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ROTS - the corgicar cut w/ Trailer
Just what the world needs! Another Star Wars edit.

I do love these and wanted to attempt one of my own. In this edit I am trying to concentrate on Anakin, his fall, and what caused it.

In order for Anakin’s fall to be a true fall the circumstances in which he makes his decision to submit to Palpatine must be altered. The necessary elements for this are already there for this to occur but are not properly emphasized. In this version, it is the Jedi who drive Anakin into the arms Palpatine with lies, disdain and distrust.

Palpatine is correct. The Republic is long since dead. It no longer functions. He is bringing order to the galaxy. The Jedi are plotting to overthrow him. The only problem with this is that he is also evil.

Anakin lives in world in which the only person who truly trusts others is Obi Wan Kenobi. The only person Anakin trusts is Palpatine. He is even suspicious of Padme. No one in this world truly trusts or confides in others. Gone are the long pointless conversations. Anakin and Padme love each other but do not confide in each other. The Jedi Council openly distrusts Anakin. At the beginning of the movie Anakin discovers his own order is hostile to him, and the wife he is not allowed to have is pregnant with children that should not exist. His nerves are frayed.

In addition to the story line tweaking, I am attempting to streamline the movie’s editing and am following The Phantom Editor’s lead as much as my limited technical skills will allow. Unnecessary exposition has been removed. Scenes not contain only the essential information they were intended to convey.

With ADigitalMan’s kind permission, I am also incorporating the crawl he used for his special edition as well as his restructuring of Yoda’s scenes to include the disembodied voice of Qui Gon Jin.

I've made it all the way through and have rendered a .wmv to review the cut for rough spots - and there are a few. But, over all I'm happy with the direction the film is taking.

Current run time: 116 minutes

Original run time: 140 minutes

What I want to do now is go back through and cut some of the smaller bits that I always felt were inappropriate to the movie's tone such as Anakin saying, "This is where the fun begins" during the opening battle.

ADigitalMan's Guide to MPEG2/AC3 Editing
This is my first post here at the forums. I've been reading for a couple of weeks and have enjoyed them greatly. My first attempt will be Ep. III with an eye to working on I and II. I also have a notion that all 6 movies could be edited into 3 Godfather II style movies. My wife thinks I'm a nut. I have some questions regarding the handling of sound, especially when editing extensively.

My only exposure to fan edits is via the Phantom Editor, who edits extensively. And, I am currently dl'ing Digital Man's Ep's III & IV - looking forward to watching them! - which should give me an idea of the extent his revisions.

I have read ADigitalMan's excellent guide to editing and have "completed" a chop cut of Ep III with a stereo track attached. The visuals are pretty good, but the sound, as you can imagine, is rough. In editing the film, I've revised many of the scenes extensively, changing the order of shot occurence, etc. This, of course, has played havoc with the music.

I've ripped the soundtrack to 6 wavs and am currently editing the center/dialogue track in Sony Vegas and will then use that as a guide for the other tracks. I'm not sure if I'll go all the way and create a 5.1, though.

My question is how do you handle the break up of the music. Do you rip the cds and reconstruct the sound from scratch or is there something I'm not thinking of. I'm compiling a library of sfx wavs in case I do have to do it all from scratch but I'd rather not if I don't have to.

Again, this is great place you guys have here! Thanks!

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