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Logan's Run 70mm Preview Cut



Logan’s Run Special 70mm Preview Cut

On May 7, 1976 there was a special advance screening of Logan’s Run containing almost 20 minutes of extra footage. When the film was released in June that footage was entirely cut from the film to achieve a PG rating. The deleted footage is now presumed to be lost.

However, an audience recording of this screening and a 35mm preview reel containing some alternate and cut footage have survived. Using these sources I will be able to reconstruct the 70mm preview cut (or at least some of it).


This is not meant to be an extended edition but rather a recreation of the 70mm sneak preview cut. Some shots that easily could’ve been added were left out as they were not present on the 70mm print. Some things from the theatrical edition had to be cut as well.



  • Francis hunting red runner intro
  • Logan and Francis leaving Nursery and using mazecar
  • Carousel has been extended
  • Logan looking at his life clock outside Sandman HQ
  • Arcade sequence rearranged
  • Rotoscope of the two reds entering mazecar station
  • Love Shop has been extended - a custom audio mix will be created to match 70mm
  • Runner HQ conversation has been extended
  • Francis sewer scene edited
  • Interrogation extended


  • All overdubbed lines not present on 70mm print have been removed
  • Shot of Logan and Francis on elevator
  • Carousel bell (up until Great Hall)
  • Computer voice before and during Carousel
  • Logan and Jessica making their way to Arcade
  • Extra Carousel shots when Logan and Jessica return to the city

35mm Advanced Preview of Selected Scenes
Audience Recording
Teaser Trailer
Theatrical Trailer
Life in the 23rd Century featurette
Official Blu-Ray
Film Score Monthly Expanded Soundtrack

Technical Info:
Video: 2.20:1 Aspect Ratio
Audio: 70mm 6 Track Recreation
Bootleg Audience Recording


The video editing is 90% done. There’s a few scenes that still need to be tweaked. After those are done I’ll focus on the audio mix.

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Wow! I had no idea any of that footage survived!

Where were you in '77?


This sounds amazing. Can’t wait. Ive always enjoyed Logan’s Run. I had no idea that the there was a longer cut.

aka nostromo777 on myspleen


Amazing! Cant wait.

aka nostromo777 on myspleen


Never seen the film before but am aware of a different 70mm cut. Good look reconstructing it!

Your color-correction of the faded scenes seem pretty dead-on.


WOW, just fantastic!

"Ollie, wontcha speak to me…?

“I have nothing to say.”


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