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Prequel edit - Advice for newbie


Hi all. I’ve perused this site for some time now but recently officially joined as a member after being inspired by many of the amazing edits and ideas for edits that I’ve come across here. The inspiration: I have a fairly radical Prequel Fan Edit idea for which I have developed the stories. The rub is that I have no experience with film editing or editing software. I’m looking for some advice as a complete newbie to this world and any insight would be most appreciated. These are the high-level questions I have:

If it’s possible, the project would ideally involve removing characters and/or objects from some existing scenes in several instances and inserting characters/objects from scenes into others. In most instances, the re-insertion of characters into scenes would be as holograms. If possible, what tools/software/techniques are best to use?
To help frame the stories differently than the originals, I will need to rely on the use of subtitles and changing existing subtitles for many of the alien characters in certain scenes. Again, what tools/software/techniques are best?
Is it even possible to self-teach these techniques (if they exist) via the web?
Which editing software would be best to incorporate these type of changes?
I have work-arounds already figured out if some or all of these type of edits are not possible but I feel strongly that it will make for a better trilogy if they can be used.

Again, all comments, insight, and advice are welcome and appreciated. Cheers.


Sorry that nobody’s really responding, but if you want closure as to why, I don’t think anyone else has any idea how to do what you want to do.

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I don’t think there is any real answer for your project other than getting a basic video editing and effects program and start learning them. Then once your experienced enough, start experimenting with what you can do.

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I would suggest Adobe After Effects. You can create what is called a Mask by drawing lines around the objects you want to either remove or add from/to the scene. You can apply other effects to blend it in as well. After Effects works with layers so you can put stuff on top of other stuff in any order and duplicate layers and so much more. You can get a 30 day trial I believe when you first install it. Watch youtube videos on how to work with masks in after effects.

Good luck!

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