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The Karate Kid(1984) The Fan Cut


I decided to do an edit of the Karate kid (1984). This was just for pure fun and I had no intentions of showing it to people. It’s basically the same movie only with couple of cuts here and there and music from the other karate kid films added in. I’ve cut in my opinion we’re the silly bits and I added music where I thought was necessary. If you want to watch it just PM me and I will send you a link.

Here’s what I did

-Color graded the film a bit.

-Cut Daniels sucker punch to Johnny in the beach fight.

-Added menacing music when Daniel and Johnny’s eyes meet when Daniel visits the cobra kai dojo.

-Cut:”she’s hot definitely hot”

-I cut some stuff in the Halloween school dance scene.

-Added a little bit of music when Daniel is about to spray Johnny with water and cut “Hey Johnny wats up.”

-Cut Ali tripping the cobra kais and Daniel causing a car crash.

-Add music when myagi and Daniel visit the cobra Kai dojo.

-Cut Daniel with history teacher and the cobrai kais. It was a funny bit, but to me the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel was gone from that scene.

-Added some music to the semi finals when Daniel gets his leg broken and also when he is having a conversation to Myagi when he is on the matress with is leg injured. Feedback is always appreciated!