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kk650's Regraded Kingsman: The Secret Service (blanket yellow tint removed from blu-ray)


I’ve just uploaded a new regrade of Kingsman: The Secret Service to the same place as usual. All those interested in knowing where, send me a PM. Here are some screencap comparisons for those interested:

Blu-ray 1:

Regraded 1:

Blu-ray 2:

Regraded 2:

Blu-ray 3:

Regraded 3:

Blu-ray 4:

Regraded 4:

Blu-ray 5:

Regraded 5:


But the yellow tint is how it was in cinemas. If there’s a 25GB Blu-ray disc download, I might be interested.


This, like some of your other projects, leaves me with a very magenta feeling, Particularly the concrete and cinder-blocks in the first image. Like I usually do when I question a correction, I layered the before and after images, and I think you removed about twice as much as you should have. Call it the monitor (that I do photo corrections and print jobs on that produces accurate print/scan comparisons time after time) or my color aesthetic, but you went from very warm to very cold and missed the sweet spot in the middle. I’m just not a fan of pink clouds.


I’ve been looking at The Golden Circle and you’re probably right with this release, I think some of the blanket yellow tint has to be left in to get more balanced skies. I’ll probably do a V2 release.

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