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What The Last Jedi should've been/could've been. (likely TLJ spoilers)


Here’s what the last Jedi should’ve/could’ve been:

The movie opens with star destroyers… then Snoke’s gigantic ship appears and overshadows them… masked Kylo enters Snoke’s throne room where he is reprimanded for being bested by Rey. He belittles Kylo, which angers him and makes him more powerful. Kylo tells Snoke the Resistance now has the map to Skywalker. Snoke tells Kylo that Luke must die and to bring Rey to him. No exceptions, no excuses.

Luke’s Island. Luke meets Rey, who tells him about Kylo… Luke realizes Kylo is his doing and senses Rey’s potential with the Force. Feels compelled to train her to confront Kylo.
Luke trains Rey alla Yoda in ESB. Yoda and Obi wan appear to Luke and Rey to tell them the dangers of confronting Kylo and the seduction of the dark side. He explains to her the depth of the power of the Force. During training, we find Luke is having nightmares at night… tempted by the darkside, which is why he went into hiding… to stay away from people he cares about, in order to prevent them from being hurt by him. Luke, by the way, has mastered the force, which makes him very dangerous and scared to death of what could happen if he turned.

The Resistance have escaped the base from TFA and are now traveling to an abandoned rebel outpost on the Salt Planet. En route, the first order finds them and attacks them. Space battle ensues. Resistance bomb run on the Destroyers and the Dreadnought. The Resistance succeeds in blowing up the Dreadnought, but most of the bombers get destroyed. Amidst the First Order fighters in one particularly daring and skilled fighter - MASKED Kylo Ren, who destroys multiple Resistance ships, most importantly… Leia’s ship… killing her. When it happens, Luke feels it (while training Rey on his island) and falls to the ground.
Luke is sent in a comatose state. Rey doesn’t understand what’s happening but feels compelled to care for him and stay by his side. While caring for unconscious Luke, Anakin’s ghost appears to Rey and gives her the history of the Chosen One and Luke and Leia.
Rey has a vision of her friends in trouble and feels compelled to leave Luke with Chewie and R2, in order to confront Kylo and Snoke. Anakin’s ghost warns her not to go, but she leaves anyway.

Rey flies the falcon to snokes ship and allows herself and the ship to be taken aboard Snoke’s ship. Kylo meets her and takes her to Snoke. Snoke tries to seduce Rey. He tells her the history of Palpatine and Vader, thus revealing he is Darth Plageus and has orchestrated all events leading to this moment. Kylo senses Snoke has used him to get to Rey. His anger takes over as he attacks Snoke suddenly. Rey takes advantage of the moment and joins Kylo against Snoke. They fight Snoke’s guards first. Once the guards are all killed, they face Snoke, who uses force lightning as well as a kyber crystal ring that creates a saber made of lightning. They have an epic duel against Snoke but struggle to get the best of him. Snoke almost kills Kylo, but Rey saves him by cutting off Snoke’s ring hand and then beheading him. They both narrowly escape. Rey and Kylo share a moment where Rey tells Kylo to join the light side, there is good in him. He responds by telling her to rule the galaxy with him – side by side. Rey declines and escapes. Rey must now escape the ship. She fights a number of stormtroopers in the process, and then fights Phasma. Poe and Finn show up with a group of fighters to attack the ship and rescue Rey. They succeed. Phasma lives.

They bring Rey to the Resistance base, now on the Salt Planet.

Hux confronts Kylo, who tells him he is now the Supreme Leader – Hux challenges him. Hux is then force choked to death. Kylo is the new leader of the first order. Kylo gives speech to first order telling them the Supreme Leader has been assassinated by the Resistance and he will lead them in revenge.

Kylo tracks Poe, Finn and Rey and shows up to confront them on the Salt planet with walkers, star destroyers in the low atmosphere and the whole first order infantry in an epic ground battle.

The Resistance gets shredded. Finn dies flying into the battering ram, keeping the First Order from infiltrating the base. Most of the Resistance fighters on the battlefield are decimated. Rey is the unofficial leader of the the Resistance as she puts up the best fight on the battlefield, slashing up troopers left and right, deflecting blaster fire to allow her surviving friends to retreat back to the base. Just as it seems she is overwhelmed, Kylo orders everyone to stop firing on her and demands he be brought down to her. They face off… he tells Rey what could’ve been if she had joined him and how foolish she is. He tells her if she won’t join him, she must be destroyed. They have a showdown. Kylo gets the best of Rey and cuts her hand off… while she’s on the ground, he lifts his saber to finish her off – “you’ve left me no choice. this is the end… cousin…”

…then all of a sudden Kylo is lifted off the ground by a Force choke. Pan over to Luke. Now in his all black garb, he’s back and using Vader’s force choke. He tells Kylo it didn’t have to be like this. He let’s Kylo down and tries to reason with him. They have a heated exchange about the past, about Leia and Han… about the Dark side… Kylo tells Luke it’s time for the Jedi to end. They have an EPIC lightsaber duel where Luke DESTROYS Kylo and eventually cuts all his limbs off. In a rage from the fight, Luke lifts the walkers into the sky and slams them onto the ground crushing them, then pulls the star destroyers out of the sky, as he has flashbacks of Leia and Han, as well as Rey training. There are explosions all around. He is overcome by anger, destroying everything. Throwing troopers around like ragdolls. Through the smoke, Rey is yelling to Luke to stop and come back to the light. Luke collapses on the smokey battlefield. Rey holds Luke’s body on the ground, as the Resistance scramble over to them…. Next scene, they are in the Rebel base recovering…. Rey gets a new hand. Luke isn’t shown (but he lives on for episode 9) - Cut to Kylo in a bacta tank with guards. Movie ends.

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Rey gets a new hand?
Kylo gets all his limbs cut off? BY LUKE???


they face Snoke, who uses force lightening as well as a kyber crystal ring that creates a saber made of lightening


Lust-In-Phaze said:

they face Snoke, who uses force lightening as well as a kyber crystal ring that creates a saber made of lightening

i would rather see one made of darkening.


You guys got me on the spelling error. I concede.

That is what happens when you quickly and clandestinely write your movie script ideas at work with your boss 5 feet away from you.


Pretty much what I expected going into the theater.


In the TLJ Spoiler thread, Mithrandir made some great points about how TFA set things up that really limited how to handle certain matters like, foremost for many, the characterization of Luke. Why was Luke on that island? To forsake the world? If so, why? What reason would feel compelling and within character? If there was a deep and meaningful reason to be on the island, how does that outweigh all else?

The dark side temptation is one possible solution I didn’t consider. We would still want to know why and how he is being tempted. We might find that Snoke is so powerful he is driving Luke to madness, having planted a seed of doubt in his mind, and not that Luke is actually being threatened to be consumed by hatred and anger within himself.

In my own effort to respond to the challenge of Mithrandir’s argument, I have come up with another possibility. I haven’t offered a complete outline of the film as you have but rather focused on setting up Luke’s part in this story. The story would start much like actual TLJ, but with more Resistance ships and one fewer joke…

The blue elephant in the room.


Rey holds the lightsaber toward Luke who looks at her with great emotion.

“Who are you?” Luke asks with astonishment.

“My name is Rey. Leia wanted me to find you…and I wanted to find you.”

Luke is startled. “How did you find me?”

“We found a map, part of it in an old droid.”

“R2?” Luke asks, processing this information.

Rey nods, “and here is your lightsaber.”

Luke takes the weapon, looks at his skeletal robotic hand and back at the weapon.

“You have come to take me away from here?” Luke asks.

“If you will leave, yes.” Rey answers.

“If? If I want to leave?” Luke asks. Luke looks to the sea, the rocks, the small pesky birds. Rey can’t tell if Luke is laughing or crying.

Luke recovers. “Come with me. Not a moment out of my sight. I need to gather my belongings.”

Luke keeps an eye on Rey as they trek to his small stone hut. Inside there is little of note, ragged clothes, some ancient books, stone carvings and drawings. Luke packs the books into a satchel and looks around the hut as if for the last time. “Let’s go, Rey.”


Luke’s mouth is agape looking at the Falcon. “Han let you take his ship?”

Before Rey can answer, Chewie exits the ramp and looks up to see Luke. Their eyes meet and Luke holds back tears as the truth hits him. Luke goes to his old friend and hugs him. “I’m so sorry. How did it happen?”

Chewie barks mournfully and Luke’s countenance darkens.

“Ben? He- I can’t believe he would do that. He was….I need to see Leia.”

Chewie, Luke, and Rey quickly board the ship and leave the planet.


The Resistance Fleet is under attack by First Order ships. “How did they find us?” Leia demands.

“I can’t fathom it, Ma’am,” responds a command officer. “We don’t have the firepower to win this battle.”

“Prepare all ships to make another jump. I will transmit the jump location personally to the captains of the other ships.”

Leia taps in the coded transmission and in a moment the Resistance fleet jumps to hyperspace and after a brief span of time reenters normal space.

In short order the First Order ships are upon them again.

“Impossible!” yells Admiral Ackbar.

Leia looks angrily at the ships. “They are tracking us through hyperspace. We have no choice but to fight.


On board the Falcon, Luke is seated next to R2. “I missed you too, but you wouldn’t have enjoyed being on the island. And you had 3PO to think about.”

R2 whistles doubtfully.

Luke smiles and works at cleaning the droid, finding comfort in the task.

Rey appears confused by the attention Luke pays to the droid. “Master Skywalker, the reason I volunteered to find you is to learn about the Force.”

Luke turns his attention from R2 to Rey. “There are many texts that speak of the Force, you don’t need me.”

Rey swallows hard. “There are things I can do, things I have seen and know…and I don’t know why.”

“Tell me what you have seen,” Luke says with intense interest.

The ship is rocked as if by laser fire. Chewie roars from the cockpit. Rey and Luke run down the corridor.

Looking out from the cockpit they are in the midst of a great battle. A looming dreadnought and several Star Destroyers are exchanging fire with Resistance ships.

Squadrons of X-Wings speed past the Falcon toward the First Order ships.

“Get to the command ship,” Luke points at the biggest Resistance ship, the Raddus.

The Millenium Falcon docks with the Raddus and Luke is the first down the ramp where Leia is waiting. They embrace.

“Luke, where have you been?” Leia asks, looking at him intently.

“Ben.” Luke answers. “Ben stranded me, where nobody, not even his Master Snoke could find me. He did it to protect me.”

“Ben killed Han,” Leia responds.

Luke nods, “I can still save him, Leia.”

Leia smiles sadly, but doesn’t answer.


The blue elephant in the room.

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