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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

The Mystery Box has been opened- AND IT’S EMPTY!

I really liked this movie despite it having some flaws. The stuff with Luke and Rey is fantastic- Yoda was straight out of ESB, beautiful! However the B and C stories were meh at best.

Great Things:
Luke and Rey, Kylo and Rey mind connection, Snoke’s Death, Rey and Kylo’s short lived team up, YODA, Yoda, and Yoda, Andy Serkis acting like he was given some direction this time, Kylo Ren’s origin story having three different tellings, Rey’s parents being junkies, light speed kamikaze, the infinity mirror scene, Luke facing the entire FO fleet on his own, the force projection fake-out, and the return to the binary suns.

Not-so Great Things:
Finn and Rose’s story was a bore, Canto Bight was unimaginative, Poe learning the same lesson 100 times about being trigger-happy, SuperLeia, BB-8 commandeering an AT-ST, the slowest chase of all time between the Supremacy and the Resistance Ship, deactivating another thing on a ship because Star Wars, Phasma going out like a chump AGAIN, the soundtrack sounded like a William’s imitation (sorry, John), DJs awful stutter, the space battles felt like semi-video-gamey-cutscenes.

Things I need to think about:
Luke dying because he was tired.

Getting Blu-Ray files

Hey there, folks. I’ve seen a ton of the fan restorations and edit that spawned from here. I know DaVinci Resolve pretty well, and want to try my hand at a late 70’s looking color grade of TFA. I own a Blu-Ray copy- but I need to know how to get that file into editing software.

Anyone out there know how? Thanks

What 'a Star Wars Story' / anthology / spinoff film would you like to see?

I don’t know. I think that Vader is an awesome character, but I’m not sure he can carry a movie. The limited time he had in R1 is what made those moments great. Even the Vader comic that’s out right now is enjoyable, but to me proves that he can’t carry a story as a lead.

As for the super-weapon. No more super-weapons…

I tend to watch the SE sometimes

I think that if we still got to have official high quality theatrical releases, I would think that the special editions are pretty cool.

I mean think about it. Even though they aren’t good per-say, they’re pretty interesting ‘what if’ experiments. Adding new scenes and new effects to a classic movie is an interesting idea in and of itself.