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Star Wars - Rise of the Dark Side (a PT 3-in-1 edit)


Ok, so I figured I’d throw my hat into the 3-in-1 edit ring. I swore I would never do a PT edit because there are just so many and some people get very critical of them. My motivations for doing this are for my wife who just finished watching the OT and is curious, but not motivated enough to watch the PT. She’s not a movie person, so it’s hard to get her to watch most movies.

I initially wasn’t going to start a thread until I got most of the way through, but in this case I would like to bounce ideas off of some of you to help me achieve a satisfying outcome. My approach is a little bit different in that I want to use older Obi-Wan telling Luke about the Clone Wars and Anakin as bookends or at least the intro along with some voice overs as the film progresses and to maybe help with the passage of time between films. Here are some of my goals:

-Use old Obi-Wan and Luke as an intro and some voice overs
-Get the runtime down to between 120-140 mins (without credits)
-Remove all shots of and references to R2D2 and 3P0
-Keep the focus on Anakin and Obi-Wan
-Make Anakin more likeable so that we can feel bad watching him turn
-Keep most things that are considered canon now except for the droids being present and midichlorians or however you spell that nonsense
-Little to no Jake Lloyd
-Not sure about Grievous since he is basically the McGuffin to get Obi-Wan out of the way for Anakin’s turn
-Get rid of as much cringey dialogue and action shots as possible

I’m currently working backwards so that I can better see how to make the progression towards the ending. I’ve started tinkering with ROTS and right away I have been taking out R2 from the initial space battle along with the spider droids. One somewhat major thing I changed was when they encounter Dooku, the count does not bring the platform down on Obi-Wan because that would do some serious damage. Also, once Anakin bests Dooku, he doesn’t hesitate to decapitate him. Once he does so, then he realizes how far he went and reflects on that with Palpatine. I’m thinking of inserting part of the deleted scene with Grievous killing Shaak Ti, but if there is a suggestion on how to be rid of Grievous and either explain or do some trick editing for Obi-Wan it would be helpful!

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This is a nice idea IMHO. Doing a 3-in-1 edit with older Obi-wan telling Luke what happened and some voice over during the movie. If you could get someone who has a similar voice to Alec Guinness, you could get only the most interesting parts of the 3 movies and have a really nice story that doesn’t contradict what is said in the original trilogy. This can be the best approach to really turn those awful movies into something that we all can enjoy. 😃

Looking forward to see how your edit goes.


Use old Obi-Wan and Luke as an intro and some voice overs

Very interested in that.

The Empire did nothing wrong


Well, it’s not exactly Obi Wan telling Luke what happened per say…

It’s more like Obi Wan is answering Luke’s questions about his father and then when he asks “how did my father die?” we then see Obi Wan kind of freeze on that question and then flash to the Star Wars logo and opening crawl. We’d be coming back to Obi Wan once Vader’s helmet is lowered onto Anakin and we hear the iconic breath a few times. Then Obi Wan says how Vader betrayed and murdered Luke’s father. This also helps line up what Obi Wan says in ROTJ that it’s true from a certain point of view (still a dick move, but it aligns things properly). I’m not sure yet, but we will jump back one last time for the ending from older Obi Wan to the conversation between Yoda, Bale and Obi Wan about going into hiding and we will end not on the binary sunset shot, but on Obi Wan looking at the Lars’ as they are holding Luke.

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