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Must-haves for a Prequels rewrite?


Help me out here guys(and nerds reading this thread). I’m working on a prequels rewrite, and I want to know the rules. I’m mainly talking about unresolved stuff from the originals. Anakin needs to become Darth Vader, the Clone Wars need to be shown but what else? If you think there’s something every Episode I should have, throw it at me. Right now, MY IDEA FOR THE PREQUELS HERE is for Darth Vader to be created via torturing Anakin. He gets so messed up by the torture that he needs a suit to survive and also gets brainwashed into becoming evil. This way, Anakin can still be a good person initially, and transition realistically into a true believer of evil.

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Showing how the galaxy was different and/or better before the rise of the Empire.

What exactly were the clones which featured so prominently in the Clone Wars that the conflict was named after them.

How the Jedi operated in their heyday, protecting peace and justice. Were their mistakes the primary cause of the rise of evil?

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