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STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>
Bingowings said:
Sevb32 said:

I was wondering about the "AAAHH!" when Vader falls off the Carbonite platform, it seems to be a repeat of another he does earlier in the duel when Luke put the steam tubes in his face. In the original version there were two differenct sounding "Aaahs!" They both seem exactly the same in the SEs.

When he gets the steam in his face it's clearly a "Frohw-!..." and not a "Arrgh-ohw!", anyone can hear that, surely? ;-)

I'm partial to both noises but I could never figure out why Vader's breath screen doesn't work both ways as a respirator and as a filter, should steam in the face really effect him if his breathing is mostly a mechanical process?

But you'd have to lose the entire action if it didn't.

He still has pain receptors (even in his mechanical limbs, like Luke does in his new hand) so it makes sense that he should feel the pain of taking a laser sword hit to the shoulder (clearly Anakin/Vader has a blind spot for protecting that area that he hasn't worked on enough since Dooku took his arm off).

What's more confusing is that he gives out such a weedy yelp when he was younger (he may have gone into shock but that "Urgh" is one of the weakest ever in cinema).

Dooku being of stonger stuff (possibly hardened by having to live with such a silly name for all those years...see Johnny Cash was right) just winces when he has both hands taken off (not like Luke who deserves some sort of screaming in pain medal when he loses just one hand).


For me, when luke hits Vader on the shoulder, Vaders reaction is one of anger, not pain, i think Vader was suprised & angered by the fact that Luke actually managed to hit Vader, & i like the angry sound he makes.


About where he is blasted in the face by the pipe, i think that should be left in, it's natural Human reaction to "flinch" or Reach if anything hit's you in the face by accident, no matter what it is, & also to make  noise reaction sometimes.


& the original sound he makes when he falles of the edge i don't like, i much prefer the new one, i just do.


One last thing Ady, why are you using Boba's original voice, as much as i like it, he is a clone & should have the same voice as his Dad (himself), & the 2004 "Alert my star destroyer to prepare for my arrival" is much beter than "Bring my shuttle", granted he sounds more p****d off, but i prefere it personally, & i don't see the need to remove the Imperial shuttle docking with the SSD, it looks cool, & isn't out of place, why did you decide to do this?


Great work truly great work, i enjoyed ANH:R & Sketch thank you very much, unbelievable tht you would donate to this project!


Ok, so i downloaded it of utorrent, & ididn't pay for it, so no need to kick anyone in the nuts lol.

since a few people were mentioning a few things that needed fixing, your new shot of Luke & Liea swinging across the canyon, where you said you used a new matt, to make it look bigger, it works but if you look at where the actual ledge, where they were standing is, is much lower than where they look. They look like they swung from the top of the doorway.

still a great movie, & the Death Star Battle is sublime!
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