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The first rule of MySpleen...


Hi guys,
As you can see this is only my second post. I’ve been pottering around the forum with interest. Ok yep, I’m on FIVE YEARS LATE in learning about Harmy’s DE but when I did I was blown away! I have the AVCHD 2.7 version of IV (I think) and am currently downloading the V and VI via Harmy’s site. But my GOD, they’re taking forever! So I started looking into the private torrents to see if that might be quicker and I’m now petrified to even ask what the latest is with private torrent for Harmy’s DEEPs. I’m not allowed to ask for an invite for <mumbles>MySpleen</mumbles> but the posts regarding this date back to 2012. I’m new but not a ‘Hit and Runner’, if I can help to share these masterpieces responsibly with proper fans, I’d like to.

What’s the latest, guys? Is my only option?



Yeah, I think those are going to be your best bet. If connection speed is an issue, using the multi-rar method instead of the manual method will help, since you can obtain the projects in smaller pieces. It will still take forever, but at least a download that might glitch at 99% will only cost you minutes instead of hours.

Just have persistence and patience. You can find what you seek without torrents.

Also, you’ve probably already found this guide ( and this list of download links (, but here they are again just in case you haven’t.

The NJVC Custom Bluray Set of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions is up on Mega.

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