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Accurate English Subtitles for the GODZILLA franchise

Considering that there are multiple different groups of people dedicated to making what’s called “fansubs” for anime… from the translation to the typing them out, to matching up the timing on the screen of when to show them…
I don’t think what you’re looking for can be done with automation. And a straight translation for Japanese subtitles if you have them, to the English translation would not be that understandable.

Now there is the issue of different versions of said films and even if you found a fansub group for the Godzilla franchise, you would have to make sure the you had the correct corrosponding version of the film so the subtitles made sense.
And most projects I’ve seen on myspleen are the English dubs not to many subbed versions. So you may be out of luck. But hopefully if someone knows anything about something similar to what you’re looking for, they’d be on here. So best of luck!

The "Is it in HD somewhere because I can't find it" thread.

rymo said:

The Village (2004)

As far as I know, there still isn’t a Blu-Ray release of this, which is unfortunate given it’s great cinematography by Roger Deakins. There is probably an HD version available on streaming services, but I’d like to have it on Blu-Ray.

Like I posted is a great resource. The Village does pop up when you search for it, indicating there is no bluray. There is a 1080p webrip floating around online. Easily findable. But that’s your best bet for now.

kk650's Regraded Wonder Woman (blanket yellow tint removed from blu-ray)

rmm2 said:

kk650 said:

rmm2 said:

kk650 said:

After tehparadox went down and all the file host links to my regrades went down with it, continuing to use file hosts was no longer an option. I will be uploading my releases only to torrents from now on and I won’t be changing my mind on that.

Be patient and give it time, I also want to be able to share my work on recent films in as high quality as possible, but the conditions have to be right and they aren’t yet.

Not being dissentive here but I question how useful 2gb and also 9gb torrents of your regrades to gauge interest in 22gb versions is. Most fans ignore lower bit uploads and the effort to seed them which muddles the results. They then become bored waiting for the ultra quality encodes since all these films have been watchable for weeks or months in various forms already.

If you check the statistics of the torrents, you’ll actually see that the vast majority of downloads are for the 2gb releases, so actually more fans are ignoring the larger 9gb releases than vise versa. The smaller 2gb releases are much more popular than the 9gb releases, that is an undeniable fact.

Watching the seed/peer/number of downloads stats of the 2gb and 9gb releases is the only way to get a good idea of which releases are more popular and decide which releases should get higher bitrate releases. Its not a perfect system but its the best I can think of.

My advice to you is don’t wait, watch the actual blu-ray when it comes out and then wait patiently for a possible 22-23gb release.

If I may suggest, imdb review/votes quantity could presumably determine your release schedule to simplify this distributive process. For perspective, Wonder Woman has on imdb 315,157 votes while Baywatch counts at 76,554 votes. Positive reviews not withstanding, as it is entirely subjective on which is the better movie, this seems a solid method to measure popularity. Then factor in your personal feelings for these films offered to resolve which gets a final regrade.

Maybe he does? Maybe someone (not me) requested Baywatch. I mean, the torrent was popular enough to warrant a higher bitrate torrent. While personally I thought The Shallows was much better, but it still doesn’t have a second torrent, so it’s not as popular.

And as for what he said about the torrent size popularity is true as far as I can tell. I seeded the smaller files at least 10 times over, while struggling to seed the larger files even twice back. (Not because of internet speed but because no one was downloading it). Now I’d love some 22/23 gb files. I’d love GOTG vol 2 done the same as the first one. But we need to be patient.
He’s been doing this for a while now and doesn’t really need us to tell him how he should pick his regrades. and honestly seeding some torrents back to make sure it gains popularity is not as bad as the multipart files from hosting sites you used to have to download, then download again when the bigger size was available.
Also like he said he’s been back at it for like a month with the torrents, let the popularity grow.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - IMAX 16:9 Preservation

Aibe said:

The day has finally come.

I found the file on a torrent website. I think you can find it easily. In the title it says IMAX version.

I can’t find it either. I’d love for someone like kk650 to get ahold of it and crop the black bars and match his regrading of the non IMAX version.

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