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Phantom Menace with separate voice track?


Hello there! I am looking for a version of The Phantom Menace with the voices on a separate audio track (or with just no voices at all) for a fan project for the film. What we are doing is dubbing the film and emulating “backstroke of the west” - if you haven’t seen it already, watch it on youtube now! Our trailer is almost complete, but now we need this version of the film and have had no luck with the various other torrent websites. If you have a version as specified earlier we would appreciate it a lot if we could be invited to whatever torrent site has this version of the film.

The r/prequelmemes discord


Nashlaga said:

I will download a 5.1 version and post the results here, thank you!

Or you could rip them from the copy you legally own…

The bluray mix is probably the most discrete.

Hi dahmage

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