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STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Some things I would want to point out after downloading this 8GB connection-reaper:

-Though I have only skimmed through the parts that had changes, this movie is a MASTERPIECE. For example, the Hoth scenes are really breathtaking, showing the beauty of Hoth. The effects are invisible, not jarring and does NOT affect the story. That’s how I would want to see the SE.

-The Wampa scenes are better than I had expected it to be. Though I thought that it wouldn’t work out due to the Wampa being “extremely difficult to wear”.

-I just saw some compression artifacts here and there, an atom-sized amount of quality drops, (This might possibly be my laptop, I don’t know 😕) but again, it is not noticeable.

-Overall, this movie is again, A work of art that must be preserved. Hoping to see ROTJ:R and ANH:RHD in the next few years!

Worst Edit Ideas

Extend that incest-provoking kiss of Luke and Leia for 90 minutes. Good movie.

Adjusting subtitles to fit in a movie?

I am new in this sort of thing, but how do you adjust a subtitle to fit in a movie? I am using ADigitalMan’s ESB Fanedit. Though the VOB files had subtitles, it was not correctly spell-checked and all of the dialogue is in caps lock. Since there are no subtitle for this edit avialable, I am using the De-Ed Subtitles as a base. The fanedit removed and shortened some shots (ie: Luke and Leia incestual kiss being removed, the additional scenes of Vader going in the shuttle recut, etc.) and obviously the De-Ed subs cannot synchronize with the fanedit, how do I adjust the subtitles to fit in all the cuts in the movie?

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