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The Great Gatsby (revisited)


Ok, so I just want to put this idea out there and while I have multiple projects going on, I think this will be short and sweet. So I’m currently read The Great Gatsby in class, and the film is a guilty pleasure of mine, so I decided to rewatch it. It has aged quite poorly, but only because of the dated music. I also saw some problems with some of the weirder editing choices (as Baz Luhrmann does). My plan for this edit is to add better music to fit it, but here is the catch. I’m going to make four sources, which you (the downloader) can mix and match with mkvmerge or other apps. The four sources are two different video sources (2D & 3D) and two 5.1 DTS audio sources (one that has age appropriate music that fits the time more appropriatley. The other will use electro swing which I will personally prefer more. This version will be much more intune with the atmosphere that balances the book & movies styles, and certainly make those party scenes quite lively in that way that only Baz Luhrmann can achieve). I hope you enjoy the idea, while I finish up v.1 of my two parter Hobbit fan edit (just finishing color correction and video syncing). Then I will focus on preserving Beyond the Sea. This Gatsby edit should be a piece of cake compared to two three hour fan edits and a preservation. Btw, this is the album I plan using for the electro swing audio: