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Attack of the Clones: Color Correction of the Blu-Ray

Possessed said:

poita said:

I still haven’t seen AOTC, I really should try to watch it.

I would watch a fanedit. If you’ve truly never seen the theatrical you might be able to actually enjoy it, but you are pretty much guaranteed to not like the theatrical.

I was considering the exact same thing when I went for my very first viewing of The Phantom Menace, but in the end I did go with the official Blu-Ray version (not DVD because puppet Yoda in TPM sucked). This allowed me to get my opinion on the real thing before heading to a fanedit.

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Attack of the Clones: Color Correction of the Blu-Ray

Thank you for the feedback guys. While I started fixing the framerate and data rate, it would be nice to get feedback on the actual color correction as well. I’m going to continue with this project, because I think everyone deserves a Star Wars film with realistic colors.

Attack of the Clones: Color Correction of the Blu-Ray

I have made a comparison of the DVD version with what I made. In some occasions I saw that the DVD version had more blue, so not the most realistic colors.
My intention of this color correction was to create the most realistic colors for each scene. I made multiple LUT files and looked scene-by-scene what I thought was the most realistic.
If it’s necessary, I can reprocess the video’s with 23.976 frames/second.

Attack of the Clones: Color Correction of the Blu-Ray

Hello guys,

I found this article about changes in re-releases of the prequels:

It stated that the Blu-Ray version of AOTC has some weird color grading. I decide to use DrDre’s tool from to fix it.

The following changes have been made to the colors:

  • The Jedi meeting in Palpatine’s office has been made more blue.
  • An orange hue has been added to the meeting with Obi-Wan, Anakin & Padmé to add to the effect of the sunset.
  • A pink glow present in the entire chase sequence has been removed.
  • I added a slight yellow touch to the Jedi Council meeting for better skin tones, especially for Yoda & Windu.
  • The same yellow touch has been applied to Palpatine’s conversation with Anakin.
  • A purple hue in the conversation between Obi-Wan & Windu in the hallway of the Jedi temple has been removed.
  • The scene of Padmé packing her things in her apartment has been made a bit more green.
  • The Archives have been made more blue to be consistent with how we see them in Revenge of the Sith.
  • Skin tones have been improved in the refugee spaceship with Anakin & Padmé.
  • Added a bit of green to the younglings scene without altering the lightsabers.
  • Removed pink from the arrival of Naboo scene. The result is much more orange, which suits the bright sun of Naboo.
  • The colors in the conversation between Padmé and the Queen have been slightly tweaked.
  • All scenes on Kamino, Naboo & Tatooine have been made more orange, as well as the Geonosis scenes up until the arena battle.
  • Orange has been removed from all scenes starting with the arena battle.
  • The same orange hue has been added to the Naboo wedding.

A 15-minute video showing the changes can be found at

The only used video source is: STAR WARS Episosde II Attack of the Clones Official Blu-Ray 2011
Format: MP4
Available in HD 1080p and SD 360p, H264 29.97 fps
HD File: 2.62 GB, 2.5 Mbps
SD File size: 945 MB, 800 kbps

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NEW WHAT IF: What if Luke decided to not leave his father on the Death Star II and died in the explosion?

Just finished re-arranging the shots, later I’ll add some sad music and create fitting audio for the whole thing.

WIP Visuals:

Maybe I’ll have to cut down some dialogue to make the thing more fitting, or further arrange the shots. Everything can still easily be edited. What do you think?

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