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The Post content Box


Is it possible to do something about the fact that the Post content box has the instructions for the Markdown syntax? The number of posts that consist entirely of those instructions is increasing to the point at which it’s becoming downright annoying. It’s most apparent in Harmy’s threads, but that’s probably because they see the most activity.

While I understand that people ought to (and probably do) realize what is happening after a point, this site sees a steady trickle of new members, many of whom turn up to find the projects, post once or twice, and are never seen again. This means that this sort of post is probably going to continue to be a problem. As always, when people keep making the same mistake, there’s a flaw in the system, no matter how logical it is on paper and how much what is happening flies in the face of common sense.

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TV’s Frink said:

Is there a way to put the markdown info above the text box instead of in it? Not only would that avoid the markdown text post problem, but the text wouldn’t disappear when you start typing.

I don’t have a Github issue for it currently, but this is the plan.

The things you pwn end up pwning you.

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