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Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director's Edition HD Recreation


This is an HD recreation of the director’s cut of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It’s primarily sourced from the HDTV, which uses the same transfer as the director’s cut DVD. While the HDTV is low detail and has lots of compression, it does have more grain and better contrast than the Blu-ray. The unique footage from the director’s cut DVD is upscaled. I have included most of the new CGI shots that had no existing equivalent (or needed changes like the new Vulcan shots). However, I mostly used the original versions of the shots that were altered for the director’s cut to preserve HD quality (for this reason I’m calling it a fan edit). I also recreated a couple of the director’s cut changes in HD.

-Video: 1080p MKV - 13 GB

Track 1: FLAC - This is the same 5.1 as the DVD (lossy sourced), but I replaced the end credits music that was looped for the director’s cut and replaced it with the original cue from the remastered CD.
Track 2: AC3 - 2.0 Dolby Surround from the DVD.
Track 3: AC3 - The commentary from the DVD.
Track 4: AC3 - This is a commentary originally released as a podcast for with the director’s cut production team leads.

-Subtitles (SRT):
1: English Subtitles
2: Text commentary by Michael Okuda.

Sample Frames:

Now available on the 'spleen or pm for a link.

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I kind of skimmed through this movie to see if ALL of the changes have been added. A few of them haven’t been displayed here, but hey. I think you’ve done really well. Despite that aforementioned issue and the amount of dirt, hair, and scratches there are on the film, you’ve just taken the SLV HD project to its first step. Hopefully, you’ll find a way to put the other changes in a new version of this cut.

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