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Official Kidco (1984) Preservation


Hi all, LONG TIME lurker, first time poster since I have something to contribute to the efforts, Ive read the rules but if anything is out of line with them let me know and Ill make the necessary edits

I bring to you a nice 80s classic, one that many people dont remember. This has never been put on DVD, and I honestly dont see it going to DVD any time soon. I took quite a good amount of time making this preservation. This was not done with some one click encoding software like HDTV2DVD, this was done with Procoder 3. For those who arent familiar with Procoder this is arguably one of the best MPEG2 encoders out there, better than CCE (this is the opinion of some).
The movie is made to fit on a DVD5 and NO DVD9 will be made, since it is not necessary, the DVD5 is absolutely beautiful. The reason why no DVD9 will be made is because of the technique used while making the DVD. I used a 2 pass VBR bitrate scheme done in MASTERING QUALITY where video bitrates hit as high as 7 MB/s and averaged at 5.7 MB/s which is plenty of quality.
(you is Procoder better when CCE does 6-8 passes? The answer is simple, while in mastering quality mode, Procoder literally crawls analyzing the video....were talking x.1 realtime max, while CCE does its passes well over this rate.....needless to say it takes a great bit of time to do one movie at this quality level)
Menus were made, but they are just stills with chapter points and a chapter menus. I could have made the menu animated but with the lack of info on the soundtrack and the lack of the files for the soundtrack, I decided stills was the best option. A normal THX intro was added to the beginning before the movie starts, when I say normal I dont mean the T2 THX  intro or any of the Shrek ones or goofy ones, I mean the normal one. The audio track was stream copied, which is AC3 2.0 @ 384kbs

Here some screens

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Did you know that kid who stars in this Scott Schwartz went on to become a porno star? Just a bit of trivia.

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What was the source for the video? It's gorgeous! I mean you told us all about the mastering but you didn't go into where you got the video from because if that's from a VHS you're a GOD among us.

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