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Superman - The Richard Donner Vision - A Fan Edit by Fran Garcia


After almost two years I have just finished my Superman Project, is a compelling vision of what Richard Donner had in mind when he was creating the Superman Movies. I always had an idea on what if Richard Donner was allowed to complete his version of the Superman Story, and when I watched an interview with Richard Donner saying that the end of “Superman I” was changed with the end of “Superman II”, then I had an idea, to create a fan edit with both Superman Movies together as a single motion picture with the original end.

I will list some of the changes:

-New beginning with Zod, Ursa and Non at Krypton breaking the red crystal. Superman II -RL.
-Krypton destruction reconstructed showing Zod, Ursa and Non watching the destruction of Krypton. Superman II - RD.
-Feed the babies scenes added. Superman I - Deleted Scenes.
-Nuclear misiles scenes reconstructed showing Zod, Ursa and Non heading to earth. Superman II -RD.
-Lois is not dying and Superman is able to save her.
-Intermission added.
-Nuclear bomb scene added after the intermission as a mini adventure. Superman II - RL.
-Added a deleted scene with Lex and Miss Teschmacher on the snow bike. Superman II - RD.
-Jor-El scene with Lex Luthor recolored, added some extras. Superman II - RD.
-Zod, Ursa and Non are no longer using the fingers with powers. Superman II - RL and RD.
-Improved fx of the ray vision.
-Improved flying effects of Superman.
-Bullet hits added on the attack of the White House. Superman II - RL and RD.
-Clark returns to his home scene darkened and altered. Superman II- RD.
-Superman’s Home at the North Pole scenes altered and recolored.
-Again the bad guys are not using their fingers. Superman II - RL.
-Added a scene with the bad guys and Lex being arrested. Superman II- RD.
-Complete new “Turning Back Time” ending.
-Jimmy Olsen brand new camera scene added. Superman II - RD.
-Color correction for the complete motion picture.

The fan edit is in HD and 5.1 surround.

Here is the link to the trailer:

Hope you enjoy!!!

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I was gonna nitpick the color grading, as I feel the contrast was too high, but the last clip of depowered Supes calling out to his father saved it lol. Don’t know how Thau dropped the ball on that one. Especially since over the past 9 years I must’ve seen at least 10 different fan edits where the editor fixed this problem themselves with no budget to speak of.


Just wondering how/when we could see this new edit?


Hello chrism023,

A couple of months ago I had a massive black out, and my Computer and my backup HD went down, I lost part of the material, but finally I was able to recover most of it. Now I am working to finish it in a couple of weeks. I will keep you informed.

Thanks for your patience.



How is this edit coming along? I just watched the trailer and it looks fantastic. I’m really anxious to check it out. 😃



No, I am not dead ;D, but because of my job, I have been at sea for 4 months, now I am on vacation. The fan edit is completed and ready to be uploaded, I will let you know by publishing a post. In the meantime you can watch my new trailer.

Best regards,

Fran García.


Trailer is great. Will you be uploading the film soon?

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