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kk650's Regraded Interstellar V2 (blanket yellow tint removed from blu-ray)


I’ve just uploaded a V2 regrade of Interstellar to Myspleen. The release is 23.12 GB and includes the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 audio track from the blu-ray.

With this V2 release I have gone ahead and removed all the blanket yellow tint across the whole film. I now feel that the film is far more pleasing to the eye, removing the blanket yellow tint brings all the other colours in the film back to life, making it a lot more enjoyable to watch. Also included are the chapter timings taken straight from the official blu-ray.

Here are some screencap comparisons between the blu-ray and this regraded release:

Blu-ray 1:

Regraded 1:

Blu-ray 2:

Regraded 2:

Blu-ray 3:

Regraded 3:

Blu-ray 4:

Regraded 4:

Blu-ray 5:

Regraded 5:

Blu-ray 6:

Regraded 6:

Blu-ray 7:

Regraded 7:

Blu-ray 8:

Regraded 8:

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Brilliant as usual!
Unfortunately I don’t own a spl33n account 😦

Your Work is pure love to all the Cineasts out there.

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