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All movies have been altered and or extended. So this is a FAN EDIT OR COMPOSITE it is not retail, no money is being made . This is for education purpose only, … If you download anything please own the retail version.

If you have FACEBOOK (nhoj dlc) you can message me, if your interested in trading with me.

Hey there I am WORKPRINT/RARE movie/tv collector and have a ton of stuff im willing to trade.–
–I have stuff on links ready to share… TONs of workprints and rare tv cuts, just let me know what your interested in looking for.

I will post a few movies now I did myself and a few workprints . All links are working–
(My email is if anyone is interested in swapping list)

A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Vs. Jason [Extended] BR 2017

All 21 deleted scenes have been re-inserted

Child’s Play 3 [Extended Recut] HD 2017 All deleted scenes (alternate intro)


Home Alone 1 [John Hughes EXTENDED Edition] 1990
10 mins of deleted scenes FANEDIT


Back to The Future, Timeline Edition [5Hrs.30Min] BR 2017 (All Deleted Scenes reinserted back into all 3 parts and synced- Easter Egg + screen test Footage)


Lethal Weapon, The Ragged Edge Edition BR 2017 32mins (extended cut UPGRADED personaly with newest blurays)


The Cable Guy [Extended Script Edition] BR 2017 23 mins Extended cut

Halloween 2 [Ultimate-Cut] 1981 (30 Mins of deleted scenes)


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