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Batman v Superman: The Third Alternative

Reading through the edit list, this version looks nigh-on perfect to me, re-instating a ‘cause and effect’ structure that was sorely missing in both cinematic and extended editions - this could replace my offical version as my go-to watch, i think.

A couple of minor suggestions though:

  1. Remove the scene of Martha being taken hostage. I saw this in the No Justice version, and it worked really well when played as a reveal to both us and Clark when he thinks he has gained the upper hand.

  2. Reinstating the bit of Clark following Bruce downstairs, only to see the news report and then have to disappear off. I know you’ve (IMO quite rightly) removed the Mexico scene, but I think the iconography of Clark undoing his tie is a) great to include in at least ONE of these new films and b) well established enough in the public mind that we know where he is going

  3. As much as I hate the way the scene plays for Clark, I’ve mixed feelings about totally losing the Batmobile confrontation, as it sets up why Bruce ‘summons’ Clark with the batsignal later. My suggestion would be to include a version of the chase that reduces the murdering and cuts Clark saying ‘consider this mercy’.

But that’s my opinion without seeing the cut - you’ll know what works better for what you are doing! 😃