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Star Wars: Generations II


I'm happy to announce I have released the first trailer to my Star Wars: Generations II action figure fan film.

This is the sequel to Star Wars: Generations that was release in 2007.

If you have not seen that movie check out the trailers/movie under my user name.

This is an action figure fan film that takes roughly 16 years after Return of the Jedi.
Spoilers about the first Generations movie: In the first Generations movie loyal servants of the Empire cloned Sith warriors (Maul, Vader, Dooku, and even the Emperor). Even though the cloning base was destroyed the Empire threat is still strong.

I hope you enjoy the trailer

I make funny clean ReDub/Edits of movies


Quick update. Originally I had a whole story planned out for a 3rd movie, but because of how long these projects take I just can't devote another 3 or so years to do a 3rd movie. So I made some changes to the ending of my 2nd movie and a incorporated the ending of what the 3rd movie was going to be. Had to re record some scenes and add a few things to make this ending work.

As of now I've only got one small green shot to do and a very small 30-40second other scene to record and that'll be the end of the recording part.

I'd say I've actually already done about 90-95% of all the visual effects (which for me take the longest), so then I just need to focus on the sound effects (which I've done like 2% of), music, and the voices. These shouldn't take as long.

Hope some how to get more people interested in this project online, but for the ones who watch I hope you enjoy. At the end of the day this project is being made for myself and my family and friends who enjoy star wars.

I make funny clean ReDub/Edits of movies

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