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Tip: Buying GOUT (NTSC) in Europe


Background: So, I’ve been on the hunt for a nice Limited Edition DVD collection for a while now. After having seen the prices on the US Amazon and Ebay (upwards of 70 USD per film), I wanted to expand my search for a nice GOUT DVD at a somewhat lower price. I perused the French and German Amazon sites but couldn’t find anything other than the PAL versions. Having read on these boards that PAL is just a sped up NTSC from the same NTSC master with a few wonky missing/added frames, I knew I wanted the NTSC version (also, everything is synced up to it).
Where I bought GOUT for cheap(er): Call me a bit paranoid, but I like Amazon. I’ve bought everything from school books to DVDs to computer parts and have never had any big problems. Shipping is also not bad. I was able to find the “Star Wars” and “Empire Strikes Back” GOUT NTSC versions on the UK Amazon site for 15 GBP each (“used - very good” condition). Adding in international shipping, I paid about 34 GBP (40 EUR, 44 USD). I grabbed the last cheaper SW and ESB NTSC DVDs, but you can still find more expensive used versions on the site for a 40+ GBP (in line with the US prices after shipping). I’m still on the hunt for a cheaper “Return of the Jedi” so I hope this tip doesn’t lead someone else to find it before me!
If PAL is OK with you, you’re also in luck (a lot luckier than anywhere else in Europe, for sure). All three films are on the UK Amazon as “limited edition” for 15-20 GBP each and you can the tin case version for 70 GBP total. This is much better than what I’ve seen on the other sites in Germany and France (plus, the boxes are in English!).
Happy hunting!


Word of advice, go to Ebay and search Star Wars (A New Hope/Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi) 2006 DVD Fullscreen. What sucks is that the packaging doesn’t look as cool as the gold ones but if you want to find the bonus DVDs cheap, that would be your best bet. Lurk around till you find them for around 15-30 dollars each. I got the 2006 widescreen set for the Christmas of '07 and when I was a kid I got the fullscreen version of Empire but the disc inside was widescreen. I’ve never heard anything about those sets coming with the wrong discs but I’m going to hold onto it because it HAS to be rare. But anyways I had to re-order Empire because my xbox 360 ate my bonus disc so I looked for the Fullscreen versions because the widescreen ones were going for WAY TOO MUCH GOD DAMNED MONEY! I got my hands on a replacement bonus dvd for 15 USD free shipping. Best of luck my dude.

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