tracker is intermittent (sometimes up, sometimes down), No Current ETA is known. That is all we know...DON'T ASK | Alternate forums at Expect the site to return, unless we hear otherwise from Deimos."
Star Wars: Rise of the Empire - a fanedit of the Prequel Trilogy
OK, so I just got done watching Rise of the Empire and I found it very enjoyable. Aside from the obvious little audio/video hiccups I thought the whole thing was executed rather nicely. I was happy to see Jar Jar not cut completely out, because as much hate as there is for him he is still a part of the story. I was a little iffy on cutting out Dooku, but I understand why and thought it was handled pretty well.

I really liked the inclusion of the deleted scenes. It made the whole thing feel a little more original and added to the overall feel of the thing. I also like saving the Death Star for the very end, that would have been a sweet little surprise at the end of it all in the theatres. I have to say I was puzzled as to why the Sidious/Mace fight was cut out, but oh well. I also thought there were some scenes that built up the Anakin/Padme relationship that were cut out when they didn't need to be. It felt like they just sort of got together out of no where and the whole thing was a little forced. Would have like to see Boba too.

Like I said though, really cool way to watch the three movies and definitely something I'll be watching again.
Demonoid Dead...
Wow, this really sucks because I was getting 85% of all my video/music/comics etc. from there. If anyone has any other good spots to get especially comics I'd appreciate it.
Star Wars: Rise of the Empire - a fanedit of the Prequel Trilogy
Man, I guess beggars can't be choosers here, but downloading at barely over 6 kbps? Anyone else having a problem with the speed? I'd really love to check this out, but at this rate it'll take about 16 days to download it.

Thanks by the way for all the hard work, I hope I get to see it sooner rather than later.
Post in this thread to request an invite to (you <em>MUST</em> read the first post) UPDATE 10/17 There are NO MySpleen invites being given out at this time.


For those still looking for info on myspleen invites please read the update below for ‘Early October’…

For those seeking the njvc Custom BluRay Set of the Harmy Despecialized Editions…

a very kind member of the community on here has made available the njvc Custom BluRay Set of Harmy’s Despecialised Edition up on Mega.

For more info -

Well in to him for doing so, and not only for getting permission from both njvc and Harmy beforehand, but for also putting together a quality and useful guide on how to acquire them - and also on how to burn them to disc too.


The Despecialized Editions are still available in their original format - with details on how to acquire them - in Harmy’s 1st posts in his Star Wars, ESB and ROTJ threads…

Star Wars -

Empire Strikes Back -

Return Of The Jedi -


For those still looking for info on myspleen invites please read the update below for ‘Early October’…





There are NO MySpleen invites being given out at this time. To repeat:

There are NO MySpleen invites being given out at this time.

This has been the case for quite a while now. There are no signs of this situation changing at this moment.

Secondly, we,, are NOT affiliated in any way with the MySpleen organization. To repeat:


This means that if you ask any questions about the nature or goings-on at MySpleen, we will not be able to answer your questions. To repeat:





If you have any questions about myspleen - their own forums are still open to join, register and contribute at:-

It may be of some help in getting, or learning of invites, when they eventually do start issuing them out again.

And is likely the best place to get some answers for those with questions - or information in general - on all things myspleen.





It looks like a few forum members are giving out invites again. To prevent project threads being cluttered with invite requests, this thread has been unlocked. Please see this announcement.

Before posting a request for an invite, you MUST read the important information below:



MySpleen invites are no longer being given out by members on a regular basis. Invites via the Spleen Forums are also now closed due to the high amount of Star Wars “hit and runners”. According to a post on their forum, there are recruitment threads for MySpleen on PTP and HDBits that are still active. If you are a new member with no previous contribution to, you stand a better chance of receiving an invite from one of these forums. If you are looking for Harmy’s Despecialized Editions, these are also available from public torrents or tehparadox.



This was originally an old thread that got merged by accident. Some of the information in earlier posts is now out-of-date. Please take note of the points below:

  • The site address is now ( is an older domain)

  • You do not need to post your email address in order to get an invite. Any email addresses posted are likely to end up on one or more spam mailing lists.

  • If you had an account in the past, please don’t request an invite for a new one. Instead, register on the Spleen Forums and request a re-activation. In the Questions/Comments section there is a thread titled “Recovering Your Account on the Tracker”.

  • Please be patient. Invites are given out by one, maybe two, kind-hearted members - be prepared to wait if they are not around.

  • Ignore anything TV’s Frink and/or Jetrell Fo post. The admin here discussed the one-post wonders who we never see again, and we aren’t that bothered. Maybe the MySpleen invite gets you to join up here, but after you’ve downloaded a few projects, we hope you’ll come back and post some feedback. You might even become a future fan editor.

  • Invite links must only be shared privately - Myspleen admin will disable accounts of anyone who posts invites publicly!

  • If you successfully gain membership of MySpleen, please edit your original request to say so, so that prospective inviters do not message you with another invite. In using the site, you are expected to follow these guidelines (originally posted by walkingdork, Admin at MySpleen)

walkingdork said:

Basic Guidelines:

- Anything you download should really be seeded until you have at least a ratio of 1.0+ for that torrent OR you have been seeding it for at least 72 hours. That’s the minimum effort required to be an acceptable member.

- Don’t delete your account unless you are sure you are never going use it again. Deleting your account and requesting a new invite later is ratio evasion and frowned upon in the torrent community. There’s no reason for it and I’ve turned down several requests for a second account.

- Keep a good overall ratio or at least keep torrents seeded. I and other staff are less worried about your ratio when we can see that you are at least attempting to fix it. Don’t be afraid to download a torrent that may hurt you ratio, just be willing to seed it so others can have access to it as well.

Tips to get your ratio up:

- Seed. Keeping your torrents seeded is the easiest and most obvious way to bring up your ratio. If no one is downloading from you because the torrent is old or unpopular just wait, someone will download it eventually.

-Take advantage of freeleech. Freeleech is when downloading will not count against your ratio (but upload still will). Myspleen has freeleech quite often. We have freeleech for holidays, special events, and sometimes just for the fun of it.

-Take advantage of torrents that have stars or clock icons. Starred torrents are freeleech for as long as they are starred (usually forever) and new torrents with stop watch icons are freeleech for the first week.

-Take advantage of Upload Multipliers. Each torrent has an Upload Multiplier which gives bonus upload depending on how old the torrent is (some of the oldest torrents have multipliers above 12x). The multiplier number is multiplied by the amount of upload and added to your stats.
So 5GB uploaded on a torrent with a upload multiplier of 2 will give you 10GB towards your ratio.

- Check out the Home page from time to time for news and updates. Sometimes we have contests for prizes and I’ll soon be putting up some opportunities for upload prizes.




If any of you fine people would like to PM me an invite to I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

This post has been edited.

In the U.S. and able to send me a copy???

I do now, I guess I didn't before so if you want to re-send the PM I'd really appreciate it. If I don't answer right away it's because I'm on my way to California for a wedding tomorrow. I'll be back at my place on Monday night though.


Sorry about that, I guess I just wanted to make it a little more visable. I wasn't sure if anyone would actually even see my post if I put it in the other thread.
In the U.S. and able to send me a copy???
A copy of Building Empire and Returning to Jedi to be exact. I e-mailed Jambe and he said I should come on here and ask if the good people of the board would be able to help me out. He's obviously in the UK, but I am in Minneapolis and he can't send me a copy himself. So if you are willing able to do so please either respond to this post or PM me when you get a chance. Thanks.
Topic down for good???
Hey guys and gals, I'm new here and just now getting into all the different fan films, docs and stuff and I'm having a hard time getting my hands on many of them. It seems like almost all the really good stuff is or was once hosted on However that site doesn't seem to work and I'm wondering if it's gone for good or just down right now. I figured this would be the best place to ask, so thanks for the help.

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