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Some questions about the Silver Screen Edition(s)


I have versions MKV 1.0, BD 50 1.6, and DVD5 1.6 of the SW:SSE, from links obtained from tehparadox.

But that site seems to be gone for good now.

I seem to remember, before TN1 disbanded, reading somewhere like this:

that they had completed silverscreen versions of ESB and ROTJ as well, but I’m not sure if memory serves correctly.

I combed the “Star Wars Preservations and Other Fan Projects” category thread titles for keywords “silver” and “negative”. Several hits, but none that led to what I was looking for.

If ESB:SSE and ROTJ:SSE do exist, can someone point me in a direction other than Myspleen or torrents?

I’m willing to jump through hoops just as I did in acquiring the DE’s and the SW:SSE’s.

But I’m refraining from requesting any invites anywhere because I don’t think I would make a good torrenter and I’m honest enough to be up front about it.

(See what I mean in my converstation here:

If anyone could post or PM me, I’d appreciate it.



Thank you, both dahmage and alexp120. Your responses, plus a few PMs from other members, and I think I have the sources I was looking for! Much obliged! 😃

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