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Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p) — Page 15


benduwan said:
which are you in mind?
if the scenes can´t finished visuell,why you don´t finished it with audio and spfx and look how this work in the movie?

Thinking about the one with the ropes, EP3 IIRC.

About EP7 fixed scenes: I do love what NeverarGreat did; hope he (or somebody else) would do the same for all, and hopefully would share with us for this project!

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Happy New Year!!!

benduwan said:

KurganX said:

It’s been a long time since I listened to the Star Wars “Radio Dramas” (which are available on audio CD) but was it just my imagination or was there the sandstorm scene done for the Return of the Jedi edition? It would probably be near the beginning since it takes place after they leave Jabba’s if memory serves in the screenplay…

^…^ said:

May you check it out, and report your conclusions here? Thanks a lot!

you´ve done it kurgan?

Sorry, no I haven’t and won’t make any effort to. When I heard these the one time (16+ years ago), I was borrowing my roommate’s set. Honestly, they weren’t that good (reading the novels & comics of the movies were a lot more fun), and I have no desire to purchase them just to see if that particular scene is there. Now if a person IS interested, it might be worth checking your public library. I’m a bit annoyed with the library system in my home state though, as it seems they’re all too eager to chuck out old stuff in favor of buying new things instead of preserving it.

So not to be “that guy” but I say let the one who is interested in using the sand storm material in a fan edit review it. Maybe somebody already snipped it out, I swore I’ve seen parts of the Radio Dramas appear on youtube (tsk, tsk…).

On a more positive note, one of the best uses I’ve seen of the deleted footage was “Grindhouse Star Wars” which took material from a variety of sources (including use of the black and white alternate cantina scene). I greatly enjoyed seeing that and hope it’s not the last time somebody is that ambitious with it.

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Andrea I am thinking about doing a star wars edit of Episode IV and I would like to know if you are interested in the premise.

Although everyone wants an extended edition, even I do! It does not work like this most often and most things that are deleted scenes don’t work or alternate takes where you have no time difference.

I can help give you a framework for “Empire Strikes Back” (I understand quite a bit about the cuts) and I am currently looking at “A New Hope” also. Basically what I am all about is giving more when more is needed or was not possible but taking away when what is there is over plentiful… What ever is left after this process then it is the edit or the end result of scrutiny.

I don’t do Nambi Pambi or Bambi I like tight editing timing and music cues nothing flabby at all. Quick and to the point.

Would you be interested in doing a tighter edit of Star Wars but with some extra scenes or alternate takes?

^ This was version 1 what I have now is far superior to this edit. A lot has been fixed (extended explosion and timiming and more) and I have kind of identified clusters of edits and clusters of no changes at all. More or Less Thinking the theatrical Version with Changes…

Basically you can use the ideas if you want to? But I just want to do a few clips and sort out those particular bits and if anyone want’s to use them then so be it. I guess a sort of Bolt on edit.

Are you interested?

Why does the community here not make Bolt on edits?

Why not make Bolt on edits to suit peoples taste?

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if you read the first side you will see i´ve done a ultimate cut.
but that isn´t far so good like andrea will do this.
if you like to watch it,i can share it with you for scenes and ideas.
it´s not released anywhere.
it´s only in german.
my base was the special edition for more scenes.


Ah ok. Did you put the shot of the falcon flying away from the trench from the theatrical cut back in it’s proper location after it leaves the Death Star Hanger after the shootout?

Also the actual shot from the theatrical of the Falcon turning around before it blasts off looks miles better even though it is non-anamorphic. It just looks really vivid but muted in the special edition…

Anyway it is another small discovery.


Making a few more discoveries but there won’t be much more think nearly exhausted the Material now. Spanner in the works a bit for ROTJ…

When Luke Looks down the shaft the mysterious music was meant to show this painting of the Bridges and the core below him before he fights and swings across it. star shaft mcquarrie&ved=0ahUKEwiUpr62rdrYAhXLI8AKHdddBEIQMwhDKAQwBA&iact=mrc&uact=8
(Probably) The effects that follow the Emperors Death is the Start of the Chain Reaction before the Death Star explodes so this probably replaces the Tarkin thoughtful Repeated shot.

No time difference

Rough Idea for Star Wars Extra Extended Edition

Include some special edition scenes but discard others (i.e. Mos eisley cartoon Dinosaurs and Jabba the Freak + stupid cantina revisionism)
Make new edition that is better and actually add something and enhance.
Attempt to work print sections (chronological versions that are slightly extended or shortened)
Extended cut but only in terms of the theatrical edition.
Add cut music and sound effects.
Use Alternative footage where it is interesting.
Add only Feasible Deleted material.

If it ends up + 1 minute it would still be good.

My thoughts are if what happens in the roughly the same amount of time is better then it will still be better.

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although i would totally be interested in your edit, the idea of having every content available in one edit i think is something everybody hopes to see

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