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The Significance of British Accents in Star Wars

This thread is quite old, but I was just wondering the same, so I jum into it… Basically, especially in ESB, the British accent wors as a class-accent for stiff elite Imperial officers, and also it gives a flavour of “Empire and colonies” feel. I think that works well, and we are so used to have Brits accents for Roman soldiers (Masada, I Claudius, The Caesars, Rome), or just many Germans in old WW2 movies (speaking either with a very British accent like in “Inside the 3rd Reich” or with terrible fake German ones). Anyway, for good or bad reasons, this high class snobbish accent is easily associated with scheming militaristic generals ! My 2 cents…

Discussions search engine ???

Hi everyone,

Sorry to bother if this question looks really silly, but I’ve been looking for a while for a search engine to browse throught the discussions threads and could’nt find it. If the Empire (forgive me First Order) hasn’t destroy it, where can I find that superb tool ?

Thx and may the Force be with you…

Project Threepio (Star Wars OOT subtitles)

Hi, thank you gain for all your great work, I am so annoyed to see the crappy editions on sale… WOuld you be kind enough to send me the French, English and Japanese (normal, not hard of hearing) subtitles for all 3 movies ? (We are a bunch of multicultural friends), Thx Best and happy new year 2016 !