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Mac MPEG2 decoder that passes super whites


I’m decoding some DVDs recorded on a stand alone DVD recorder and editing them in Final Cut Pro. I’m finding that the Apple MPEG2 component is clipping whites at 100 IRE. I’ve confirmed that the higher whites are present on the MPEG2s by using VisualHub to encode them to MP4 and then letting Apple decode the MP4 to Apple uncompressed codec (Apple’s MP4 decoder doesn’t clip super whites like their MPEG2 does). I tried MPEGstreamclip but that uses the Apple MPEG2 component and clips.

So I’m wondering what Apple software I can use to decode MPEG2 to Apple uncompressed codec and not have the super whites clipped. Anything ffmpeg based I think would work, but I can’t find any Mac software which allows converting to Apple uncompressed codec. I’d even settle for DV50.

I’m on an older Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard for this project.

Thanks for any help.

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I messed around with ffmpeg command line and managed to decode to dv50. But can’t figure out how to do Apple Uncompressed 4:2:2 codec.

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