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Star War OT Despecialized Ed. HELP


Hello all!,

Just an avid Star Wars fan here and lover of movies!

Main reason for my post is I’m looking to collect the “Despecialized” movies for my BluRay collection and I don’t have the slightest clue on how to obtain them in all their HD glory…

I honestly don’t know how to burn movies or print labels, and am looking for the easiest way to obtain them, even if it means paying someone to do it for me…

ANY help from someone out there would be superbly appreciated!

Thanks and may the Force be with you!

Sean S.


don’t go paying for them, that’ll get you in trouble. Read up on bitorrent.


I knew next to nothing about how to obtain the Despecialized Editions and how to unwrap strange looking file extensions. But the google doc posted above is detailed and simple. t’s much easier than it looks.

In just a few steps you’ll be enjoying the closest version to the original as you can get!

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