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Will Darth Vader somehow return in Episode VII?

SilverWook said:

Not sure this warrants a new thread, and one of those "sources" publishes a lot of rubbish rumors anyway.

Having said all that, bringing Vader back from the dead is the biggest whizz Disney could possibly take on the OT. Anakin's a ghost, and the Vader armor was burned. (And hell no to someone putting on a spare set of armor and pretending to be Vader, Friday the 13th did that shtick already.) Create a new villain, and make him/her/it interesting. No Ani clones, no Emperor clones, and no Jar Jar secretly being a sith lord all along.

More Vader in Episode III would have been great, but that ship has sailed...

 True, true


NeverarGreat said:

It is a time of galactic tyranny. The cunning Emperor, using a twisted clone decoy and his most disreputable troops, lured the Rebellion into a false victory at Endor where they were crushed in the grip of his Imperial starfleet.

The galaxy, losing all hope of rebellion, was quickly subdued by Imperial forces eager to avoid the wrath of the Emperor, and for thirty years the people of the galaxy were subjected to the horrors of despotism.

Now, beyond all hope, the Rebel hero Luke Skywalker has returned, and with him are the beginnings of a great order of Jedi Knights bringing the light of peace and justice to the darkening stars....


Alright, so this is not a script that I'm going to be writing, but just an idea that I've had for some time, and wanted to know what people thought of it. Would you like Disney to use an idea like this for Episode 7, if it turns out they won't be following the EU anyway?

Very good scripted plot actually. But I think adding one other Sith Lord like Darth Nihilus as the main antagonistsith Darth Bane. It would be better too.


Will Darth Vader somehow return in Episode VII?

The wait for every major movie is fraught with a number of exciting, dismaying, and even outright bizarre rumors. There’s no bigger movie on the horizon than Star Wars: Episode 7, and just as you’d expect, it seems that every new day we hear rumors that run the gamut from thought-provoking to ridiculous.

With a writer confirmed for the new, Disney-owned trilogy, the time has come for these rumors to turn toward plot details. The last day has seen a particular piece of gossip as huge as it is improbable – sources say that Star Wars: Episode 7 will see the return of one of the most iconic fictional villains of all time, Darth Vader.

British newspaper The Daily Express has reported that Darth Vader will be resurrected during the course of Star Wars Episode 7. According to the article, a “mole” within the film’s production has declared that Episode 7‘s creative team considers Vader “integral” to Star Wars. This anonymous source claims, “The plan is for [Darth Vader] to return and play a significant role in the new films.”

This is the purest sort of production rumor – unsubstantiated, echoing widely, and returning without so much as a peep from anyone involved with the film. We may hear from Disney regarding the report in the coming days, but for the moment The Daily Express‘s article has had to speak for itself. Its lack of clear source and provocative subject make it rather dubious, but such reports have sometimes contained a glimmer of truth. If there’s even the slightest veracity in the rumor, it sheds quite a bit of light on the narrative direction of the upcoming Star Wars sequels.

When the supposed mole within Episode 7‘s production states that Vader is integral to the franchise, the statement is difficult to debate. All six of the previous Star Warsinstallments have revolved – in one way or another - around the Sith Lord. As such, the prospect of sliding back into that universe without its most constant and recognizable element must feel daunting indeed. However, Episode 7 has a very important question to answer up front if it really intends to go through with Vader’s rebirth: What role will Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker play in the new trilogy?

BTW ppl watch this video for a funny rant that I belived to have the same raging process on my webcam. lolz

Go to to rumorpatrol for info given pplz

Guess The Titles the STAR WARS Sequels... just for fun.

Just jkin kiddin kidding. All I really know is that Darth Nihilus and Darth Bane conformed to be anatgonists of the movie. Obviously following like a different plot. Going back to the old galatic republic and jedi order during its establishment

Exar Kun and Starkiller and Darth Malgus vs Darth Nihilus,Darth Bane, and Darth Maul

I know this thread topic post thingyis onthe wrong discussion area, but there aint a specific discussion for these fan fic battlesz.


So yeah you saw the title.

Area: Where the battle Luke and Vader(

No using the force. Just light sabers and martial arts. NO for the force just lightsabers.

No rude comments plz this is a community of fan fiction.

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