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Superman by Taolar (Formally: Son of Jorel) WORKPRINT AVAILABLE

You said you are going to do a final release is this your final cut ?

How much of the campyness did you cut?

I think the film needs a major cut of all the camp humor...

Both versions are campier
than the first film and have the same shifts in tone going from serious drama to
tongue in cheek comedy to action.

I liked the tone of Donner cut much better than the original. I think it was the camp in Lester's version that turned me off. Not that there aren't campy moments in Donner's, there was just something about the slapstick attempt at comedy in Lester's that I didn't like.


I still find the the donner changes disorienting because the
scenes with Brando were so serious. I'm glad they're back in the Donner version and it works better thematically than having his mother but it's remains a very uneven film. I also
thought the explosions, cars crashes and other effects could've been tightened
further. The crowd reactions seems wrong. Why were all those people hanging around? They should've been running away or ducking for cover if there's a mid-air fist fight between Superman and the three villains. They just stood around waiting for something to fall on them. Faster cuts would've made that work better and seem less silly. I liked it as an alternate glimpse. The BOBW would include a careful edit of both versions. The only problem Lester's version had was that it went from deadly serious to very silly camp. I would also at least look at some scenes cut but used for TV broadcasts, like the PZers killing that kid from a distance. But it would prolly look even worse than the cellophane S.

But keep the workable humor. I mean, was the movie irreprably harmed by 'Excuse me, General....' ?

My ideal cut would be pretty much exactly what is in the Lester Cut except I would swap out Lara with Jor-El for the Fortress of Solitude stuff and I would go with some of the small trims that the Donner Cut made to the campier bits of Lester's footage. Like it or not, the Lester Cut is simply a more complete version of the movie. The Paris opening is exactly the kind of high energy action sequence that a movie like this should start with. The magic kiss is kind of a lame ending but it's better than turning back time so far that the entire movie never even happened. And the campier bits of General Zod's performance are exactly what has made the character such an icon over the last 28 years. "KNEEL before Zod!"


Despite the flaws in Lester's film, it's still better than Donner's cut.

There's nothing wrong, for instance, with the beginning Eiffel Tower action scene; it's a riveting, effective action opener and there's no reason why it shouldn't be in there. Donner basically uses the end of part I as a large part of the first act of II. It just feels redundant and is no way to start a movie.

There's also nothing wrong with Lester's scenes at Niagara Falls. They help build up the romantic tension a bit more and make their later love scenes seem more credible.

The Fortress of Solitude climax was also superior in the first film, even despite the lame cellophane wrap attack and teleporting.

I only wish they had used the Marlon Brando footage for the original. That was a major improvement in the Donner cut.

the ending for the Donner cut felt REALLY sloppy.

My dream cut of Superman II would be to use the Donner Cut, but then have the movie end on the somber note of Superman dropping Lois off at her apartment, and eliminate everything after that, cut immediately to superman restoring the flag at the white house then\or cut to Superman flying off into space, and cue the credits). No reset button in which Lois forgets that she knows Superman's secret identity. Any such reset button is kind of a cheat, IMHO. Sure, it screws up the continuity of the subsequent movies, but who cares about the subsequent movies?

they should have had Lois still remember everything and ended it with the scene of Superman over Earth. There would have been nothing wrong with Lois knowing the secret at the end of the second movie. That's what we call character development. Who the heck cares about Superman IV anyway?


I get the feeling that when Richard Lester was brought in to complete this movie, he viewed this same footage with his team and realized it wasn't working. The opening Daily Planet scene isn't exciting or interesting. It doesn't even make sense. This is the next day following the missile caper? Luthor is sentenced that quickly? Miss Teschmacher's dialogue later on indicates he's been away for some time so it doesn't work in any logical manner. Neither does Clark using his super powers in broad daylight with pedestrians walking past! It makes me wonder if Donner even intended for the heat vision to be visible, since the "destruction of the Fortress" scene has been shown on television with "incomplete" effects. Perhaps he had something else in mind. We'll never know. In both scenes, animated red beams have been added. That being said, I'm not even sure why Superman destroys the fortress here, but then I've never understood that. I guess Donner never got to shoot the scene explaining that.

A lot of it just doesn't make sense. The only reason any of it really works is because we've all seen the theatrical version of Superman II, a movie that does make sense. Lester's Superman II fills in the holes of this assembly. Part of this could be because Donner didn't get to complete shooting, the other part could be because the makers of this project were intent on using as little Lester material as possible. What we end up with is an assembly of footage that makes Superman IV look airtight and coherent.

one gets the sense that while Lester was faithful and comfortable using Donner material, Michael Thau and his team were extremely disrespectful towards anything filmed by Lester. The best scenes in The Donner Cut are the ones lifted relatively intact from the released version of Superman II. That includes the moon sequence and the diner sequence, not ironically, both were filmed by Donner. But anything else from that movie filmed by Lester is re-edited in such a hasty fashion, that it now makes Lester seem like a ham fisted know nothing. While Lester honored the Donner material, Lester here is thrown under the bus.

Any of the major scenes (really just Lois jumping and scenes with Marlon Brando) would have been better served as completed scenes in a deleted scenes section. Instead they are shoe horned into a nonsensical narrative with inferior performances (many alternate takes from familiar scenes are used) sloppy edits and bad decisions.

Watch the opening scene at the Daily Planet. Why are we looking at Jackie Cooper's back as he calls for Lois and Clark? At the end why do we have Lois walking into her dark apartment only to have that followed by Jackie Cooper walking into a dark bathroom turning the lights on? I was initially confused by this, because I expected to see Lois. The entire assembly is filled with questionable choices like this.

Battle scenes are a mess too, with no geography between cuts. It's just random action. Of course, the major action scenes were shot by Lester and his material is only used as a bridge to the next set of Donner outtakes or alternates. They should have used more of Lester's footage, but probably had too much pride to admit that.

The music editing on the Donner edit,  it's terrible. It's as unmusical as you can get. The main titles are a mess and the end titles aren't any better. You'd think they would be great sequences to let the music play out, but no, they are hacked all over with no rhyme or reason. And the feature proper is just a disgrace. The moon scene is essentially the same as the Lester version (there is only one minor trim that I could detect) but the music has been entirely replaced, and what's there now no longer works. The scene is more effective in the Lester version. I should also note that when General Zod kicks the Russian astronaut, no sound effect is present.

The sloppiness extends to the military missile as well. As noted elsewhere, the missile shown in The Donner Cut bears the designation "XK 10" while we all know it's the "XK 101"! A blind man in STM knows that! The producers of this assembly, who tried so hard to honor the original film, dropped the ball less than five minutes in and that mistake is indicative of the quality of the entire production. For all the supposed care that was put into this, the final product has an air of shoddiness to it that is inescapable.


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THE STAR WARS SAGA - 1080P AVCHD DVD-9 for PS3 & Blu-Ray players - Episodes 1, 4 & 5 available now

Awesome, i can't wait.

your works are jewels on a grand scale. I cannot overstate how important your contribution is or could be to the people

It's educative for technician and good for almost anyone.

Wisdom, Creativity, Enlightenment & Kindness
Recreational endeavor, a popular inspirational force

Fair dialogue in patience and honesty.
hobbies, interests, skills, career, specialty, profession

Bridging the gap between technological experts and the average people of our society

An inclusive digital Environment enhance individual liberty.
Humanity united by Common goals expand collective consciousness.


Your releases are one of a kind  ... Thankyou so much for this adywan  :)


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Windows 7
I use the Windows 2003 eXPerience Edition Rev01 With Service Pack 2 And All Hotfixes Includes Registry Fixes To Make This Edition Of Windows Behave Like XP Complete With DirectX Libraries, Flash Player, FoxIt PDF Reader Pro, Internet Explorer 7, Key Changer, Movie Maker, Sygate Personal Firewall Pro, Windows Media Player 11 and WinRAR It runs everything and has all the functions you need with all the crap cut you dont. Runs games faster with better frame rates then any other OS I have used and disk speed is even faster. And its rock solid and stable. TinyXP Rev09 is also good But the fastest OS ever is Micro-X (MicroXP and Micro2003) Multi Boot CD - by eXPerience.
Server 2003 outperforms XP, it installs faster, it boots faster, it runs applications faster, it manages programs better, it never slows down (even after days of being left on) and it even gives better frame rates in games over XP. Almost every single program and ALL games (bar none) that I run on XP... I can run on Server 2003 and not only that, but they run much faster on Server 2003. Some people say "Server is not suited to games" but this is just not true. Granted, there are a few programs here and there that won't work on Server 2003, for example "Partition Magic" but you can just use the alternative "Paragon Partition Manager Enterprise". Also "Acronis True Image Home" will not install on Server 2003, but you can just use the server version of that software. The same goes for "PerfectDisk Defragmenter" you can just use the server edition (this is actually included in this install of windows). I have not found one single game that does not work on Server 2003. Someone once reported that "Roller Coaster Tycoon" would not install, but I have never tried this game myself. I have tried Grand Theft Auto III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Doom III, Quake IV, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault, Call Of Duty (and expansion pack United Offensive), Need For Speed Underground, Need For Speed Black Edition, Need For Speed Carbon... all these games work on Server 2003 (they also run a lot better than on XP too) and therefore it is safe to assume that 99.99% of games work on Server 2003. If you have an MSI based installer that tells you it won't install on Server 2003, you can use the included fix that is in the eXPerience folder on your desktop, you can find this fix in the folder "MSI File Install Fixer". This allows some programs and games like Doom 3 to be installed, once installed these run fine - actually more than fine, they run like lightening compared to XP. Remember, this special edition has all the necessary tweaks included, automatically applied on installation, for running this Operating System as a home user would, including a file sharing fix so other machines can "see" your Server 2003 machine over your network - the file sharing fix is included in the eXPerience desktop folder in the folder called "File Sharing Fix". If you have never installed the normal version of Server 2003, you cannot appreciate how much simpler this special eXPerience edition makes things! You would have a hard time if you just installed Server 2003 without the tweaks this special edition has got, for example, your Hardware Acceleration is turned up, you won't get that "Shutdown Event Tracker", you have Direct3D and DirectDraw enabled in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, you have programs set so background applications do not have priority, you have "Data Execution Prevention" disabled, you have "Windows Audio" enabled, the list goes on and on... the full list of registry tweaks (more than 230 tweaks) is listed in the text file included in the folder: "TS01\$OEM$\OTHER\List Of Tweaks.txt" Every single little thing has been taken care of to ensure that this Operating System runs as close to being like XP as possible, whilst not actually converting it to a workstation. By the way, never use the tool "TweakNT 1.21" on this corporate version of Server 2003, because although this tool does convert Server 2003 into a workstation (meaning programs see it as a workstation and not a server which is handy sometimes) the TweakNT tool will cripple this corporate version of this OS and you will not be able to log on again due to a license error! It is tempting to use TweakNT, but DO NOT use it on this particular OS.

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Anybody here try low carb diets?

Ok, here goes nothing. First and foremost the false belief that a high fat and protein diet is harsh on the human kidneys is based on one study done many years ago that showed that a high protein diet was harsh on the kidneys. Unfortunately there was one little flaw in the study.... The subjects studied ALREADY HAD PRE-EXISTING KINDEY DISEASE! It has been proven time and time again through numerous studies that a high protein and fat (ketogenic) diet has no negative effects on the kidneys in healthy individuals. Especially athletes (bodybuilders) who need more protein for their particular endeavour. Now there is also a misconception when you they "no carb diet" Broccoli is a carb, so is cake, now is broccoli bad for you body? It is virtually impossible to eat completely carb free.

What I'm preaching is the types of carbs. Now any type of green leafy vegetables are fine. As are some fruits. Ask yourself which is better for you a banana or an apple. They both seem healthy and they are. But, the apple is a much better choice because it has a very high water and fiber content which would cause little or no effect in causing an insulin spike which is what leads to body fat over time (constant insulin spikes) from all the sugar/carbs we eat. The banana on the other hand would cause a similar reaction as a baked potato or piece of bread.

When the carbs you eat are fibrous and contain larger amounts of water they do not have a negative effect on the ketone burning effect. Now, very simply put when you remove all carbs/sugars from your diet for a period of about 5-7 days all of the stored up glycogen/glucose/sugar that your body has stored up in the liver and muscle tissues will be used up. Then your body which is constantly in need of energy says "Hmm no more carbs what do I use for energy? " Well your body being the amazing, efficient machine it is decides "Well he's feeding me a lot of fat so I'll start using fat for fuel." This is due to the over abundance of fat floating around in the body. It's free fuel and the body Knows it and takes advantage of it.

Now fat is a very smooth and evenly burning fuel but it also burns very quickly (like when you drip grease on a fire). So when the food you ingest cannot cover the energy needs of your body do you think it just stops until you feed it more. Nope it says "well I'm in fat burning mode so I need some more fat to burn" Well guess where it comes from. Your bodyfat reserves. Thats right Ketosis is the breaking down of bodyfat by the body to be circulated in the blood as Ketones which is what it is using for fuel. This can be done to gain mass by adding more calories daily just like any other diet.

Or for maintenance or for weight loss. Just eat like ORIGINAL MAN that is how we are wired at a DNA level. Hunt and gather not sit on your butt and farm. Answer me this? Find me anyone who knows squat about nutrition that can tell you that the following foods are bad. Lean Beef, Tuna, Chicken, Fish, Nuts, Cottage Cheese. Or perhaps these Olive oil, Flax oil, Avacados, Fish oil. Or Green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, celery, brocoli, cauliflower, apples, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes. Now why would anyone recommend these. Cake, cokes, candy, rice , corn, bread, potatos, pasta, .

Now I know some of these may not seem bad a first but once in the body they all end up being converted into the same thing sugar,glucose, glycogen. They all require high amounts of insulin to process. They are high in calories and all of these leftover sugar calories once not needed for energy are guess what? STORED AS BODYFAT! Also sugar is a very streaky souce of energy unlike the sustained energy you get from fat. Why is America the fattest country in the world? Because we love our carbs. Oh and why have we gotten fatter since the low-fat craze hit the supermarkets 20 yrs ago? What do you think they replaced the fat with? CARBS! Once again look a indiginous people of the world (what few are left) they are lean, and live without cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. and if they do not get killed by malaria, smallpox, or a wild animal they live long healthy lives. They hunt meat and gather nuts, some fruits, and berries.

Also, until the white man put them on the reservations American Indians lived primarily on Buffalo meat and nothing else. They were also lean and disease free till us settlers came along. EAT LIKE A CAVEMAN and you will be lean, muscular, strong, and healthy. It is a lifestyle not a diet. Oh and on a final note you get all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, photochemical and fiber your body wiil ever need from the fruits and vegetables I mentioned above so don't fall into the belief that a ketonogenic diet will leave you deficient of certain nutrients it won't.

Another thing people don't do in regards to this type of diet. I too made the same mistake. They don't give it long enough to work its magic. I have been doing it for over 2 years now and it honestly took about 8 months to kick in. Sure I lost a lot of weight in the first few months but at around the 8th month not only had I lost a lot of body fat my body started to re-composition itself. I looked lean and hard and big. I gained over an inch on my arms while my waist was shrinking. I got stronger than I had ever been. Set new PR's on the big three.

And I had so much energy I felt like I was on speed. This is why I say it is not a diet it is a lifestyle. It takes quite awhile to exert it's amazing effects. I won't lie it was tough going for about 6 months but now I never crave carbs. Remember, the reason it takes awhile is that you are switching from the sugar burning metabolism you have lived on for all of the years of your life and now turning your body into a fat burning metabolism. That takes awhile for the body to reverse and become acclimated to. Like switching a gas pick-up into a diesel pick-up it's a pretty big switch to make so be a patient mechanic.

There were a few other factors. I completely quite every bad habit that I had. No more alcohol, tobacco, or prescription drugs. I became a complete health nut. Now the Ketonoginic diet is almost exclusively used by most people for weight loss purposes only. But, it is actually a highly ANABOLIC diet when you eat a surplus of calories over your daily maintenance level. Just as someone eating carbs would. Think about it meat has amazing anabolic properties. High end steak especially. 8 months is the magic point for transformation to occur. Other than weight/fat loss I was weaker, flatter, smaller, and not too motivated to go to the gym (no energy) but then around the sixth month I woke up one morning and felt like a new man. Full of energy, strong feeling, muscles started to look harder, and more normal (fuller). Gradually I began to experiment adding in a few more foods like certain fruits and occasionally a small amount of naturally oatmeal.

Well I still ate mostly carb free. When I did add in these things it was only at breakfast. Well a funny thing happened. I stayed very lean BUT! I started gaining weight and getting bigger. Not much but enough to be noticeable. Sure enough my measurements proved me right. My waist was staying the same but my chest went up an inch, my thighs 2 inches, and my arms an inch. This diet takes time to exert it's effect. Your body is overcoming years of eating and burning sugar/carbs for fuel. Oh, I am also full of energy now and am much stronger on all my lifts. Let me give you the diet that I eat almost every day. It changes a little but mostly it's the same.

Breakfast shake- 16 oz water, 3 raw eggs, 1 scoop whey, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1tbsp olive oil, 1 cup of frozen blueberries.

Snack- 16 oz water 40 grams of whey. Also 1/2 cup of natural almonds or walnuts

Lunch- 1 large bag of Albacore Tuna in water, 25 grams of whey in water, and 2 tbps natural peanut butter.

Snack- 16 oz water 40 grams of whey 2 tbsp of olive oil, and an apple.

before work out
drink a shake of 2 scoops of whey isolate in water and 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter.

Post workout- 16 oz water 50 grams of Hydrolized whey Isolate and about 6 Large fresh straberries. Also a vitamin E , C , Zinc , Magnesium, and Calcium.

Dinner- 12 oz Ribeye steak, and a HUGE salad. As much as you can eat. Spinach leafs, romaine lettuce, a large cucumber, brocoli, cauliflower, celery, walnuts sprinkled on top (about 1/4 cup) NO DRESSING! Maybe a tad of olive oil. Usually just raw though.

Bedtime - 16 oz water 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 3 raw eggs, and 25 grams of whey, also 2 tsp of pysillium fiber.

I also take a multi-vitamin in the morning, and 3 fish oils with each feeding.
Occasionally in the morning shake (I mean once every 2 weeks) I will also add in 1/2 cup of raw oats.

Now is this a completely no carb diet. No but look at the carbs I do eat mostly raw veggies and some fruit. Also remember I went 6 months on a stricter version of this with no fruit or any other carbs before starting this which is what I consider my MASS diet. I have never been this lean, big, or strong in all my 20 years of training( I tried carb bulk ups and everything). I am also full of energy. Remember though I am now going on 2 years of this. I am not huge by any stretch of the imagination but I do at least look like a bodybuilder now.

I am 6' tall I weigh 215 lbs I have a 31" waist, a 50" chest, 26" legs (I know they are my weak point) and 18" arms. When I started this lifestyle change I weighed 235 with a 48-49" chest, 24" legs, and 17" arms. Oh and a 38" waist. Trust me it didn't happen overnight. Like I said most people don't give this diet enough time. Other than weight/fat loss I got nothing real good from it for 6 months. Then it took another 2 months before it got Really Good.

Now, I'm hooked for life baby. I just began my summer lean down and removed all the fruit and lowered my calories a bit and I have already gotten leaner in 2 weeks easier than I ever have before. Funny thing is I haven't lost in size or strength and it's been 18 days already. I now have veins showing on my abs at 205 lbs DRUG FREE! For me thats something thats never happened before no matter how hard I dieted or worked out.

Try the keto diet, combined with heavy weight lifting (rippoe-toe)its the best diet there is.

That said everyone is different and you have to find what works for YOU

Keto - Forums


Jack Jotzes Research into 9/11 using synchromysticism blog "The Brave New World Order".

meaningful coincidence and synchronicity in pop culture Research into 9/11 using synchromysticism "The Brave New World Order". in meaningful coincidence and synchronicity in pop culture references to the World Trade Centre disaster. The theory is put forward that 9/11 was a ritual invoking the Pyramids of Giza and the opening of a stargate (cosmic consciousness).

Check it out.

Jake Kotze blog's address is

-What is a Pillarmid?

The word pillarmid is a combination of the two words pyramid and pillar. It is used to describe the idea that pillars and pyramids are often esoterically interchangeable.

The World Trade Center's Twin Towers are regularly sighted as examples of pillarmids in the synchromystic research at The Brave New World Order.

Other examples are the three pillars on the Freemason's First Degree Tracing Board and the three windows on the far wall behind Jesus in Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper painting.

-What is the 9/11 Mega-ritual?

911 Mega-ritual
A ritual - a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order to bring change according to the will of the Performer. A Mega-ritual intends to bring that change about to a factor of 1million, which infers a far greater 'charge' than a personal ritual, consequently influencing many more 'wills' 911 - Nine Eleven , the date [according to the US dating system] of the destruction of buildings in New York City on September 11, 2001. The after-effects of this event have affected the physical and mental states of humans, directly and indirectly. One may argue that the ritual remains incomplete. This may come with the completion of the Freedom Tower.

-What is synchromysticism?


Synchromysticism is described by Jake Kotze at The Brave New World Order weblog as ''The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance.''
It is not dissimilar to Goro Adachi's concept of Multicontextual research.

-Who is Jake Kotze?

Jake Kotze is the founder and editor of the weblog The Brave New World Order.

He is the creator of more than 2 dozen videos available under his YouTube alias Sealion.

He is unable to properly pronounce the English 'th' sound replacing it instead with the 'f' sound. (Need a synchromystic analysis and hypothesis for this.) It is usual for those pronouncing hard 'th' as 'f' to pronounce soft 'th' as 'v'. This consonant change seems most prevalent in London and its neighbouring counties in the South-East though the sound has been recorded variously with Glasgow youngsters picking it up from TV.
With the omni-directional growth of the/a World-Around Language Integration System commonly called 'English' come the various dialect/accent/'alphabetical' alternatives meeting the ones they find 'unnatural' to pronounce and thus deal with approximately.
Elmer Fudd is a cartoon character who pronounced the spoken 'r' sound as a 'w' - 'wascally wabbit' being a famous example in his dealings with Bugs Bunny. Using the 'th' to 'f' sound change he would become Elmer Thudd. This might allow in a 'relevant' synch as we now have a 'new' idea allied to Elmer.
Jake Kotze's use of 'Fof' for 'Thoth' carries on a tradition of alternative pronunciations - Thoth is an Anglicised pronunciation of the Greek version of the Egyptian Tehuti. Another pronunciation of 'th' = 't' or 'd'.
Some words beginning 'gu' and 'g' have versions beginning 'w' due to 'mispronunciation' : guard-ward, guarantee-warranty, Guillaume-William, guile-wile, guide-wide, Gaul-Wales.
Finnegans Wake by James Joyce makes use of accent changes spelt into words to elucidate multiple meanings. FW plays with time and events , legends and history in a 'synchromystic' way, in as much as it devises these images into layered mundane episodes.

Brave New World Video - 1st video

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Addresses and contacts for various media outlets go in here
All i have told them is that Lucas maybe in trouble with film preservation groups, Just got one back form Leonard Maltin "Hi...?? I'm sorry I don't have any influence over George Lucas' decisions on how he releases his movies on DVD. I know you are just one of many fans who've been upset over this, so surely his staff is aware of the outcry.??cheers,? Leonard " I said ' just thought you would of been interested, and found it concerning that Lucas may of actually destroyed a piece of cinema history. But maybe you are just one of many film reviewer that don't care? Lucas could be in trouble for destroying the original 1977 prints of star wars and editing over the top of them with his inferior S.E So in the future he will have big problems with film preservation organizations, like AFI. Film preservationists are strictly against altering classic films, and George Lucas has said that the original trilogy can't be put on a DVD in anamorphic film because essentially the films supposedly "don't exist" anymore. Hearing that will piss the preservationists off to no end. Lucas destroyed them when he made his Special editions. Edition that were not needed.'

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Addresses and contacts for various media outlets go in here
So far I have receive 2 reply's out of all the email address that were posted. 1st was from Jon malvaney, he said 'I can tell you are upset about the DVD releases of "Star Wars," however the Criterion Collection did not have anything to do with those DVDs so I can't do much other than empathize with your frustration. If you have any questions about Criterion, please feel free to write in again. Best, Jon Mulvaney' I'll probably reply with concerns and asking why he is not doing more to protect a piece of cinema history that Lucas is destroying. 2nd was from The Denver Post asking me to verify my details.
STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>
Johnny Ringo said:

maybe you could show a few planets with burning imperial outposts also.

Now that's a good idea. By the sheer number of people celebrating the Emperors death you kind of have to wonder why they sat back and did nothing to end his reign.

I'd always assumed the general public were well duped by his charm and propaganda. But if so why sould the celebrate his death.



I havnt looked into this much, but I guess it would be similar to the fall of Rome. A empire that power reaches vast space, but was stretched too thing and was eventually defeated by barbarians/rebels Some would of celebrated and some wouldn't Best thing would be to research the fall of Rome to find the answers. This link will help with understanding how the emperor ruled at different times. its also obvious that Luke/tatooine knew of the empire, and again it would of effected people on the planet differently,... "Listen, I can't get involved. I've got work to do. It's not that I like the Empire; I hate it! But there's nothing I can do about it right now. It's such a long way from here." ?Luke Skywalker to Obi-Wan Kenobi[src] much influence the empire had on that planet is unknown, but both Biggs and Luke wanted to join the Rebels to stop them..Even Solo, was not too fond of them...but I don't think the galaxy would of celebrated...there would of been chaos as other powers tried to fill the void of the emperors rule. If after 20 years of empire depression and domination and alot of people hating the empire if the empire fell it would of gotten very ugly for the empire and it makes no sense for civilians to want to celebrate until after you see that the empire has been crippled. ..its like watching a movie about ww2 and seeing hitler die at the end then cutting to the allied victories celebrations. ...The death of the Emperor was a symbol just like the death of Hitler. coruscant was also the symbol of the emperors power as was Berlin to hitler. When Hitler killed himself in his bunker underneath the Reichskanzlei, the fighting finally stopped in Berlin - a city then in ruins from air bombardment and the shelling of Soviet artillery. After the fall of Berlin, the war was not over - some units of the German army continued fighting for nearly another week, and some deserters were even shot a day after the unconditional surrender was signed. ..After ROTJ things would of been different...The rebels never destroyed the armies of the empire, nor did they take coruscant . \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ I got the idea for the outposts from the darkforces/jediknight game. The outpost I thought of was a grey stone like outpost/castle high up and built into a mountain..possibly over looking a settlement. The idea probably comes from Roman settlements.

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Siliconmaster482 said:
Bobocop said:

The sad part is IF on the off chance Lucasfilm actually fixes their masters for a Blu-ray release, they have the legal right to completely rip off everything Adywan did and have ILM copy it in HD without giving Ady any credit for his hard work, and the general public will praise Lucasfilm for doing it.

It's quite possible that could happen. As unfortunate as it would be that Ady wouldn't get any credit for it, we would at least have the satisfaction of knowing Lucasfilm noticed and thought it was a significant enough piece of art to copy. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. :D


If Lucas done that he would be nothing more then a petty tyrant The general public maybe spoon-fed sheep but don't underestimate the power of the internet. By the time Lucas gets around to releasing his new versions, Adywan would of finished ROTJ and remember that most Star wars fans are geeks and geeks are always on the net. so many people would of already watched them, shown their friends and Adywans releases will be pretty well known online and with star wars fans by then.. but I doubt Lucas would do that because he probably thinks hes too good for that anyway.

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STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>
No, i definitely want to keep the original. I was thinking of selling A3 sized signed prints of it at one point but i'm not sure about all the copywrite issues. About the ROTJ ending (even though this is the ESB:R thread. lol). I have to say that i always hated the Yub Nub ending and thought the SE ending was a small improvement . But the celebrations seemed to be a bit sudden. There was no Imperial activity shown at all. I think they would have made more sense if you had shots that showed Imperial Officers & stormtroopers being lead off to detention centres or just rounded up like the Wookies were in EP3. This way the celebrations would have seemed more linear with what was happening on Endor. I want to keep the celebrations as they do seem to round off the complete saga nicely, but why is Tatooine there? Just another shot that didn't need to be added. If there as a way i could show the rounding up of the imperials & maybe add some shots that show that many battles had taken place simultaneously around the galaxy where the Empire has been defeated then it would be a better ending for me. As for the music neither the original or the SE music would not be returning in my edit. I've always thought that the ending for the saga should have had a fitting orchestral score, so that is what i will be doing. I have a few years before i get to this stage so plenty of time to find the right piece of music. Plus i really need to concentrate on ESB:R so i don't really want to think about ROTJ:R for a while yet.
I agree, that would mirror ROTS, as during ROTS the emperor had the clones searching for the jedi, and killing the wookies. I think after 20 something years the slaves of the emperor would be pretty pissed off. So it would be cool to see the wookies rounding up the stormtroopers and maybe even pulling the arms out of a few sockets. maybe you could show a few planets with burning imperial outposts also. The big thing that bothers me about ROTJ is the eworks, and how they defeat the emperors elite stormtroopers by throwing rocks and using booby traps.

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Georgy is too busy pushing Starwars into kiddie land to worry about reality. it all started with dumb ewoks then Jar Jar's Big Adventure or something like that. Phantom Menace maybe. now its clone wars on seasame street.. keep it corney, kiddy, safe and bring in the big $$$. Woeful. Absolutely woeful. But hey, George likes it. Now all the Georgy boy fans are saying " come now Darth Yub Nub, dont pick on George. Georgys new movies are so good and they're so clean cut and they're such a good image for the children." Fuck that! When did mediocrity and banality become a good image for your children? I want my children to see starwars movies that fucking ROCKED! I don't care if they see Gungans dying in puddles of their own vomit! Lucas film...(cocksucking noises) "We're so clean cut!" Seig Heil! Heil! Heil! A good clean country... Heil! Heil! Heil! (more cocksucking noises) Fuck that! I want my gungans dead! Another thing that sucks is that stupid robot chicken star wars DVD is selling for over $20 and it only goes for 20 mins. Some of its funny but its just hype and I wouldn't even bother to illegally down that. yet Lucas will support Robot Chicken but will not even give Adywans masterpiece any mention or the respect it deserves. Then again, maybe its best to keep Lucas away from Adywans releases anyway.
STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>
Okay..can we get another kiss scene with Luke and Leia..maybe modernize it up a bit. Maybe cgi some tongues, maybe Leia sucking on Lukes tongue or some thing.. Leia could be Lukes little snow bunny, they could laugh and play on Hoth, have snow fights, maybe build a snow man or roll around in the snow like Padme and Anakin do in the field another scene that was cut of Luke and Leia kissing?

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Addresses and contacts for various media outlets go in here
darkhelmet said:Hey, guys. Sorry I've been MIA; work was out of control this week.

My boss' daughter's wedding and me slammed with projects, and now I'm late to start my vacation. I'll be back Wednesday night.

If someone wants to get this started without me, go for it. I'll jump on the train when I get back.

How about the new thread being called "Sub-standard September DVD Release Complaint Writing Campaign (aka, Sales Aren't the Only Way to See that There Is Demand for an Industry-standard Release)"? I know; a little wordy.

I think the target focus for the emails/letters should be how this release of the OOT is substandard (the movies being included merely as "bonus material", as non-anamorphic [if that really bothers you], as being sourced from a 13 year old laser disc master when so much restoration went into the SE editions theatrically and for the DVDs in 2004 - you know, like a little more work to restore them fully to original would've been that hard, and that this kind of treatment of the movies which MADE LUCAS and which had such cultural impact globally [not to mention that SW won an Academy Award or two] is something that any other studio would not have let happen to the DVD releases)...

...AND that it is borderline, if not outrightly, fradulent (see the Star Wars Insider info below).

There. That's what I think we should focus on.

And I think we should use as many authoritative sources of info as possible to make our points (e.g., the email responses of John Singh, Lucasfilm, Ltd. Publicity; maybe the Digital Bits article(s) on the DVD releases; etc. I know there's a juicy tidbit I'm missing, but I can't bring it to mind; I hate that).

I'm gonna start emailing when I get back. Please, don't wait for me; I'll jump in when I get back from vacation.

Maybe we can start with Entertainment Weekly since that's a pretty big magazine, though it looks like we will need to tie our complaints to an EW article (I'm thinking of tying mine to the May 20, 2005 edition (#820) which had Hayden Christensen on the cover as Anakin; the cover was dominated by Star Wars).

Here's all the best contact info that I have:

Star Wars Insider
(Interestingly enough, the "Star Wars Shop" pages of the Sept/Oct issue (#89) lists the upcoming DVDs in a bundled package as "Star Wars Original Trilogy DVD Set $59.99". There is no mention in the item description of the fact that these DVDs include the OOT as only non-anamorphic bonus material with the SEs as the main attraction.)

Comlink Letters:
Comlink, P.O. Box 23500, Oakland, CA 94623-2350
Mappin House
4 Winsley Street

All following magazines owned by Visual Imagination Ltd.of the U.K.:

Starburst (Sci-fi mag;DVD reviews)

Film Review (British Movie Mag; DVD reviews)

Ultimate DVD (upcoming DVD releases)
Entertainment Weekly Magazine (has an "Obsessive Fan of the Week" spot on the letters page for good-natured and quirky fan opinion)
Letters reference articles in previous issues; tie the DVD discussion to an article you've read in EW):
Total Film Magazine
Letters are article-related and non-article-related opinions and commentary:

Total Film, 2 Balcombe Street, London, NW1 6NW
Editor - Mark Dinning (not sure if this is the correct contact; website had a list of people)

Reviews Editor - Andy Lowe (maybe this person is the one)

Uncut DVD Magazine (U.K.)
Editorial Enquiries Uncut, IPC Media, 25th Floor,
King’s Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS

Tel: 020 7261 6992 Fax: 020 7261 5573

Let's do this! See you in 5 days.


I think if we really want to get serious and declare war on Georges fat arse we will have to fight some gorilla war-fare ...sith lord style. What I mean by that we need tactics that take this above and beyond playing the establishments playing field. You guys can write all the emails complaining if you wish but I will be using far more extreme tactics. George had his chance to listen. Instead of complaining to the film preservations, like AFI. or entertainment company's and the media. I will start rumors around the net, on forums, ect... that Lucas is all ready in trouble with the film preservation companys for altering classic films. From here I write many emails and letters under different names informing the media that Lucas is in trouble with the film preservation. The I just sit back..lets put some pressure on Lucas for once. Another good tactic would be to hit many online forums, (movie forums, collectors forums, chat forums, starwars forums) with links and info to Adywan's Revisited releases. When the public see that these are superior to the lucasfilm version it will make them look bad. This will show the public how out of touch and lost Lucas really is when they see that one guy with a vision can do a better job then a mega corporation. It show the people that we really don't need to be treated like this and we are not weak and have to take the BS Lucas would like to spoon-fed us. We have the power, If we use the power of the internet we can really cripple Lucas... easy. God knows the fat bastard deserves it. Maybe then he will wake up and maybe even listen for once

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