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Making a dystopia movie this summer

The way I see it, a studio would be nice, but I'd rather make it now on a shoestring budget and have absolute power over everything than make it with a studio and compromise one bit.  This is a film I've wanted to make since I was 16, and I want it to happen this summer, no matter what.

Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit)


I am the old user "Trooperman".  I have absolutely no problem with "Shroud of the Dark Side (2007) Workprint" being distributed wherever you want.  It is clear at this point that it will never be completed, because I have moved onto other things (like a dystopia film this summer all my own-see Off Topic).

I would love to talk more about my new project with you if you want, or answer any questions that you have.  It's good to be back!  And again, feel free to distribute my edit-I have a dual layer version that I can upload to youtube if nobody else does, but I don't know what the policy is...they may take it down pretty  quickly.

Making a dystopia movie this summer

Hi all,

I'm Trooperman from the old forum.  I signed up in 2005 and did the rough cut of "Shroud of the Dark Side", which some seemed to find interesting. 

Anyhow, I'm making a dystopia film in black and white this summer, and not having any connections and having a laughable budget to work with ($500), but wanting this movie to be incredible, with 50 different sets and over 50 actors, I thought I would start here.

I live in New Hampshire.  If you live in the New Hampshire or Massachussetts area and think you would like to help out this summer, could you send me a PM?  Or if you live anywhere but you think there might be a way you could help out this summer over the internet somehow, could you send me a PM?


P.S. I can get into the plot more if you are interested.  I don't think anybody here would steal it before I got the movie made!

Puggo Strikes Back!

I for one am glad for the DVD-5 versions because dual layer projects are difficult to burn and blu-rays are impossible for me.

Puggo's SW and ESB are the most authentic versions so far until negative_1 comes out, IMO.

What are the "essential" OT fan-edits to have?

I was wondering the same thing. 

For sharpest DVD quality, I have:

Star Wars: DeEdV2 (amazing authentic coloring on this one)

Empire: ESB 2.0

Return of the Jedi: currently no authentic alternative

Then for what the films would have actually looked like, we have:

Negative1 scans (not yet released)

And for 1997 editions I see no high-quality NTSC alternative. 

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