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ROGUE TWO - fanedit idea


(I have no intention of making this edit, but I think it might just be an interesting concept for future edits should somebody be inclined.)


So lets imagine ROGUE ONE was the first film in a franchise of space fantasy films. The producers had sketched out a grander story and universe that would follow on from it. Much like GAME OF THRONES, we are left with a conclusion where our initial protagonist is dead, but now other heroes and villains can take the reigns and lead the series.

The next film in the series would explain what happens to the Death Star plans, and who (and what) the mysterious Jedi is etc.

So taking the meat from existing STAR WARS films, how would you build a sequel in the same style as ROGUE ONE?


Open with young OBI WAN from ROTS. He’s just defeated Darth Vader (no ANAKIN references), who lies face down in the ash on Mustafar. We cut to a scene with BAIL ORGANA (no yoda) and then he’s taking a child to tatooine. This could be a good exposition dump, but also visually links BAIL from R1.


The rest of the film follows ANH with a few alterations to the structure.

  • We jump straight to LUKE observing the battle, and reinsert all the deleted scenes of BIGGS. The story follows on purely from Luke’s perspective until we get to BEN’s hut.
  • BEN tells him about VADER. The full hologram is played, then cuts to the TANTIVE IV - where we see LEIA insert the disk into R2D2. VADER blows the door down, she is capture and taken away etc. (Sort of like the switch in perspective in INTERSTELLER when cooper see’s murphy’s message).
  • Cut back to OWEN shouting for LUKE. LUKE is about to leave BEN’S rejects his call to adventure. They find the dead JAWAS, burning homestead etc.
  • Tarkin’s board room scene (it’d be amazing to get some of those deleted scenes in there too for the SITH references)
  • Cut back to BEN and LUKE heading into MOS EISLEY

… then the rest of the film would follow as usual.

*A few other alterations would include some musical changes (or downgrades depending on your point of view).
*Possibly including some R1 footage of YAVIN, but of vastly empty hangars due to the losses at SCARIF. Maybe even Mon Mothma could be glimpsed frowning over table display during the final battle.
*Losing the wipes and stylistic ques of the OT in favour of what we were presented with in R1.
*A more drawn out Alderaan destruction perhaps?

There are just some ideas anyway.

What excites me most, is the prospect of what R3 and R4 edits become. As we have the possibility of exploring flashbacks, it slowly becomes more SKYWALKER focused again possibly, with subtle nods to PT plotlines to tie them together.

Again - merely a thought experiment, and a nice topic for discussion. In no way could this surpass the OT, but might be a nice alternative or different take on the classic.


For Rogue 2, when it got to the Luke and Biggs in Anchorhead, I would follow Biggs Darklighter to Bestine, where he meets his contact there, from there, he jumps ship, so to speak, and gets on board with the crew that takes him to Yavin IV. You would have to recast Biggs, but it would be an interesting take, as Luke goes his way, the camera follows Biggs instead starting with Anchorhead and him finally reaching Yavin IV and running into Luke in the hanger. The movie could end with him flying low to the ground as he sees the ship he arrived in, and one of the crew members, as they wave goodbye as he banks his ship toward the Death Star.

That would be my ideal R2 or Rogue 2, Rogue too 😃

I can do the voices of C-3PO, Old Ben Kenobi, the Emperor, and Yoda.


Clearly, the title of this needs to be “Red 5”.

ESB and RotJ can then be combined into a single film.
Potential titles being “Slave 1” or “Tydirium”.

Something easily cuttable from ESB is the Han leaving subplot.
It cuts out good scenes but is pointless except to establish Han still didn’t pay his debt.

Space worm can go.

RotJ portion starts with a Jabba’s Palace title card over the external shot with the frog scene. Show the dance number, cutting out Leia, 3P0. Show Han on the wall, and Lando doing the visor lift thing.

Follow this with Luke talking to Yoda/death.

Next we see R2 and 3P0 arrive.

Then Luke builds the saber. Cut shots of droids.

Then Leia arrives.
Then Luke arrives and movie proceeds through the rescue.

Luke goes with to the Fleet.

This would require a lot of work, but if it could be done, Luke and Ben can talk on board the ship in his room or something.

Then the meeting and Luke comes in late- “I’m with you too”

Leia isn’t seen after she jumps off the bike until the Ewok village.

Some people call them Force Ghosts. I call them Midichlorian Swarms.


If you were going to merge ESB/ROTJ - then the old idea of having the DEATH STAR only partially explode in ANH, and then later get fully annhilated in the third film could be explored.

I like the idea of Biggs being explored more. Pretty hefty stuff though. I was actually expecting Diego Luna’s character in R1 to be Biggs in the promo photos.


I thought so at first, but then, I saw what he was wearing and knew Biggs wears a cape. He wears more nicer clothes, as you can see in the deleted scenes.

There’s so many possibilities for more stories in this universe.

Boba Fett after the Sarlaac Pit and/or the bounty hunters film.

Knights of the Old Republic.

A Yoda origin film.

Ben Kenobi

A Qui-gon Jinn origin film.

I can do the voices of C-3PO, Old Ben Kenobi, the Emperor, and Yoda.