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Requesting Help With RotJ 2.5


I followed the Google Doc’s instructions to a T and I was able to download SW and ESB just fine. I went with the smaller, 8 GB files because I wanted to put them on DVD. I was able to change the video file’s quality with so that they would fit on the blank disks. However, whenever I download and extract RotJ, it will give me a message reading “ERROR: INCORRECT PASSWORD OR CORRUPTED FILE” and refuse to let me view the STREAM video. I used “harmy” as the password, and anytime I use something different (like HARMY or Harmy) it will just tell me the password is wrong without bothering to extract it, so my only conclusion can be that it’s corrupted. I found another source for 2.5 on Reddit* that works fine on my laptop, but I can’t reduce the video quality like I did with the other two when I put it on DVD. It just changes the ratio and makes it look all smooshed. Does anyone have a quick way to download the smaller file of 2.5? Or better yet, does anyone have a download they’d be willing to share that has all the subtitles taken out and the quality DVD ready? I found one such source for the later on Reddit that was about 2 1/2 GB**, but the link had been taken down. I contacted our lord and savior Harmy but I haven’t got a response from him, but he’s a busy man and he’s working in Hollywood now so I understand completely. I just want some RotJ, you know?

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